torture and terrorism n.
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Torture and Terrorism

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Torture and Terrorism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Torture and Terrorism. Jalisa Mott IT 2010, GSU November 5, 2012. What is Torture?. Defined by Webster: Torture: 1 a : anguish of body or mind : agony b : something that causes agony or pain

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torture and terrorism

Torture and Terrorism

Jalisa Mott

IT 2010, GSU

November 5, 2012

what is torture
What is Torture?
  • Defined by Webster:
  • Torture: 1
  • a: anguish of body or mind : agony
  • b: something that causes agony or pain
  • 2: the infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding) to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure
  • Defined by Webster:
  • the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal
torture terrorist
Torture Terrorist?
  • Although terrorist commit acts that are unlawful, the key fact is that they are still human and should be treated as such!
  • Torture towards any human being is unmoral and wrong.
results of torture
Results of Torture
  • Those that are tortured may lead to:
  • The suspect telling the authority what they want to hear and not the truth
  • Prolonging the suspect from not speaking
  • More attacks towards that country and/or person
alternatives to torture
Alternatives to Torture
  • Instead of torture, authorities have the option of:
  • Lifetime imprisonment
  • Verbal Interrogation
  • Stress Positions
  • Terrorist are human and should be treated as such, and not be tortured.
  • The government should use the same techniques to find the suspect for a murder to find the source of the terrorism.
  • Torture used in any case can result in false information.