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  1. Agenda • HSD Safety and Health Procedural Handbook Review • Policies, regulations, purpose and responsibilities • Committee structure, meetings, roles and responsibilities • Employee / Employer roles and responsibilities • E-Learning Overview / Training Session • Procedures for Dealing with Safety and Health Concerns • Dangerous Work • Procedures for Reporting Accidents / Incidents • Inspections / Procedures / Inspection Areas • Working Alone Procedures • Inspections / Case Studies • Resources • Safe Work Bulletins • Safe Work Procedures • Websites • Questions and Answers

  2. You don’t have to know all of the answers . . .

  3. You only have to know where to find the answers.

  4. Legislated (Workplace Safety and Health Act) requirement to provide adequate safety and health training ***** Demonstrate due diligence. Acquaint employees and others to the expectations of HSD for health and safety. Role of principals and employee reps. Procedures for reporting serious accidents Workplace Safety Inspections Source: Bulletin No. 255 October 2007 Safety and Health Orientation

  5. WSH Procedural Handbook

  6. Table of Contents • Policies, Regulations, Purpose and Responsibility • Committee Structures • Meetings • WSH Representatives • Education • Responsibilities of WSH Team

  7. Table of Contents • Procedures for Dealing with Safety and Health Concerns • Procedures for Dealing with Dangerous Work • Procedures for Reporting Accidents and/or Incidents • Scheduled Inspections • Work Alone Guidelines • Contractors / Self-Employed Workers

  8. Appendixes • A – Procedures for Reporting / Form • B – Reporting Minor Injury / Incident Report • C – WSH Inspection Checklists • D – Working Alone Guidelines • Custodial Buddy Calling System • HSD Freedom from Harassment Policy

  9. Safety Triangulation HSD Safety Committee Employee Reps Employer Reps Safety Team

  10. Workplace Safety and Health • General Policy Statement • As a responsible educator and employer, the Hanover School Division is committed to maintain all facilities as safe and healthy places of employment and learning. All facilities will be operated in compliance with provincial health and safety regulations.

  11. Hanover School Division • recognizes the rights, roles and responsibilities of all employees with respect to workplace safety and health; • recognizes that workplace safety and health is ‘everyone’s responsibility’ and requires all employees to contribute to a safe and healthy environment; • affirms that substandard safety and health performance will not be accepted.

  12. Hanover School Division • is committed to the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses, to the promotion of safety and health consciousness and to the ongoing education of all employees with respect to relevant provincial legislation and regulations for workplace safety and health; • accepts an overall responsibility to maintain a comprehensive workplace safety and health program;

  13. Purpose and Responsibility • The Hanover School Division Workplace Safety and Health Committee enables employees and administration of the division to work together to provide and to maintain safe and healthy places of employment and learning for all who use divisional facilities.

  14. Objectives • To promote education and training programs that develop the knowledge and skills required for all individuals in the workplace to exercise their rights and responsibilities in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. • To ensure that all personnel are required to support the workplace safety and health program of the division and that all employees, volunteers and students make health and safety part of every activity. They are required to follow the policy and regulations of the Hanover School Division, which were established in accordance with provincial and local health and safety laws and regulations.

  15. Objectives • To assist workers and the employer to identify, record, examine, evaluate and resolve safety and health concerns in the workplace; • To develop practical procedures and conditions in the workplace to help achieve the highest possible degree of safety and health for all.

  16. Committee Structure • The employer representatives are as following: • Trustee – Co-chair of WSH Committee / Cyndy Friesen • Trustee – Lynn Barkman • Superintendent / CEO – Chief Safety Officer (Personnel) / Ken Klassen • Assistant Superintendent – Assistant Safety Officer (Program – Students) / Chris Gudziunas • Buildings and Grounds Supervisor – Assistant Safety Officer (Buildings and Grounds) / Bob Proulx • Safety Program Coordinator / Robert Warkentin

  17. Committee Structure • The employee representatives are as follows: • Hanover Teachers’ Association of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society – Ron Oulion • Hanover Association of Principals / Council of School Leaders / MTS - Mike Koester • Non-unionized Support Staff – Susan Nickel • CLAC (Educational Assistants) - Carla Simonin • CLAC (Custodians) / Cory Wiebe • Vocational Teacher Representative from SRSS School Committee / Grant May

  18. Structure of Meetings • Regular meetings will be held a minimum of four times each school year (from September to June) during regular school hours. • There will be Co-chairs – one representing the employer and one representing the employees. The meetings will be chaired on an alternating basis, by the employer and employee co-chairs.

  19. Structure of Meetings • Minutes of the meetings will be forwarded within ten days to: • The Board of Trustees of the Hanover School Division • Workplace Safety and Health Division of the Provincial Department of Labour • Workplace Safety and Health Committee Representatives • Workplace Representatives in each workplace – to be posted in each workplace • School Principals • Custodians

  20. Scheduled Meetings

  21. Scheduled Meetings

  22. Roles and Responsibilities of Employee Representatives

  23. WSH Employee Rep • Each workplace will elect an employee of that workplace. • The representative will work together with an appointed employer representative in each workplace to: • carry out local workplace inspections, • handle local concerns and complaints, • participate in conducting investigations of serious injuries and dangerous incidents or occurrences, • liaise with and report to the divisional WSH Committee, • maintain up-to-date safety information on the workplace WSH bulletin board and serve as workplace representative for all safety and health concerns.

  24. Education • The Hanover School Division will provide WSH Committee members and Workplace Representatives with a minimum of two days of training related to workplace safety and health. • The Assistant Superintendent will approve written requests for workplace safety and health training from committee members or workplace representatives.

  25. On-Site Requirements • A copy of the HSD Workplace Safety and Health Procedural Handbookfor Divisional Committee and Workplace WSH Representatives should be posted in all schools. • School administrators are asked to review the handbook with all staff at the start of each year. • WHIMSbinders should be clearly marked and easily accessible for Crisis Response Teams in the event of an emergency involving any chemical.

  26. On-Site Requirements • Any chemical product used in the school must have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) sheet on file. Chemicals of any type purchased for use in the school not ordered through the division, must have a copy of the MSDS sheet in the WHIMS binder and a copy on file at the division. Instructions for the use of the chemical must be followed and all chemicals stored under lock and key when not being used by school employees.

  27. WSH Bulletin Board • Each workplace will have a bulletin board dedicated to WHS • Use part of an existing board or talk to your supervisor about getting a new one • Board must be marked as WHS board • Responsibility of workplace rep to maintain board • Postings can include • HSD WHS Manual

  28. WSH Bulletin Board • Minutes of committee meetings • Summary of incident investigations • Workplace inspection reports • List of members on the committee (workplace reps and divisional members) • Safety bulletins or safety posters • HSD Freedom from Harassment Policy