julius c aesar act iii n.
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Julius C aesar Act III

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Julius C aesar Act III.

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julius caesar act iii

1. appeased 2. base 3. censure 4. coffers 5. conspirator 6. malice 7. mantle 8. oration 9. puissant 10. strife

Julius Caesar Act III

n one who plans with others to commit an illegal act synonym traitor accomplice antonym loyalist

none who plans with others to commit an illegal act__synonym:traitor, accompliceantonym:loyalist


v to criticize or reproach in a harsh manner synonyms rebuke reprimand antonyms praise encourage

v.to criticize or reproachin a harsh manner—synonyms:rebuke, reprimandantonyms:praise, encourage



n.bitter conflict;heated or violent dissension__synonyms:dispute, clash, bickering antonyms:peace, calm, agreement



v.brought to a state of peace or contentment; calmed or soothed__synonym:pacified, calmedantonym:enraged, incited



Ndesire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another__synonym:malevolence; animosityantonym:benevolence, goodwill



1. Caesar was able to fill Rome’s ________ by ransoming captives from war. 2. The murder of Caesar resulted in _______ throughout much of Rome.3. Brutus ___________ the fears of the citizens afterCaesar’s murder through his oration.4. When going outside, many romans wore a __________ over their tunics.5. Casca, Brutus, and Cassius were all ___________ in the death of Caesar.



6. Caesar’s rise to power brought out the ___________ in many of the senators which lead to his downfall. 7. Any person that treats people in a shameful manner is truly__________. 8. Both Brutus and Antony gave __________ to the citizens of Rome after Caesars death. 9. In his oration, Brutus asks the citizens to ___________ him if they do not find his motivations reasonable.10. As Caesar became more and more ____________, Cassius became jealous and spiteful.


p assages

1. He hath brought many captives to Rome whose ransoms did the general ____________ fill.2. There shall I try in my __________, how the people take the cruel issue of these bloody men; according to the, which thou shalt discourse to young Octavius of the state of things.3. Domestic fury and fierce civil _________ shall cumber all the parts of Italy.4. Only be patient till we have ________ the multitude, beside themselves with fear, and then we will deliver you the cause. Why I, that did love Caesar when I struck him have thus proceeded.



5. Our arms in strength of _________, and our hearts of brothers’ temper do receive you in with all kind love, good thoughts and reverence. 6. I am not Cinna, the ________________. 7. You all do know this ________. I remember the first time ever Caesar put it on. 8. Most high, most mighty, and most _________ Caesar, MetellusCimber throws before thy seat a humble heart---- 9. Who is here so _________ that would be a bondman.10. Believe me for mine honour, and have respect to minehonour, that you may believe. ___________ Me in your wisdom, and wake your senses, that you may be the better judge.