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Current Events: Building Deeper Understanding

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Current Events: Building Deeper Understanding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Current Events: Building Deeper Understanding. Clark Johnson Cassandra Roschen Jamie Bullock. Haitian Government. Protection. Responsibility for a Stable Economy. Resolution of Social Conflict. Maintenance of Public Order. Provision of Public Service. Student Responses-Protection.

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current events building deeper understanding

Current Events: Building Deeper Understanding

Clark Johnson

Cassandra Roschen

Jamie Bullock


Haitian Government


Responsibility for a Stable Economy

Resolution of Social Conflict

Maintenance of Public Order

Provision of Public Service

student responses protection
Student Responses-Protection
  • Try to befriend more nations and try to receive help from them
  • Bring in all military forces to help protect Haiti’s ports and airports.
  • Have an army or police force in charge of keeping out aggressive nations who want to hurt Haiti while they are struggling.
student responses responsibility of a stable economy
Student Responses-Responsibility of a Stable Economy
  • Ask volunteers to help clean up the debris and build businesses.
  • Have citizens clean up the mess before they can get food. Then rebuild everything.
student responses resolution of social conflict
Student Responses-Resolution of Social Conflict
  • Have representatives from each neighborhood come to a large tent to discuss how to solve problems.
  • Use police force to stop rioting.
  • Appoint military councilors and have citizens go to them to get answers to questions or to settle disputes.
student responses maintenance of public order
Student Responses-Maintenance of Public Order
  • Create a court system that is able to punish those who break rules or laws.
  • Create a written law on how food will be distributed, who will get tents, and other important issues.
  • Have a police force or military force go into different neighborhoods and explain the laws to people plus their consequences.
student responses provision of public services
Student Responses-Provision of Public Services
  • Have food lines in a secure building surrounded by police and military men.
  • Have people come into a locked building to eat a meal. They can serve it like a soup kitchen.
  • Bring food in on closed trucks.
student responses what did you learn about haiti
Student Responses- What did you learn about Haiti?
  • They are hurting more than we know and their showing it by rioting; they’re just getting so mad because they are so hurt. They are scared and are doing anything to survive.
  • I did not know how bad things were over in Haiti. I appreciate my life here now.
  • I learned that Haiti is in extreme need of help. The help they are already getting is proving to not be enough. The government they have needs to better serve its population. It is not able, at the time, to do everything for Haiti it should.
student responses how did this help you learn about the five purposes of government
Student Responses-How did this help you learn about the five purposes of government?
  • Finding ways to help them made me understand what each purpose meant and is for.
  • This helped me to better understand the five purposes of government because I could see what happens when these five things are NOT done. I was able to see just how important they are and what happens when they are absent.
  • I realized that without the five purposes the government would not work.



student responses both
Student Responses-Both
  • People in both countries were without food. This led them to riot and revolt.
  • Both felt as though the government was not listening to their concerns.
student responses what generalizations can we make from this
Student Responses-What generalizations can we make from this?
  • Volatile conditions can lead to revolution.
  • When people are unhappy with their conditions and do not have the basic needs of survival they will do anything to obtain those things.
your turn
Your Turn!
  • What are the important connections?
  • How would you teach it?