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Point for life. Baby Nursery. Baby Bed & Mattress. 1,109.00. 249.99. Car Seat. $89.99. Stroller. $139.99. Burp a Baby. How to burp a baby. One way to burp a baby is to hold it across their chests with the baby’s head above their shoulders. Another way lay baby across their knees.

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baby bed mattress
Baby Bed & Mattress
  • 1,109.00


car seat
Car Seat
  • $89.99
  • $139.99
how to burp a baby
How to burp a baby
  • One way to burp a baby is to hold it across their chests with the baby’s head above their shoulders.
  • Another way lay baby across their knees
breast feed
Breast Feed
  • Position Yourself
  • Sit up in bed, in a comfortable armchair, or in a rocking chair.
  • Pillows are a must: Use them behind your back, under your elbow, and on your lap to support the baby.
  • Use a footstool to bring your knees up or use pillows under your knees if you are sitting up in bed.
  • You should be relaxed with none of your muscles straining.

Baby should be lying on his side with his whole body facing you and his knees pulled in close to your body.

  • You and your baby will be more comfortable if you are not leaning forward to reach him and he is not straining to latch on. Using a pillow on your lap will help.
  • Your thumb and index fingers should form a "C" or "U." Be sure your fingers are well behind the areola.
  • Support the breast as close to its natural height as possible while the baby latches on and throughout the feeding, with your thumb in line with the baby's nose and four fingers on the other side of the breast.

If baby does want to latch on encourage him by gently stroke his cheek on the side nearest you. The rooting reflex will make him turn his head toward you.

  • Encourage the baby to open his mouth wide by moving him toward and away from the breast, touching his lips lightly and repeating until Baby opens wide.

When your baby opens his mouth wide, pull him onto the breast chin first, so that his lower jaw (which does all the work during feedings) is as far back on the breast as possible. You want him to take the breast deeply in his mouth.

  • Once he is latched onto the breast, keep him pulled in very close, so his chin is pressed up into the breast. If his nose seems blocked by the breast, pull his hips and legs in closer to you to angle out his nose.

Have everything at hand, because you never want to leave your baby unattended. You'll need: a clean diaper or two, something to wipe baby with, and a flat surface. If you use cloth diapers, you'll need a clean diaper cover or waterproof pants (and pins). If your baby has diaper rash or is less than a month old, have cotton balls or squares, warm water, and a towel handy.


Wash your hands and place your baby on the changing table or a flat surface. Use the safety straps, or make sure to keep one hand on the baby so he doesn't roll off. Never leave your baby unattended, even for a minute. If he wiggles a lot, distract him with a mobile or a brightly colored toy. Undo the dirty diaper, hold your baby's legs with one hand and use the other hand to pull down the front of the diaper. Don't remove it just yet.


First, use the front part of the diaper to help wipe your baby -- wiping from front to back to avoid a urinary tract infection. Then use a mild wipe or wet washcloth to clean baby -- again

  • Lift baby's legs and slide the dirty diaper out. Hold your baby's legs to keep him from touching the messy diaper. Slide a clean diaper underneath your baby. On a disposable diaper, the adhesive tabs go in back and should be about belly-button level. Pull the front up between baby's legs. For a boy, make sure his penis is pointing down so he doesn't pee out of the top of his diaper.

Close the tabs on a disposable diaper or pin the corners of a cloth diaper together. Make the diaper snug, but be sure you can place two fingers between the diaper and baby's waist. With a newborn, fold the top of the diaper down so that the umbilical stump is exposed. Or use a newborn diaper with a cutout for the stump.