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Quality Strategy 2012–2017

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Quality Strategy 2012–2017 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality Strategy 2012–2017. University of Prishtina. Prof. Ass. But Dedaj and Msc. Alfred Marleku. Contents. Mission and Vision; Background; Objectives , measures, activities and learning outcomes ( expected results); Strategy of implementation. MISION.

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quality strategy 2012 2017

Quality Strategy 2012–2017

University of Prishtina

Prof. Ass. But Dedaj and Msc. Alfred Marleku

    • Mission and Vision;
    • Background;
  • Objectives, measures, activities and learning outcomes (expected results);
  • Strategy of implementation
  • The UP is an autonomous public institution of HE, which promotes and conducts academic education, scientific research, artistic creativity, professional guidance and counseling, and other academic activities.
  • The University of Prishtina aims:
  • To be the leading center for the advancement of knowledge, ideas and science in the higher education system of Kosovo;
  • To connect the country with the world;
  • To play a leading role in the development of education, science, culture, society and the economy in Kosovo;
  • To aspire to the achievement and support of the highest standards in the fields of teaching and learning, scientific research, and artistic creativity.
  • The UP conducts its education and scientific research, as well as arts activities, in almost all the fields of science and the arts represented in Kosovo.
  • UP has been engaged in an ongoing process of implementing reforms in view of a society which has to cope with challenges of transition.
  • The UP has 16 academic units and around 2000 employees, of whom 1600 are teaching staff. UP has around 52,400 enrolled students in three cycles in line with the Bologna process - BA, MA and PhD.
  • Based on the fact that teaching, scientific research, and arts activities, with complete inclusion of students, should be closely linked to the content of academic programs, the UP has reformed programs in accordance with the integration trends of the EHEA.
  • Drafting this document were preceded by two study visits of UP staff, to University College Cork and to the University of Salzburg.
  • Initially the group analyzed existing relevant documents such as: Self-evaluation Report of UP, Recommendations for Organization of Scientific Research Activities at UP, Development Strategy of the University of Prishtina, National Science Program 2011-2016, etc.
objectives for quality improvement
objectives for quality improvement
  • Quality advancement in teaching and learning;
  • Advancement of scientific research activities;
  • Enhancement of the relationship of the University to the world of work and to civil society; and
  • Students’ inclusion in quality assurance.
objective 1 quality enhancement in teaching learning
Objective 1: Quality enhancement in teaching & learning
  • To encourage continuous improvement of study programs
  • To offer research-based teaching and to support research-based learning in a student-centered learning environment
  • To improve the physical and the virtual learning environment to enhance student- centered learning
  • To promote student guidance and counseling support services related to the student-centered learning environment
  • To encourage continuous capacity building of teaching staff
  • To establish a strong partnership between academic staff and students
  • To encourage the development of an equity and diversity dimension in teaching and learning
  • To develop monitoring mechanisms and measurement indicators
  • To review and draft regulations and procedures for the assessment of students’ achievements
objective 2 advancement of scientific research activities at the up
Objective2: Advancement of scientific research activities at the UP
  • To create a scholarship fund for short-term research visits abroad
  • To encourage the development of PhD programs at the UP based on the Bologna system
  • To encourage the inclusion of diaspora capacities in scientific research/arts and development activities
  • To determine contractual obligations for science and arts research activities for academic staff
  • To create a database and a mechanism for the usage of existing infrastructural capacities at the UP
  • To provide access to relevant e-libraries
  • To establish strategic partnerships with institutions of international reputation
  • To distribute/publish information regarding cooperation opportunities
  • To support the acquisition of grants from national and international funding agencies and private or public institutions
  • To encourage the involvement of economic and social disciplines in the drafting, realization and development of joint scientific research activities
  • To draft 3 year plans for scientific research/arts activities at the UP.
Objective3: Enhancement of the relationship of the University with the world of work and civil society
  • To respond – in teaching and research and in the field of arts – to the wider needs of society
  • To develop an interactive relationship to the world of work and to enterprises
  • To enhance the potential of alumni for further development of higher education at UP.
objective 4 students involvement in quality assurance
Objective 4: Students’ involvement in quality assurance
  • Procedures of students’ representation in quality assurance.
  • To involve students in internal assessment.
  • To involve students in external assessments and accreditation agencies.
  • Feedback/reporting of students regarding study programs and services.
  • Information, training and selection of students involved in quality assurance.
  • Students as learning experts.
strategy implementation
Strategy implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • The management of the UP will monitor, assess and review the implementation of the Quality Strategy 2012-2017 every year.
  • In order to have the data required for this purpose available, the ADO will – in close cooperation with the faculties and departments/academic units–develop tools for continuous evaluation of results in teaching and research.
strategy implementation1
Strategy implementation
  • Monitoring process
  • For the monitoring process, the management will set up a formal operational plan.
  • The monitoring process will include clear specific progress indicators based on monthly/yearly reports of academic units.
  • In order to assess the implementation of the overall strategic plan for quality, an independent and coherent assessment (international expertise) should be conducted at least two years after the initial implementation.