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Match for Business™

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Match for Business™ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Match for Business™
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  1. Match for Business™ Finding new business contacts for export/import at an earlystage KKiKK Match for Business™

  2. Agenda 14.00 Welcome and introduction, Lucia Severed
 14.15 Presentations and matching, Sweden, 
 Ola Ekman JUTEBORG My Spirit 14.40 Break 14.50 Presentations and matching, Germany 
 Research Excellence 15.10 Presentations and matching, Italy Apparati Effimeri Manoteca Legacoop 15.30 Break 
 15.45 Summary
 16.00 End KKiKK Match for Business™

  3. Partners GERMANY Kompass Zentrum für Existensgründungen ITALY Aster SWEDEN KKIKK AB KKiKK Match for Business™

  4. Participatingcompanies Small companies, start upspreferably Looking for contacts in a new market (Italy, Sweden, Germany) A clear presentation of theirproduct and what kind of contacttheir are looking for KKiKK Match for Business™

  5. How to get the most of it? ActiveGenerousCurious 3 min presentation 2 min questions to clarify 5 min localideas on contacts KKiKK Match for Business™

  6. FromSweden KKiKK Match for Business™

  7. Business spiderSweden First To Know and CIT • Contactinfo • President Ola Ekman • +46.705.281488 • • KKiKK Match for Business™

  8. JUTEBORG Contactinfo President Christina Östergren +46707833923 KKiKK Match for Business™

  9. Our offer ”Ecologicalhouses” Our market ”Municipalities keen to be clean” KKiKK Match for Business™

  10. Looking for… Partners as well as Productdevelopers and Suppliers of material in the constructionindustry, KKiKK Match for Business™

  11. MY SPIRIT Contactinfo President Minanda Fritz +46707833923 KKiKK Match for Business™

  12. Our offer ”Ecological yoga clothes…” Our market People who love to YOGA SPA´s KKiKK Match for Business™

  13. Looking for… Distribution- and Retail Partners in Europe, US and Asia KKiKK Match for Business™

  14. FromGermany KKiKK Match for Business™

  15. Contact info • Thomas Gleissner • Hanauer Landstrasse 521 • 60386 Frankfurt • Tel.: +49 69 370069-32 • Fax: +49 69 370069-34 • Mobile: +49 171 355 77 26 • Email: • Web: KKiKK Match for Business™

  16. Ihre Präsentation Our offer ” RESEARCH.EXCELLENCE. offers customized market research services. We offer experience, direction and insight across all projects and we have a network of experienced and competent colleagues who help lead your projects to success. Advantages:• A senior and experienced team, knowledgeable in therapy areas and market research• A flexible team that helps you deliver to your clients• Projects tailored to meet your needs• Long established network of healthcare fieldwork suppliers across Europe and Americas• Transparency from the beginningWe work closely with our clients, being part of their team and helping them deliver direction for the business. KKiKK Match for Business™

  17. Our market Full Service Market Research RESEARCH.EXCELLENCE. offers full-service ad-hoc market research for clients in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and medical devices.We take ownership of each project as if the challenge for our customers was our own. We are not focused on specific methodologies but take on each challenge and brainstorm the most appropriate way forwards. We choose our fieldwork partners based on our methodologies, fitting the expertise and skill to each and every challenge rather than having a set network of international partners.We have extensive experience of all  major therapy areas across the spectrum of healthcare professionals as well as the patients and their carers. Where we lack knowledge, for example, niche therapy areas we will proactively seek advice at our own cost. KKiKK Match for Business™

  18. From Italy KKiKK Match for Business™

  19. Business spiderItaly Roberta Trovarelli Viale Aldo Moro 16 – 40127 Bologna Tel. 051/509.-983/705 – fax 051/509.905 e-mail:

  20. Legacoop Emilia Romagna Legacoop Emilia Romagna is the main organisation representing co-operatives in Emilia Romagna • Legacoop Emilia Romagna covers the entire region and all economic sectors (industrial, agricultural and service sectors). • Represents member co-operatives, particularly with public institutions and the other major economic and social stakeholders; • Offers servicesto its members, ranging from tax assistance to labour law and financial support; • Promotes new co-operatives in various sectors; • Promotes and develops innovation and internationalisation; • Promotes co-operative values and identity; • Develops financial integration between co-operatives and the local area and between individual co-operatives; • Supervises member co-operatives on behalf of the Ministry of Labour.

  21. Legacoop Emilia Romagna Legacoop Emilia Romagna: Legacoop is part of: The national and local co-ordination of the most representative associations of co-operatives in Italy International organisations representing co-operatives worldwide

  22. Promoting co-operatives: instruments


  24. Looking for • Customers in the field of Pharmaceuticals , Medical Technologies and Medical Devices with the need to understand their markets better. • International partners with good access to relevant target groups (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, stakeholders and patients) in their domestic markets. • Guidance in terms o background information about healthcare systems, upcoming developments, new laws with influence on market research. • Fieldwork partners for recruitment, moderation and conduction of interviews in the specific field of health related topics . KKiKK Match for Business™


  26. MANOTECA PRESENTATION MANOTECAinfo@manoteca.comElisa Cavani+39

  27. OUR OFFER Very special one of a kinds of furniture, completely hand made, poised between functional design and art” OUR MARKET galleries architects / designers high furniture distributors private clients

  28. CONTACTS WE ARE LOOKING FOR • Galleries / Distributors • High level places where exhibit and sell items • Sales and marketing partners

  29. Some extra info The webb The minutes Your localhost The follow up Your feedback by mail and localhost KKiKK Match for Business™