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Technology Readiness

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Technology Readiness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Readiness
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  1. Technology Readiness Is YOUR DISTRICT ready for Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any PaceLearning & Online Assessments September/October 2012

  2. Governor Snyder's "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace" • Offer education opportunities … available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with unfetter flexibility and adaptability for student learning models and styles • Break down the status quo on how, when, and where students learn • Blend learning models … instruction from high quality online educator along with face-to-face instruction from high quality classroom teachers • Embrace total online learning, project-based learning, and experiential learning models [that are] more cost-efficient, competitive, innovative, and effective in motivating student achievement • Realize the power and effectiveness of online learning / embrace innovative learning tools / creative approaches for integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) • Create environments with dual enrollment and early/middle collegeopportunities are optimized September/October 2012

  3. September/October 2012

  4. September/October 2012

  5. September/October 2012

  6. September/October 2012

  7. September/October 2012

  8. September/October 2012

  9. 2012-13 School Aid • Section 22.I – Technology Infrastructure (1) September/October 2012

  10. 2012-13 School Aid • Section 22.I – Technology Infrastructure (2) September/October 2012

  11. 2012-13 School Aid • Timeline Jan-March 2013 Oct 2012 Nov-Dec 2012 Sept 2012 Internal MDE Consensus/ Requests for Information/ MDE Approval State Board Approval/ Finalize guidance Accept/score applications, strengthen applications/ award Make Awards/ Flow funding September/October 2012

  12. 54321 Michigan (1) 5. Enhanced broadband infrastructure and provision of one-to-one, internet ready devices September/October 2012

  13. 54321 Michigan (2) 4. Consolidation of technology, business, and data services to build capacity at a regional level September/October 2012

  14. 54321 Michigan (3) 3. Increased capacity for all teachers to teach using innovative, evidence-based models and strategies September/October 2012

  15. General Information September/October 2012

  16. Log in information was emailed to district MEAP Coordinator in the spring. September/October 2012

  17. Collection Guidelines In the interest of improving data quality, the Technology Readiness Team is issuing the following guidelines. If you completed the survey in the spring, please review these guidelines to see if your information needs to be updated to more accurately reflect your current data. September/October 2012

  18. Device Reporting (1) Inventory to include when reporting devices: • Please include student devices only. This is defined as machines as devices that are primarily accessed by students a majority of the time. Examples are: Computer labs, Devices on portable carts, library and classroom computers, and 1 to 1 devices used by students. • 1 to 1 devices that are provided by the district but can be easily be brought into the building for testing. September/October 2012

  19. Device Reporting (2) Inventory NOT to be included when reporting devices: • Teacher computers (either desktop or laptop machines) that are not accessed by students. • Devices in buildings or classrooms not anticipated to be administering testing. Examples are: Pre-K, Early Childhood, Adult Education classrooms. • BYOD devices that will not be used for testing. September/October 2012

  20. General Reporting (1) • You must fill out all components of the survey. • Whenever possible, combine machines with common specs within each building. For example, it is not necessary to report each device individually. If all devices have the same specs, just report them once with the appropriate quantity. September/October 2012

  21. General Reporting (2) • When completing Internet bandwidth reporting, the tool asks for “Value that most closely matches the volume of data that your Internet service connection can move over a specified time.” If your speed does not match one of the predefined fields, report the next lowest speed. • There is a new option when reporting Operating System. If the machine runs Windows XP, you will need to specify if it is Windows XP Service Pack 2 or less or Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher. September/October 2012

  22. Tech Ready Bruce Umpstead – David Judd – Tim Hall – September/October 2012