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UH-60M Technology Readiness Level Assessment Methodology

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UH-60M Technology Readiness Level Assessment Methodology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UH-60M Technology Readiness Level Assessment Methodology. TRL Considerations. Is system new or recap/upgrade with legacy documentation? Does Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) exist? If not, how will critical technologies be determined? What does “CRITICAL” technology mean to the system?

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TRL Considerations

  • Is system new or recap/upgrade with legacy documentation?
  • Does Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) exist? If not, how will critical technologies be determined?
  • What does “CRITICAL” technology mean to the system?
  • Is the objective of the system understood by key players including OSD representatives?
  • How do TRL definitions apply to specifics of system development?

UH-60M TRL Process

1 - Define “CRITICAL” technology.

- Those vehicle technologies, components, or subsystems whose success or failure most significantly affect the ability of a fully integrated UH-60M to meet Block 1 key performance parameters (KPPs) as identified by the ORD and System Performance Specification, AVNS-PRF-10002.

2 - Using WBS, identify critical technologies for UH-60M.

- Based on objectives of UH-60M Recap/Upgrade program, components of the WBS were selected as critical given improvements will be required in currently fielded UH-60 aircraft.


UH-60M TRL Process (cont.)

3 - Define TRL levels in relation to objectives of UH-60M.

7 Assigned to components which are currently

undergoing qualification testing for an Army rotorcraft

program but have not been fielded on the UH-60

platform except for qualification and testing.

8 Assigned to qualified components of other fielded

UH-60 systems (UH-60Q).

9 Assigned to components currently fielded on UH-60L


4 - Perform Assessment.


UH-60M TRL Process (cont.)

5 - Document results thoroughly.

- Detailed information is necessary.

- Focus on Spreadsheet which contains all relevant data.

- Use one item as example and obtain all documentation.

Element Level Standard Report Agency Date Results



Manpower Requirements

The UH-60M Recap/Upgrade program consists of massive

amounts of legacy documentation, which may be 20 years old

and difficult to locate. Given this, the UH-60M TRL required:

One Engineer - 8 Weeks Develop, track, coordinate, brief

Two Engineers - 2 Weeks Track data for UH-60

Other Programs - 1 Week Contact for info/data

File Clerk - 2 Weeks Locate, Copy Data

TOTAL: 520 HR Engineering

80 HR Clerk



Lessons Learned

  • DOD 5000.2 contains minimal guidance and definition of TRL Assessment requirements.
  • Establish POCs for involvement in process. Need coordination early to establish requirements for TRL Assessment. POCs must understand program objectives to achieve common results.
  • Do not underestimate time or manpower required.
  • TRL Assessment must be performed independently from Risk Assessment (required MS document) to capture essence of TRL Assessment.
acat1d program
ACAT1D program
  • 5000 changed in between – TRL now a requirement
  • A lot of the components are legacy components, TRL didn’t make a lot of sense
  • Integrated master schedule
    • Process of mapping to WBS
    • 1500 lines
    • Assigned govt person for each activity on that line
    • Likelihood versus consequences
      • Software built for high, moderage
        • Cost, schedule, perform
        • 40 risk abatement plans (sekorsky)
        • Pull down menu identifies into abatement plan