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Youth Enrichment Services Program

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Youth Enrichment Services Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Youth Enrichment Services Program. Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. Oneida Nation Vision Statement. A Nation of strong families built on tsi? niyukwaliho’ t^’ and a strong economy. Tsi? Niyukwaliho’ t^’ (gee knee you gwa lee ho tunh) = Our kinds of ways, our ways.

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Youth Enrichment Services Program

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youth enrichment services program

Youth Enrichment Services Program

Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin

oneida nation vision statement
Oneida NationVision Statement
  • A Nation of strong families built on

tsi? niyukwaliho’ t^’ and a strong economy.

  • Tsi? Niyukwaliho’ t^’(gee knee you gwa lee ho tunh)

= Our kinds of ways, our ways

oneida nation mission statement
Oneida NationMission Statement

To strengthen and protect our people,

reclaim our land and

enhance the environment

by exercising our sovereignty.

oneida core values
Oneida Core Values
  • Kahletsyatlu’sla
  • The heartfelt encouragement of the best in each of us
  • Kanolukhwa’sla
  • Compassion, caring, identity, and joy of being
  • Ka?nikuhli:yo’
  • The openness of the good spirit and mind
  • Ka?tshatst^’sla
  • The strength of belief and vision as a People
  • Kalihwi:yo’
  • The use of the good words about ourselves, our Nation and our future
  • Yukwahwa:tsi’le
  • Our Family and our Nation
  • Yukwatsi’stay^
  • Our fire, our spirit within each one of us


Mission Statement

We assist in the advancement of educational, cultural, and social development of American Indian students in the Oneida Community and surrounding school districts.

yes goals
  • Raise the grade point averages of students
  • Raise the number of graduates
  • Lower the drop out rate
who can get help criteria based on johnson o malley funding
  • American Indian youth who are K-12 students attending a public school in the YES service area,


  • Are a quarter (¼) degree Indian blood


  • Enrolled members of a Federally Recognized Tribe


  • Has a signed parent permission slip included in a completed YES Application
2008 2009 student count
2008-2009 Student Count
  • Freedom 65
    • School supplies and fees
  • Green Bay 272
    • Southwest quadrant
  • Pulaski 45
    • School supplies and fees
  • Seymour 273
  • West DePere 234

Total 889

  • The YES Program is primarily funded through revenues from the Oneida Gaming Operations and partially funded by the Johnson O’Malley Program
  • YES statistics assist in grant applications that provide for special projects.
  • Staff, parents and students raise funds for special activities, incentives, supplies, camp fees, etc..
the yes program
  • Inspires confidence in youth to reach their highest potential
  • Promotes Oneida cultural awareness and education in public schools.
  • Encourages Academic success
  • Is a resource and referral clearinghouse
y e s program provides
Y.E.S Program Provides;
  • Remedial academic support
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Training and Development for school officials and teachers
  • Parent participation opportunities
  • Career exploration
  • On^ yote a ka Youth Group
  • Pre-college information
  • Summer opportunity information
  • High school graduation banquet
  • Youth enrichment activities/field trips to encourage cultural identity and college participation
  • Financial assistance for school fees
  • Financial assistance for school supplies
activities sponsored by yes program
Pre-College Information

Summer Opportunity Information

High School Graduation Banquet

Academic Field Trips

Resource & Referral Services

Link families with community services.

Networking (schools-families-community)

Parent activities

Academic Assistance

Career Exploration

Leadership development

Cultural Activities

Fundraising for extra curricular activities, class fees, supplies and academic field trips.

Activities Sponsored by YES Program
advocates and specialists
Advocates and Specialists
  • Introduce, support and reinforce Oneida culture
  • Are considered Indian Education Specialists in the public schools
  • Improve all areas of growth and development through skill building activities
  • Provide continuous service during the academic year
  • Provide opportunities for homework help
  • Provide resources for school staff
  • Work with individuals and in small groups
  • Provide before and after school enrichment activities
  • Have access to school databases to track homework, attendance, etc. for eligible youth
  • Conduct annual F.I.N.D. Youth survey




Advocates are required to have a higher education degree. YES Advocates hold Associates to Masters Degrees.

Advocates have at least 2 years of experience working with youth in an academic setting.

Individuals with knowledge about the Oneida people or a background in American Indian Studies are preferred.

Who are Youth Advocates? Professional individuals hired by the Oneida Tribe to ensure the civil rights of American Indian youth are not being violated

Cultural Development

Social Development

Monitor academic profiles of youth

Maintain tracking system

Monitor student outcomes

Monitor youth involvement

Reward youth for achievements

What do Youth Advocates do?Promote cultural awareness & educationEnsure all required credits for graduation are completed
more advocate activities advocate for student civil rights promote personal growth
Career exploration

Provide academic enrichment opportunities like college visits

Mentor Youth

Intervention and referral source

More Advocate ActivitiesAdvocate for student civil rightsPromote personal growth
and more services provided by youth advocates
Network students & families with community support programs

Initiate mediation between school & families

Facilitate youth prevention/intervention groups with internal and external service agencies

And More Services Provided by Youth Advocates
advocate prevention intervention
Advocate prevention/intervention:
  • Domestic Violence - Child, Dating, Parent & Elder
  • Students harassing one another - physically, verbally, through cyber messages, and negative text messages
  • Technology abuse - computer (negative and degrading my space articles & poses), cell phone use
  • ATODA - dealing, drunk students, huffing, overdose of prescription drugs, sharing prescription drugs with others
  • Suicide - attempts, threats
  • Self mutilation - cutting, burning, self inflicted tatoos, scarring
more advocate prevention intervention
More advocate Prevention/intervention
  • Assault - physical, sexual, mental
  • Fightingon buses, in school, on school property
  • Weapons - ice picks, knives
  • Bomb threats
  • Sexual activityfrom necking to intercourse and pregnancy
  • Eating disorders
  • Homeless youth ● Incarcerated youth
  • Suspension in and out of school
  • Truancy-skipping ● Detention ● Expulsions
advocates collaborate with
Advocates collaborate with:
  • Oneida Cultural/Heritage
  • Oneida Community Education Center
  • Oneida Even Start Program
  • Oneida Behavioral Health
  • Tribal, School and County Social Service Agencies
  • Oneida Indian Child Welfare Services
  • Principals, Guidance Counselors, Police Liaison Officers
  • School MIS department to monitor computer usage







who are yes specialists
The YES Specialists are required to have a Bachelor Degree or higher in Education or closely related field.

Specialists must have a teaching license or substitute teaching license

Specialists work with grades 5-12 YES eligible youth.

A Specialist Aide has a high school diploma and works with grades K-5 Youth at Seymour Rockledge.

Half of the Aide

position is paid

by Seymour’s

Title VII (Indian

Education) Program.

Who are YES Specialists?
what do enrichment specialists do
What Do Enrichment Specialists Do?
  • Conduct individual youth assessments by reviewing report cards, MAP and WKCE scores.
  • Provide individual skill development
  • Proctor necessary assessments
  • Re-teach lessons
  • Meet with Teachers
more of what yes specialists do
More of what YES Specialists do
  • Assist youth in asking teachers for help.
  • Provide home work help
    • Determining which work needs to be completed,
    • Supervising homework sessions,
    • Direct assistance depends on what

the Specialist knows,

    • Checking to see that homework is complete,


    • Signs off on the completed work (if the

teacher will accept a non-parent/guardian


how are students selected
How are Students Selected?

Complete application is on file, including parent permission

Referrals from Parents, School Personnel,

and/or Youth Advocate

Students can sign up when needed

Note: Students cannot receive services

without a completed YES application.

student selection etc
Student Selection, etc…
  • Arrangements made with teacher during class time with parental approval
  • Students will be accepted based

upon their commitment to


how are parents involved
How Are Parents Involved?

 Read progress reports.

 Encourage students to seek

Y.E.S. Staff for assistance.

 Ask questions.

how are parents involved33
How Are Parents Involved?

 Assist with fund raising activities.

 Complete surveys.

 Attend parent committee meetings.

 Volunteer to assist YES staff.

  • The YES Program recognizes the importance of motivating students to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • An incentive program is designed to motivate academic success & encourage positive behaviors
incentives are earned for
Incentives are earned for:
  • Perfect attendance
  • Positive progress reports & evaluations
  • Improved test scores & GPA’s
incentives may include
Incentives may include:
  • Gift cards
  • Various coupons from local establishments
  • Pens, pencils, etc.
  • Participation in the award presentation program at their school
  • End of the year field trips
wrap up
Wrap up
  • YES continuously monitors the educational advancement of youth in our service area.
  • Many people ask how learning the language and the culture will help our youth get along in the world. Many studies have shown that the more young people know about their roots the more advanced they are in the educational system.
  • The language and culture are vital to Oneida in order to exist as a Nation. These 2 components are looked at when being recognized as Indigenous nations, many Tribes are losing their status because they do not have either.
y e s administrative staff
Y E S Administrative Staff
  • Anita Barber-YES Director
      • Bachelor of Arts-St. Norbert College
        • Education Major, Social Studies/Oneida Language and Culture Minor
      • Master of Science-Marian College of Fond du Lac
        • Organizational Leadership and Quality
      • Phone 920-869-4381
  • Jo Ann Ninham-YES Assistant Director
      • Bachelor of Arts – UW Milwaukee
        • American Indian Studies Major
      • Master in Liberal Studies – UW Milwaukee
        • American Studies Emphasis
      • Phone 920-869-4345
  • Julie King - YES Administrative Assistant
      • Phone 920-869-4331
      • Toll Free 1-800-236-2214
      • Fax 920-869-4339