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New Distributor Quick Start Training PowerPoint Presentation
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New Distributor Quick Start Training

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New Distributor Quick Start Training
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New Distributor Quick Start Training

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  1. New Distributor Quick Start Training

  2. Volume Points To enable Herbalife to monitor its world-wide production and sales .Every product is assigned a “volume point” value Example-Formula 1: RRP=$35.45 RRP=R347.73 RRP=€38.35 Distributor progress, production and turnover is tracked in “volume Points”

  3. Your First Order • IMPORTANT – It doesn’t have to be 500vp. It can be as much or as little as you want or need it to be. • 500vp=5 Customers=Senior Consultant • Permanent 35% Discount

  4. 10 X 3 DAY TRIALS COST - R870 @25% YOU RE-COUP R999 (10 X R99) EVEN IF ONLY 5 UPGRADE. YOUR PROFIT ON 5 PROGRAMS IS R2500 TOTAL VOLUME POINTS – 530vp = SENIOR Consultant & permanent 35% discount!

  5. Order online • Members @25% Buy for R870 sell for R999 Order 60 F1 sachets & Pack of Brochures on my to make up 10 trial packs

  6. Importance of Personal Product Use

  7. Personal Product Use • Using the products gives you: • Your own testimonial • Belief • Confidence • These things are the foundation of a successful business and essential for all Distributors • Walk the Walk and talk the talk and become a product of the product!

  8. What Results do you want? Weight Loss /Gain Shape change Body Fat Loss CM Loss Energy Health Skin/Hair Gain Muscle Sports Nutrition

  9. Personal Product Result • Speak with your sponsor and discuss your health and wellness goals • Start with a basic program • Personalize to suit your needs • Upgrade yourself to a new product each week / month • Track and record your results • Pictures I was…Now I am

  10. Meetings and Events There is a direct correlation between meeting attendance and the income in Herbalife…The more yu learn the more your earn! 80% of new distributors who do not attend a full training day within 90 days of joingin the busines are non-active. 8 hours a mnth is all you need 2 hour HOM 6 hour training day (RTD / BBS)

  11. 1) Premium HOM • HOM = Herbalife Opportunity Meeting • Distributors & Guests. This is where you bring prospects so they can learn about the company and opportunity • Introduction & Overview of Herbalife (60min) • Distributor Training (45 min) • Usually mid-week evening • Members and Distributors pay R50 and guests attending with distributors attend free.

  12. 2) = Regional Training Day • Distributor ONLY. This is where distributors come to learn the skills necessary to build a successful business and get recognized for their achievements. • Usually Saturday (10am-4pm) • Supervisor+ Training • Trainers and topics covered change every month but the 4 keys to success are always covered. • Tickets are R100 per person

  13. 1) Product Knowledge 2) Effective Marketing 3) Wellness Evaluation 4) Customer Care

  14. Meetings and events • All over the country •

  15. Getting your business off to A FAST START

  16. GRAND OPENING PARTY / SHAKE PARTY Your Grand Opening Party (GOP) is simply an opportunity for you to celebrate the launch of your new business with people you know This is NOT an opportunity to “sell: product or the opportunity or put anyone under pressure to purchase. This is NOT a “Party Plan” type event, where products are on display and friends feel obliged to make “mercy” purchases Structure and guidelines for holding a successful GOP are available online or from your sponsor who will also help you with the event

  17. GRAND OPENING PARTY / SHAKE PARTY Your sponsor will help you organize and run your Grand Opening PartyChoose a date and time for your GOP in the next 24hrsHold your GOP within the next 2 weeksInvite twice as many people as you actually want to attend Invite other local Distributors to attend to celebrate with you.

  18. GRAND OPENING PARTY / SHAKE PARTY Your Grand Opening Party will generate interest and questions from most who attend You can arrange 1-1 appointments / call with those that want to know Your sponsor will work with you to structure and run these appointments