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Commercial Data Processing

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Commercial Data Processing. Lesson 3: Data Validation. By the end of this lesson you will be aware of:. GIGO Validation Verification Check Digit Range Check. The Data Processing Cycle. The Data Processing Cycle.

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Commercial Data Processing

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commercial data processing

Commercial Data Processing

Lesson 3:

Data Validation

by the end of this lesson you will be aware of
By the end of this lesson you will be aware of:
  • GIGO
  • Validation
  • Verification
  • Check Digit
  • Range Check
the data processing cycle
The Data Processing Cycle

The Data Processing Cycle

Data must be collected before it can be input. It can be collected in from a source document, such as an order form.

data collection & preparation

Data has to be entered into the computer for processing.

Inputting data directly ie automatically, reduces the mistakes made by people and makes this stage quicker.

data input

Data is processed, ie fed into the program and manipulated. There are 2 types of processing: interactive and batch.

Data is then stored on some form of backing store.

data processing & storage

Processed data is either displayed on a monitor, printed onto paper (often as a turnaround document) or output to a file.

output of data

error checking

The Data Processing Cycle

Error Checking
  • Data entered into a CDP processing system must be correct.
  • Data however entered, manually or automatically, cannot be assumed to be correct.
  • Data has to be checked for errors.
  • There is a well known adage: Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO).


Verification is the process of checking the datafor complete accuracy.

  • Verification is needed for passwords and pin numbers.
  • Data to be verified is entered twice.
  • The data is then compared if it is exactly the same both times then it is correct, any difference it is wrong.

Validation is the process of checking that the data should be correct and accurate.

  • Validated data cannot be guaranteed to be correct.
  • There are several methods of validating data from check digit, range checks, length checks and more.
validation using check digit

Calculating the Check Digit

A check digit is calculated using the other numbers in the bar code.

Eg 3+2+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+3+7+7=22 divide by 5 = 4.4 so check digit 4

So 4 is added to the end of the bar code 3200000003774.

Validation Using Check Digit 

Check digit

The last number of a bar code is a Check Digit.

It is a computer check digit which help to makes sure the bar code read by the reader is correct and accurate.

validation using check digit1
Validation Using Check Digit 

Validating The Bar Code

  • Scanthe bar code.
  • Perform the calculation on the numbers scanned in.
  • Compare the check digit scanned and the check digit calculated

IF check digit: scanned = calculatedTHEN

      • Bar Code is correct, ie it has been validated


      • Bar Code is wrong, and error sounded usually BEEP!

Answer the following questions in your jotter.

Explain that it is important that data must be correct.

Explain what is meant by GIGO.

Explain the difference between validation and verification.

Give an example of when verification is needed and suggest how it can be done.

Explain how a check digit can be used in validating data.

Explain how a range check can be used in validating data.


Extension Tasks

Past Paper Question

Read the through information contain in