adcp measurements laptop to nwis via swami l.
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ADCP Measurements: Laptop to NWIS via SWAMI

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ADCP Measurements: Laptop to NWIS via SWAMI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ADCP Measurements: Laptop to NWIS via SWAMI. Use ‘mute’ when you are not speaking Never put your phone on ‘hold’ We will be using the chat window for asking questions The seminar will start in a few minutes…. ADCP Measurements: Laptop to NWIS via SWAMI. April, May 2010

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adcp measurements laptop to nwis via swami
ADCP Measurements: Laptop to NWIS via SWAMI
  • Use ‘mute’ when you are not speaking
  • Never put your phone on ‘hold’
  • We will be using the chat window for asking questions
  • The seminar will start in a few minutes…
adcp measurements laptop to nwis via swami2

ADCP Measurements: Laptop to NWIS via SWAMI

April, May 2010

Elizabeth Hittle, Joe Nielsen

what are we going to cover
What are we going to cover?
  • Overall process
  • Introduction to SWAMI
  • Loading a WRII file
  • Measurement classification
  • Loading a SWAMI file into SiteVisit
  • SiteVisit summary
  • What’s to come in 4.10
  • Other issues
adcp measurement into sitevisit via swami
ADCP measurement into SiteVisit via SWAMI
  • At site
    • Begin a site inspection in SWAMI
    • Perform ADCP measurement
    • Export it as HYDROML
    • Import HYDROML into SWAMI
    • Continue with site inspection
  • In office
    • Import site inspection into NWIS
    • View results in SiteVisit
what is swami
What is SWAMI?
  • Surface Water Measurement and Inspection
  • Field application for recording all aspects of a Surface Water Site Visit
    • Handheld on PocketPC
    • Laptop via emulator software
  • Direct collection of AA and Pygmy measurement data via CMCsp
  • Imports WinRiver II HydroML files into SWAMI
  • Outputs USGS HydroML files for direct processing into NWIS via the SiteVisit loader
sitevisit tasks in swami
SiteVisit tasks in SWAMI
  • Discharge Measurements
    • Midsection, ADCP, Volumetric, Weir/Flume, Estimated
    • Spin tests
  • Sensor inspections and readings
    • Bubble gages
    • Wire-weight gages
    • CSGs
    • Others
  • Control inspection
  • Air and water temperature (environmental measurements)
  • Gage-height of zero flow inspection
  • High water marks
  • Stilling well inspection
site specific information in swami
Site specific information in SWAMI
  • There are various scripts that are run that import WSC and site specific information from ADAPS and SiteVisit into SWAMI
    • All active surface water sites
    • Ratings and shifts
  • SiteVisit
    • Sensors that are configured at a particular site
    • Velocity meters
    • Past measurements made at site
swami loading wrii file
SWAMI – Loading WRII File
  • Begin a site inspection.
export measurement
Export measurement
  • Perform ADCP discharge measurement via WinRiver II. Assure all applicable fields in the discharge measurement wizard are filled out.
  • When measurement is processed, export it as HYDROML
  • File – Export as HydroML
  • Move the exported .xml file to a SWAMI accessible folder
swami loading wrii file17
SWAMI – Loading WRII File
  • The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ fields represent the start and end times of the entire discharge measurement. By selecting the blue ‘Start’ and ‘End’ field labels SWAMI will attempt to extract the start and end times based on any time stamp information within the discharge measurement data portion of the site visit
swami resources
SWAMI Resources
  • Installation / Documentation/Training
  • Laptop emmulators
  • Field Computing Integration and Support page
  • Request SWAMI help of any kind
    • GS-W FC SWAMI Help
swami information to sitevisit
SWAMI information to SiteVisit
  • The saved HydroML file from SWAMI (affectionately called the “blob”) contains all the information from the site inspection
    • When the HydroML file is imported into SiteVisit, this file is archived. It can be accessed and read in SiteVisit but cannot be modified
    • A future SiteVisit enhancement will include looking at the blob with style sheets within SiteVisit
  • All the information from SWAMI does not necessarily have a place in the SiteVisit database structure
    • Database changes are slow to be made. SWAMI changes do not have to wait for database changes
    • Database may not be able to handle the size of some of the fields (for example the ADCP self-test and compass calibration)
    • Not all the information needs to stored in a relational database. The information is stored and archived in the “blob” and is better accessed with style sheets.
loading swami files
Loading SWAMI files
  • Move saved site inspection HydroML file from SWAMI to SiteVisit loader directory on NWIS Sun
    • Move directly to


    • Move from any directory using “submitsvfr” command
  • If SWAMI file contains valid email address will get email confirmation of loading and/or errors
  • Check loader log file for details
loader log file
Loader log file
  • Three types of messages
    • Info – generally just provide status
    • Warning – generally not a problem
    • Failure – something did not load!
loader resources
Loader Resources
  • New Tip Sheet
  • Users Manual
  • Administrators Manual
sitevisit swami 4 10
SiteVisit/SWAMI 4.10
  • SiteVisit/SWAMI 4.10 will be released this summer with the regularly scheduled NWIS release
  • “Measurement type” (4.9) will be called “Deployment Method”
  • Stationary boat and Manned moving boat (4.9) are being combined into just "manned boat". You will be able to tell whether it was stationary or moving based on the Q method (midsection or ADCP)

Manned boat

sitevisit4 10
  • Velocity meters (all, not just ADCP) sorted by office
  • “Velocity Meter Suspension” in ADCP measurement
swami 4 10
SWAMI 4.10
  • Better style sheets
  • Ability to read WRII mmt file directly so no need to export to HydroML
  • Native laptop version (SWAMI_PC) so no need to use the emulator (much, much faster)
  • Ability to load flowtracker measurements
  • Cannot directly import section by section measurements
  • Cannot import two ADCP measurements (check measurement) in the same SWAMI session
    • Create two site inspections. Assure that the first inspection start and end times encompass both measurements. They will be merged together in SiteVisit
other issues
Other Issues
  • Paper front sheets vs. SWAMI
    • Auto-sequencing
    • Missing data
      • Wind direction
      • Salinity
      • Indication if the time on the ADCP was synched with the watch time
      • Indication if there was moving bed
      • Adjustment type field of moving bed
      • Text fields to enter “Boat/Motor Used” and “GPS Used”
  • Archival
    • All the pertinent information must be archived
  • WSC QA plan
    • Document, document, document
  • Clarification on policy overall
    • OSW is working through issues in a paperless world and is not ready to issue guidance