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Wilmington High School

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Wilmington High School. Grade 8 Program of Studies Night 2014-15. Wilmington High School…. Introductions: Administration Guidance CTL. Our mission…. Wilmington High School will provide a student-centered education that promotes academic, personal, and social growth and achievement for

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wilmington high school

Wilmington High School

Grade 8 Program of Studies Night


wilmington high school1
Wilmington High School…



Guidance CTL

our mission
Our mission….

Wilmington High School will provide a student-centered education that

promotes academic, personal, and social growth and achievement for

all learners. Our school, with the support of the community, will

ensure a learning environment that includes a challenging, quality

standards-based curriculum, varied technological tools, current

instructional materials and resources, up-to-date facilities and a safe

and respectful environment. It is our goal that the students leave

WHS with the appreciation for learning, and are capable of living and

working in a global society. (Adopted by faculty 9/10/2007)

what we expect at whs
What we expect at WHS…
  • Excellent attendance
  • Personal responsibility
  • Good work ethic
  • Own your failures as well as your victories
  • Learn by leading
  • Fill your time…extracurriculars are part of your WHS experience
  • Find balance in all areas of your life
  • Do your job, have fun, make a difference
our academic program
Our academic program…

35 credits a year – 120 credits required for graduation

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of Math
  • 3 years of Science
  • 3 years of Social Studies
  • Minimum 2 year of World Languages recommended
  • 2 years (4-½ years) of Health Dynamics
  • Managing Your Money requirement
  • 50 hours of Community Service
electives invite exploration
Electives invite exploration…
  • WHS offers a large number of electives in all academic areas
  • Students are encouraged to explore career options and interests
  • Electives opportunities expand as the students progress through high school career
excellence in education
WHS currently offers 10 AP courses…

Students also can choose available AP courses on Virtual High School (VHS)

Calculus AB



English Literature and Composition

English Language and Composition

US History

World History

US Government and Politics


Spanish Language and Culture

Excellence in Education…
excellence in education1
Excellence in Education…
  • Small class size with students enjoying an average class size of 18 students
  • 93% of WHS graduates attend institutions of higher education
    • 70% attend 4 year college
    • 19% attend 2 year college
    • 4% attend trade schools
new courses for 2014 15
New Courses for 2014-15
  • Business Communication
  • Futuristic Fiction
  • Memoir, Nonfiction & The Creative Essay
  • Digital Photo II: Intermediate
excellence in education2
Excellence in Education…
  • MCAS
  • Average % (Past 3 years)

Proficient and Advanced combined

    • ELA 95%
    • MATH 92%
the scheduling process at whs
The scheduling process at WHS…
  • Counselors visit Grade 8 teams
  • Teachers will be making recommendations on Aspen only – not on the form
  • Parents and students will view the recommendations on their Aspen account
  • The form will be used for electives choices and for parent and student signatures

March 10-31

Teachers enter course recommendations in Aspen

April 1

Grade level meetings with students

April 1-7

Students complete forms with electives and return to homeroom teachers

After April 7

Forms are returned to the High School for data entry

viewing teacher recommendations
Viewing teacher recommendations…
  • Sign on to your student’s Aspen account to view the recommendations made by core academic course teachers
  • Review teacher recommendations
  • Click “Post” to confirm that you have viewed the recommendations
  • Correspond with your counselor in the “Notes for counselor” box found below the recommendations. Counselors will discuss these concerns at individual scheduling meetings.
the new form
The new form…
  • Color coded for each grade level
  • Teacher/CTL signatures needed for electives requiring departmental approval
what s next
What’s next…
  • Review the WHS Program of Studies found on Aspen and on the WHS website at http://www.wilmington.k12.ma.us
  • Keep an eye out for the form that your students will receive on April 1
  • Complete the form with electives choices and sign
  • Return signed to homeroom teachers before April 7
we are here to help
We are here to help…
  • Contact your assistant principal at the middle school with any questions regarding accessing Aspen
  • Speak to your student’s Grade 8 teacher to discuss the course recommendations if you have any questions
  • Override form available on Aspen
  • HS Counselors are available to assist you once the student form is received in the Guidance Office at WHS
mathematics pathways
  • 4-Year Graduation Requirement
  • GRADE 9→10 Algebra 1 → Geometry

Geometry → Algebra 2

  • GRADE 10→11 Geometry → Algebra 2

Algebra 2 → Pre-Calculus

Algebra 2 → Algebra 3

  • GRADE 11→12 Algebra 2 → Algebra 3

Algebra 2 → Statistics

Algebra 3 → Int. Trig/Int. Stats

Algebra 3 → Statistics

Pre-Calculus → Statistics

Pre-Calculus → Calculus

science and engineering technology typical pathways of study

GRADE 9  10  11/12  11/12

  • Physical Science  Biology  Chemistry  Electives/AP
  • Biology (H)  Chemistry  Physics  Electives/AP
    • 3 Years of Science Required
  • Intro to Engineering  CAD  Architectural Design
    • Do not fulfill Science requirement
    • Intro to Engineering does prepare students for Introduction to Engineering MCAS- Passing fulfills Science MCAS requirement.
  • English Full Year Courses:
    • English 9A or English 9H
    • English 10A or English 10H
    • English 11A or English 11H
    • English 12A or English 12H

English Full Year Courses (Rigor and Selection)

Interdisciplinary US History and English

(Grade 10 Honors)

AP English Language and Composition (Grades 11 or 12)

English Literature and Composition (Grade 12)

social studies
Social Studies
  • US 9 History (A and Honors)
  • US AP History
  • US 10 (A and Honors)
  • US 10 Interdisciplinary (Honors)
  • WH 11 (A and Honors)
  • WH AP History
social studies focus
Social Studies Focus
  • 9th Grade – Freshman History Fair
  • 10th Grade- Sophomore Research Paper
  • 11th Grade – Student Led Discussions
  • 12th Grade – History Electives
history electives
Civil War Era/ Civil Rights Movement/Vietnam War

Honors Economics

AP Economics

American Law


World Religions and Cultures

Facing History and Ourselves

Current Events

Government in America

AP Government

World War II

History Electives
additional history programs
Additional History Programs
  • Mock Trial
  • Model UN
  • Academic Decathlon
  • 9/11 Memorial Committee
  • History Club
world languages department course offerings
American Sign Language

Introduction to ASL I (S1)

Introduction to ASL II (S2)


French 2 Honors

French 3 Honors

French 4 Honors*


Italian 2 A

Italian 3 A


Latin 1 Honors


Spanish 1A 

Spanish 2A and Honors

Spanish 3A and Honors

Spanish 4A and Honors

Spanish 5A (Film and Art) and Honors

World Languages DepartmentCourse Offerings

There are currently no World Language requirements for graduation.