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High School

MOUNT AIRY. High School. REACHING FOR SUCCESS…. STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS. 544 students 78% Caucasian, 12% Black, 7% Hispanic, 3% other 42% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch 16% of students qualify for services in the Exceptional Children ’ s department.

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High School

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  2. STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS • 544 students • 78% Caucasian, 12% Black, 7% Hispanic, • 3% other • 42% of students qualify for free or • reduced lunch • 16% of students qualify for services • in the Exceptional Children’s department

  3. Challenges… •  Small Department Sizes create challenges to • master schedule development. • Course offerings at honor’s and Advanced • Placement Levels are limited due to size • Technology access for students


  5. EDUCATE TO ACHIEVE... • North Carolina School of Distinction • Career and Technical Education Program ranks #1 • in state for VOCATS scores (2 consecutive years). • 85% 4-year graduation cohort rate ranks in the top • 10% in the state (3 consecutive years). • MAHS ranks in the top 3% of high • schools nationally according to the US • News and World Report (2 consecutive years)

  6. EDUCATE TO ACHIEVE… The student experience at Mount Airy High School is enhanced through the establishment of positive relationships with faculty mentors. Being a small community school, teachers build unique bonds with students and gain a better understanding of a students’ background which allows for improved instructional strategies and heightened student engagement.

  7. EDUCATE TO ACHIEVE… “Coming from a large school with around 1800 students, I have personally experienced the benefits in education of a smaller school. With smaller class sizes, the teachers have more time to answer questions in-depth and build personal relationships with students that enhance the learning environment. When students feel important as an individual and as a part of their school, they are able to better absorb what they learn and apply it to their lives.” Makayla Benfield 11th Grade


  9. COLLABORATE TO GROW... At Mount Airy High School, the school administration and faculty work closely as a collaborative team to ensure that all students receive a personalized education. A customized master schedule and strategic student placement assist in the creation of a purposeful game plan for each student.

  10. COLLABORATE TO GROW... "There are many school systems that approach scheduling and student assignment as a computerized, database function. At Mount Airy High School, students are not treated as pieces of data. Our school is small enough that scheduling is a human task and each student is placed in classes according to his or her needs. As teachers, we benefit by having more balanced class sizes and students who are in the right class at the right time of day. This personal approach allows for a higher level of student success.“ Conni Tucker English Teacher

  11. COLLABORATE TO GROW... • Professional Learning Communities were implemented 3 years ago. These collaborative groups participate in meaningful dialogue that focuses on student achievement. • MAHS participates in transition meetings with the middle school in our district. Core teachers and instructional support staff meet and discuss instructional strategies, struggling learners, and appropriate course placement for students. • Seniors complete a senior project in which they work with a faculty advisor as well as a community mentor. This experience helps promote personal responsibility and establish personal connections for students.

  12. COLLABORATE TO GROW… “Our Teacher Cadet Program offers an opportunity for students to develop and implement lessons while providing a great example to our elementary students. It is a win-win for all involved.” Jennifer Jones MAHS Teacher Cadet Facilitator


  14. INSPIRE TO DREAM... The educational landscape of Mount Airy High School provides a 21st century learning environment that promotes safety, respects diversity, and encourages active student engagement. A large majority of students cultivate the high school experience through involvement in extracurricular activities and athletics. Faculty and staff believe that as students become plugged-in to the culture of Mount Airy High School, they develop a sense of school pride and personal responsibility.

  15. INSPIRE TO DREAM... “Mount Airy High School has a history of excellence in athletics and academics, but their Fine Arts program is also something to be proud of. With the help of faculty, students learn to become successful on stage, in the studio, and in the classroom. The Fine Arts department here at Mount Airy High School is an artistic outlet that proves we are more than team sports and test scores.” Peyton Marion 10th Grade

  16. INSPIRE TO DREAM... • 30% of Juniors and Seniors participate in an internship/partnership in local businesses, schools, and organizations • 17 Clubs and Organizations available for student • participation • 54% of students participate in athletics. • 90% of students attend either a 2 or 4-year • college after high school. • $1.1 million in scholarships awarded for the 2010-2011 school year.


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