southside hampton roads hazard mitigation plan l.
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Southside Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Southside Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan

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Southside Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Southside Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan . What is Hazard Mitigation?. “mit-i-gate” 1: to cause to become less harsh or hostile. 2: to make less severe or painful. Hazard Mitigation

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what is hazard mitigation
What is Hazard Mitigation?


1: to cause to become less harsh or hostile.

2: to make less severe or painful.

Hazard Mitigation

Any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from hazards.

disaster mitigation act of 2000
Intended to facilitate cooperation between state and local authorities on risk reduction measures and to expedite funding allocation

Revitalized federal planning requirements

Requires local communities to develop hazard mitigation plans to remain eligible for pre-disaster and post-disaster funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program (PDM)

Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000
mitigation advisory committee
Includes local government officials from across the region, along with representatives from other stakeholders such as the American Red Cross and the National Weather Service

Project funded by HMGP grant funds (administered by Virginia Beach)

Virginia Beach contracted with PBS&J to help facilitate preparation of the regional plan

Mitigation Advisory Committee
public participation
Public meetings held during

plan development (October 18,

2005, in Suffolk, and Virginia


Over 300 public surveys were


Second public meetings held

in conjunction with adoption


Public Participation
plan outline

Planning Process

Community Profile

Hazard Identification

and Analysis

Vulnerability Assessment

Capability Assessment

Mitigation Strategy

Plan Maintenance Procedures

Appendices (Including Mitigation

Action Plans)

Plan Outline
mitigation goals
Goal #1: Develop plans and studies that will support the implementation of techniques that will aid in the mitigation of natural hazards in the region.

Goal #2: Conduct public education, outreach and awareness programs to help local citizens better understand hazard mitigation and ways to protect lives and property from the impact of natural hazards.

Goal #3: Undertake cost beneficial structural projects across the region that will be beneficial to reducing the impact of natural hazards when they occur.

Goal #4: Implement sound hazard mitigation policies into the framework of local government operations across the region.

Mitigation Goals
mitigation actions
Mitigation Actions
  • Specific activities proposed by each jurisdiction
    • Consistent with regional mitigation goals
    • Based on hazard risk and local capability
  • Intended to help reduce the impact of disasters on the jurisdiction
  • List of potential projects for the future
mitigation strategy
Wide Variety of Available Mitigation Techniques:


Property Protection

Natural Resource Protection

Structural Projects

Emergency Services

Public Education and Awareness

Mitigation Strategy
plan adoption approval
The final draft plan was submitted to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management in April 2006

Preliminary State approval was issued in May 2006, plan forwarded to FEMA for final approval

Local resolutions to adopt the plan will be incorporated into the planning document

Plan Adoption / Approval
plan implementation maintenance
Plan implementation involves the completion of proposed mitigation actions, including policies and projects

Completion may be contingent upon funding

Potential funding sources are included for each mitigation action, if applicable

At a minimum, the plan must be evaluated, updated and resubmitted to the State Hazard Mitigation Officer every five years

Plan Implementation & Maintenance