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Hampton Roads Pride Volunteer Training

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Hampton Roads Pride Volunteer Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hampton Roads Pride Volunteer Training. 25 th Anniversary Out in the Park. Welcome.

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hampton roads pride volunteer training

Hampton Roads PrideVolunteer Training

25th Anniversary Out in the Park


WELCOME to the 25th Anniversary Out in the Park/PrideFEST Celebration. We’re glad you have volunteered to help us out! THANK YOU!!! This guide and training is being given to you so that you can make the most of your volunteer experience.

festival info
Festival Info
  • Festival Hours
  • Saturday, August 10th 12pm-7pm
  • Set-Up Times
  • Friday, August 9th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, August 10th 7am-12pm
  • Tear Down Times
  • Saturday, August 10th 6pm-9pm
what we do
What We Do
  • SECURITY: assists with traffic control of vehicles and pedestrians, secures restricted access areas of the festival including the stage, and assists First Aid personnel.
  • LOGISTICS: overall set-up of the festival which begins on Saturday August 18th. This could include everything from setting up tables, posting signs, distributing equipment, running errands.
  • VENDORS: assist vendors with load-in and registration as well as finding their booth in the market.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: assist entertainers with equipment, prepping of the stage for performances, monitoring back stage area including dining areas and dressing areas.
  • VOLUNTEERS: provide assistance at the volunteer check in tent with placement of volunteers.
important information for all volunteers
  • YOUR COMMITMENT TO HELP: you have made a commitment to volunteer and we’re counting on you! Please arrive on time and stay for the duration of your shift. If you must cancel your commitment, please call Hampton Roads Pride immediately to let us know you will not be coming. 757-269-9707
  • CHECK IN PROCESS: please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your assigned shift and go to the Volunteer Check-in tent so you can sign in and be issued your t-shirt. Please bring a photo ID, and keep your personal items on you at all times. We cannot store backpacks, purses, fanny packs, etc. – sorry!
important information for all volunteers1
  • VOLUNTEER T-SHIRTS & CREDENTIALS: identify you to everyone so we ask that you wear your shirt and credentials while on duty for Pride and remove them when your shift is over.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dress for the weather and for the job with comfortable shoes and clothing. A hat or visor, and sunscreen are strongly recommended. Drink lots of water, take time to eat, and let us know if you need a break! Parking at the festival site is very limited so we recommend you carpool with friends or take public transportation. Please do not bring your pets or children with you during your shift. Remember that while you are working, you represent Hampton Roads Pride to everyone attending the festival! Therefore, volunteers or event staff who are intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs will be dismissed from their duties and not asked back.
  • DO NOT have weapons of any sort in your possession while on duty.
  • DO NOT respond to hecklers or engage in any form of physical or verbal violence, or you will be dismissed from your duties.
  • Please refer all media personnel to a board member, do not answer questions or consent to interviews on behalf of Pride.
safety and security
  • The security area is located at Volunteer check-in. Report disturbances to any event staff (look for folks in a staff shirt) or at the volunteer tent, or by contacting them via radio communication. Do not attempt to intervene in the event a fight breaks out, or a crime is committed against someone. Contact security! Then, do not interfere with the Police or Medical Staff as they do their job!
  • SECURITY BADGES: are issued to Event Staff, Stage Crew, Press, VIP’s, Entertainers, Team Leaders, and other folks. Certain areas of the festival are restricted access – namely, the backstage area is off limits if you don’t possess the proper credentials!
safety and security1
  • TWO WAY RADIO COMMUNICATIONS: certain staff and volunteers will be issued two-way radios. In some emergency situations you may hear a transmission over the radio that asks you to cease communications on your radio – please abide by this request and wait for an ALL CLEAR notice before resuming radio transmissions.
  • EMERGENCY SITUATIONS & INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event of a severe emergency or severe weather during the festival, the Festival Director (Pride President) will issue instructions to all staff, volunteers, and festival attendees. The Festival Director (Pride President) will utilize the Security Coordinator and Police to implement instructions.
lost people lost items
Lost People/Lost Items
  • LOST PEOPLE AND LOST ITEMS: Lost children should be escorted to the Volunteer tent where every effort will be made to find their adult caretaker.
  • Due to the large volume of people attending the festival, adults who have lost their party should be instructed to check First Aid stations in their attempt to re-locate their party. We cannot offer further assistance.
  • We DO NOT operate a lost and found. If a person has found an item, they can go to the Volunteer tent where the volunteer staff will obtain a description of the item and contact information in the event the person who lost the item makes an attempt to locate it.
  • Should you as a volunteer locate an unattended and presumed “lost” item such as a backpack, cooler, etc. please notify Pride Security or a Police officer. Do not attempt to recover the item yourself, wait for the police to arrive. DO NOT engage in radio or cell phone transmission.
  • MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: You do not need to call 911 for help! There is a First Aid station at the festival and dozens of Police officers. Call for help via radio, or direct individuals to the first aid stations.
  • THEFT, CRIME, OR OTHER EMERGENCIES: Go to the Security area and make a report. If you witness a crime or disturbance in action, find a security volunteer or Police officer for assistance – DO NOT intervene yourself!
what to do if
What to Do If?
  • QUESTIONS YOU ARE ASKED AND CAN’T ANSWER: this will happen and rather than give incorrect information, please direct the person to the volunteer tent as this area will be staffed with Pride personnel who can assist in answering questions, or locate a team leader with a radio, who can further assist.

Thank you for volunteering. Hampton Roads Pride depends on and is appreciative of all the help we get from our community. Thanks!!!!!!!