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Welcome Valassis New Hire!

Welcome Valassis New Hire!. 2014 Plan Year Benefit Programs. Enrollment Process. Enrollment Worksheet Review your enrollment worksheet to ensure your current information is correct New Hire Enrollment Must be completed within 31 days from the date of hire

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Welcome Valassis New Hire!

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  1. Welcome Valassis New Hire! 2014 Plan Year Benefit Programs

  2. Enrollment Process • Enrollment Worksheet • Review your enrollment worksheet to ensure your current information is correct • New Hire Enrollment • Must be completed within 31 days from the date of hire • How to Make Your Benefit Elections • Enroll through ADP Online: www.portal.adp.com • Enroll through ADP by Phone: 877-482-4236

  3. Who is Covered?Defense of Marriage Act • Same-Gender Couples • Married in a state that legally recognizes that union • Medical, dental and vision contributions will be exempt from federal tax, regardless of the state in which you reside • State tax will still apply in states that do not recognize same-sex marriage • Expenses for same-sex spouses now eligible for FSA and HSA benefits

  4. Who is Covered?Dependent Eligibility • Spouse or Domestic Partner • Your same or opposite-sex IRS-defined legal spouse • Your civil union spouse or qualified domestic partner • see the Valassis Domestic Partner Declaration on www.valassisbenefits.com for requirements) • Your Children • Natural or legally adopted children; stepchildren and your domestic partner’s children who live with you and are dependent upon you for support and children for whom you are the legal guardian • Unmarried children under age 19 • Unmarried children age 19-25 if they are a full-time student and dependent upon you for support are eligible for dental, vision and dependent life coverage • Your children to age 26 for medical coverage • Children who became mentally or physically disabled before age 25 and who are dependent upon you for support Note: Enrolling individuals who do not meet our eligibility requirements may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

  5. Enroll Now or…. • If You Don’t Enroll When First Eligible • Only changes consistent with a qualified family status change will be allowed during the year and must be made within 31 days of the event. • Examples of eligible family status changes are: Marriage Birth or Adoption Divorce Death Dependent Eligibility Change Spouse’s Loss of Job or Coverage

  6. Affordable Care ActPlan Changes • Plan Changes to Date • Removal of pre-existing condition restrictions • Removal of lifetime maximums • 100% coverage for routine annual physicals and accompanying screenings • 100% coverage for extended women’s health care • Contraceptive methods and counseling, including sterilization • Breastfeeding supplies and support • Health care FSA maximum contribution reduced to $2,500

  7. Affordable Care Act 2014 impact • New Maximum Out-of-Pocket Rules • All copayments; office visit, physical therapy and prescription drug copays count toward maximum out-of-pocket • Reinsurance Fee • Will apply each year through 2016 • $63 per enrolled member per year / $2.42 per pay period • Will automatically calculate based on the number of family members enrolled and will be added to medical contributions

  8. Affordable Care ActValassis Plan or Marketplace • Things to Consider • The Health Choice Savings Plan satisfies the affordability test, which disqualifies Valassis associates from the federal premium subsidy • A lower premium in the Marketplace will generally mean higher cost share in deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums compared to our plans • If you do not enroll in a Valassis medical plan within 31-days of the date you become eligible, you will not be allowed to enroll without a family status change or until November 2014 for 2015 coverage

  9. Virgin Pulse Wellness • Virgin Pulse Website • Track and Develop Healthy Behaviors • Secure personalized account • Participate in or Start Challenges • More Healthy Behaviors = Entries for Monthly Prizes • Compatible with Various Fitness Devices • Max • Fitbit • Polar HRM or RunKeeper • Include up to 3 Family and/or Friends

  10. Prescription Drug PlanCVS Caremark Caremark/CVS is the Plan Administrator National Pharmacy Network including CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Smaller Independent Pharmacies Receive Mail Order Benefits at a Retail Setting Separate CVS ID Card

  11. Prescription Drug PlanSpecial Programs Maintenance Choice Mail/Retail Program Applies to maintenance medications For example: medications that treat/control chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension Two 30-day supplies may be filled at retail Then mail order or CVS retail for 90-day supply Physician must write the prescriptions accordingly Smoking Cessation Medications Prescription or over-the-counter* Covered 100% Examples include: Chantix & Zyban Nicotine Replacement Therapy Commit, Habitrol, Nicorette, Nicoderm, Nicotrol * prescription required

  12. Medical PlansBlue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Valassis offers associates two medical plan choices, both administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Traditional PPO Plan Health Choice Savings Plan

  13. The Traditional PPO PlanHighlights

  14. Traditional PPOPrescription Drug Benefits Remember: Maintenance medications must go through the mail order program after 2 fills at a retail pharmacy

  15. Health Choice Savings PlanMedical Plan + Savings Account There are two parts to the Health Choice Savings Plan: High Deductible Health Plan+Health Savings Account (HSA)

  16. Health Choice Savings PlanHigh Deductible Health Plan Primary Differences Between HCSP and Traditional PPO Individual + 1 or more must meet the full family deductible before benefits are paid No separate Rx copay and out-of-pocket maximum; prescriptions are processed like any other health care expense BCBSM & CVS coordinate combined maximum out-of-pocket HSA eligibility

  17. Health Choice Savings PlanHighlights

  18. Health Choice Savings PlanHealth Savings Account (HSA) Enrollment in the HSA is optional, howeverthree-tiered tax savings by using an HSA: Tax Savings on Contributions Tax savings on investment earnings Tax savings on eligible disbursements

  19. Health Choice Savings PlanHealth Savings Account (HSA) • Save for Current & Future Health Care Expenses • Current: medical, dental & vision cost share • Future: Medicare supplemental health care premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses • Real Account that You Own • No “use it or lose it” Restrictions • Investment Tool • $1,000 account balance required • Interest earned is also tax free! • Valassis contributes $250!

  20. Health Choice Savings PlanHealth Savings Account (HSA) • WageWorks and BNY Mellon Administer the HSA • You Must Open Your Account • Debit Card Issued • Taxes Assessed + 10% Penalty for Misuse • Unlike an FSA, Account Must Be Funded to Use

  21. Health Choice Savings PlanLimited Purpose Spending Account Special Account for Those Enrolled in HDHP Set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for dental and vision expenses Why HSA and LPSA? Special dental and vision expenses Braces Lasik

  22. Health Choice Savings Plan 2014 HSA Contribution Limits

  23. 2014 Medical PlanPer Pay Contributions Note: contributions above do not include the $2.42 per person reinsurance fee

  24. Which Plan is Best for You?Health Choice vsTrad PPO • Compare • Contributions • Tolerance for larger deductible • How your family uses health care • Who in your family uses health care • Advantages of the HSA • Use Online Calculator Tools • http://hsacenter.com/hsa-calculators.html • http://www.aarp.org/health/medicare-insurance/hsa_calculator/ • Contact the HR Solution Center for Questions

  25. Dental PlansDelta Dental of Michigan Delta Dental of Michigan is the Plan Administrator Three Plan Designs Delta PPO (Point-of-Service) Basic Delta PPO (Point-of-Service) Buy-up DeltaCare USADMO Two National Dental PPO Networks Delta PPO network Delta Premier network DMO Network based on State

  26. Dental PlansDelta Dental of Michigan – PPO Networks • Delta PPO Network • Reimbursed at a discounted level • Your deductible/copay based on a lower reimbursement, annual maximum lasts longer • Delta Premier Network • Providers still in-network • Reimbursed at a higher level, annual maximum reached more quickly • Find a Dentist • Online at http://deltadentalmi.com/Find-a-Dentist.aspx • By phone at 800-524-0149

  27. Dental PlansDeltaCare USA – National DMO Networks • Networks Assigned by Home Zip Code • Primary Care Dentist is Assigned • Can Change Primary Care Dentist • All Care Must be Performed or Referred by Primary Care Dentist • Find a Dentist • Online at www.deltadentalins.com • By phone at 800-422-4234

  28. 2014 Dental CoverageDelta Dental

  29. 2014 Dental PlanContributions

  30. 2014 Vision PlanEyeMed Vision Care

  31. 2014 Vision PlanContributions

  32. Flexible Spending AccountsWageWorks

  33. Flexible Spending AccountsWageWorks

  34. Flexible Spending AccountsWageWorks • Certain Expenses Require Backup Receipts • Many appropriate dental expenses could have a cosmetic component • IRS approves reimbursement only for non-cosmetic expenses • If outstanding receipt requests equals 75% of your account, your card may be suspended • Notification is sent by email

  35. MetLaw / Hyatt LegalVoluntary Legal Retainer • $17.50 per Month / $8.07 per Pay • Nationwide Network of Attorneys • Prepaid Assistance with: • Wills and trusts • Real estate matters • Document review • Civil litigation defense • Identify theft • Unlimited phone and office consultations

  36. Life/ADD CoverageLincoln National • Evidence of good health is required for: • Coverage in excess of $400,000 and/or, • Any increase in coverage in excess of 1 level

  37. Disability InsuranceLincoln National

  38. Retirement Savings Plan401k – JPMorgan Chase • Eligibility • Permanent associates at least 18 years of age • Two features to the Plan • 401(k) is your contribution to your plan • Traditional 401(k) – pre-tax contributions • Roth 401(k) – post-tax contributions • Diverse Investment Options • Administered by JPMorgan Retirement Plan Services • Call 1-800-345-2345, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm eastern time

  39. Retirement Savings Plan401k – JPMorgan Chase Automatically Enrollment After 30 days of employment 3% pretax contribution Automatic Increases Increased by 1% each year Will Hold at 10% Automatic Investment – SmartRetirement Fund Based on your date of birth and expected retirement age of 65. Cancel Auto Enroll, Auto Escalation or Change Investments Contact JPMorgan Chase Online at www.retireonline.com By phone at 800-345-2345.

  40. Retirement Savings Plan Valassis Contribution - Profit Sharing Valassis Annual Contribution Eligibility 1 year of service with a minimum of 1,000 hours worked, and Employed on 12/31 of the previous calendar year Dependent upon Reaching Predetermined Performance Targets 3% for 2013 Invested According to Your Current Elections If you do not participate in the 401(k) and have not made elections, the default investment will be the SmartRetirement Fund. Profit Sharing Contributions not Eligible for Hardship Withdrawals

  41. Enrollment Worksheet is Sent to Your Home Two Enrollment Options Enroll through ADP Online: www.portal.adp.com Enroll through ADP by Phone: 877-482-4236 Confirmation Statement Printed Online and Sent to Your Home Call the HR Solution Center at 1-877-238-6747 with Questions EnrollmentNext Steps

  42. More Benefit ProgramsAutomatically Eligible • LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program • Provides 24-hour counseling and referral services, as well as reading and reference materials • Adoption Assistance Program • Reimburses full-time associates up to $5,000 for expenses related to an adoption • Education Assistance Program • Reimburses up to $4,000 for undergraduate and $5,250 for graduate/PhD expenses annually

  43. More Benefit ProgramsPaid Time Off Vacation Number of days is based on your length of service and job type Holidays 10 company-paid holidays and 1 Diversity Day Summer ½ Day Holidays ½ day off the Friday before Memorial Day and Labor Day Sick Days Eligibility and number of days is based on your job type. Maternity/Paternity Leave 1 week of paid leave for full-time associates following the birth of a child (separate from Short Term Disability leave) Adoption Leave 2 weeks of paid leave for full-time associates following the adoption of a child

  44. More Benefit ProgramsSpecial & Unique Marriage Gift Card Military Care Packages Expectant Mother Parking Car Seats Family Room Booster Seats & High Chairs College Student Care Package

  45. Voluntary ProgramsBeneplace • Theater Tickets • Home, Auto & Pet Insurance • Discounts on: • Electronics • College tuition • Auto purchases • Gifts and home goods • Theme parks • And more…

  46. Valassis InitiativesLiving our Core Values • Diversity & Inclusion • CelebrateUs • Giving Committee • Valassis Associate Council (VAC) • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

  47. Valassis InitiativesLiving our Core Values • Business Resource Groups • Valassis Women’s Network • The Millennial Link

  48. Who to Call?

  49. Questions

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