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SHRM Recruitment cost per hire calculator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our company provides, online cost per hire calculation, HR Recruitment metrics, Quality of hire analysis, Recruitment effectiveness statistics, Hiring process controls and multi dimensional graphical reporting./n• Cost per hire recruitment analytics analyzer engine computes multi dimensional recruitment process/business controls data, recruitment effectiveness data,quality of hire metrics data and provides key result metrics for bench marking and hiring competitiveness. • The online solution comes with excellent calculation analytics, Numerical functions, multivariate statistical analytics and recruitment reporting dashboard that will help the Hiring professionals to take efficient and effective decisions. • With robust reporting analytics, hiring executives will get a thorough insight into the entire cost per hire mechanics from micro to macro level components of recruitment with drill down reporting functions.

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Cost per hire metrics & analytics

Gain complete recruitment function control

Improve recruitment performance

Optimize recruitment operations

Calculate cost per hire & invoke recruitment analytics

Enhance hiring process efficiency & recruitment business controls

Generate multi dimensional graphical reports

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Key Features

  • Online hiring cost calculation

  • Recruitment function control

  • Recruitment performance & hiring management analysis

  • Recruitment function operations optimization

  • Recruitment process & business controls analytics

  • Qualitative cost per hire values.

  • Numerical & multivariate cost per hire & recruitment statistics computation

  • Hiring cost multi dimensional analytical metrics

  • Recruitment metrics calculation analyzer

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Key Features

  • Advanced recruitment reporting data analysis

  • Quality of hire metrics score card

  • In depth cost per hire reporting data

  • Accurate recruitment processing cost analysis

  • Real time statistical hiring cost values

  • Recruitment process calculation in PMBOK framework

  • Hiring cost ROI Analysis

  • Multi dimensional graphical reports

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Key Features

  • Robust recruitment reporting analytics

  • Drill down cost per hire reporting

  • 100% customer satisfaction

  • Value added solutions

  • Comprehensive hiring cost metrics

  • Recruitment reporting dashboard

  • Global cost per hire metrics management

  • Global industry cost per hire benchmark analytics

  • Recruitment effectiveness & controls score card

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Report – 1 – Cost per hire Report cost metrics reports are from next page.

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Report – 2 – Cost per hire Report by expenses cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 3 budgeted cost variance report l.jpg
Report – 3 – Budgeted cost variance report cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 4 budgeted hire variance report l.jpg
Report – 4 – Budgeted hire variance report cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 5 hires by experience range report l.jpg
Report – 5 – Hires by experience range report cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 6 hiring cost only report l.jpg
Report – 6 – Hiring cost only report cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 7 hires only report l.jpg
Report – 7 – Hires only report cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 8 recruitment processing cost report l.jpg
Report – 8 – Recruitment processing cost report cost metrics reports are from next page.

Report 9 offer analytics report l.jpg
Report – 9 – Offer analytics report cost metrics reports are from next page.

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Report – 10 – New cost metrics reports are from next page.joinees report

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