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Transgender Concerns Working Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Transgender Concerns Working Group

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Transgender Concerns Working Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transgender Concerns Working Group. Working Group Members. Michael Loewy Nicholas Denton Heather Dales-Murray Heather Aidala Anne Bartone Shannon Chavez Korell Ryan Cheperka Carmen Cruz Franco Dispenza Stacie Fishell Kristee Haggins Jack Lockwood Alessandra Urbano Mo White

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Transgender Concerns Working Group

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Presentation Transcript
working group members
Working Group Members
  • Michael Loewy
  • Nicholas Denton
  • Heather Dales-Murray
  • Heather Aidala
  • Anne Bartone
  • Shannon Chavez Korell
  • Ryan Cheperka
  • Carmen Cruz
  • Franco Dispenza
  • Stacie Fishell
  • Kristee Haggins
  • Jack Lockwood
  • Alessandra Urbano
  • Mo White
  • Kendra Saunders
  • Shana Hamilton
  • Tania Israel
  • Sharalyn Jordan
  • Kimberly Jorgensen
  • David Loran
  • Stella Nelms
  • Emily Nisley
  • Parrish Paul
  • Daniel Walinsky
  • Theo Burnes
  • Bobby Kizer
  • Yung-Lung Chen
  • Christine Henry
  • David Perry
  • Danielle Duplassie
major issues discussed
Major Issues Discussed
  • Increased self-awareness of transphobia needed - individual, supervisor, faculty
  • Training - Need for infusion into courses, practica/internship, research
  • How to confront transphobia within Division 17/APA
  • Research - Need for best practices (e.g., not up-to-date, need alternative methods)
  • Community - Need for more involvement and commitment of senior colleagues in order to make change
major issues discussed1
Major Issues Discussed
  • Need for web-based resources

(e.g., best practice guidelines, research)

  • Need for strength-based approaches to trans practice and research

(e.g., assessment tools - MMPI - problematic, confront medical model, inclusion of gender identity in DSM?)

  • Students/others with less power having to educate others with more power (e.g., training directors, advisors) and confront transphobia
  • Need trans-ally development and support
  • Micro and macroaggressions - verbal and physical assault
goals outcomes for future
Goals/Outcomes for Future

Self-Awareness of Transgender Concerns

(learning --> action)

  • Comprehensive list of transgender resources - including intersectionality (e.g., reading, films, websites)
  • Engaging/immersing one’s self in experiential activities (e.g., dialogue groups, “assumptions/biases” paper to explore gender privilege)
  • Accept personal responsibility to implement change (e.g., finding your voice)
goals outcomes for future1
Goals/Outcomes for Future

Training on Transgender Concerns

Incorporate into APA-accreditation

Training module

Inclusion in social justice curriculum

Trans-affirmative internship sites

Best practice guidelines

Supervision competency standards

Use technology to increase accessibility to resources

Special journal issue on supervision/training issues

goals outcomes for future2
Goals/Outcomes for Future

Research - Transgender Concerns

JCP Special issue on conducting trans-inclusive experience (e.g., comprehensive lit review, qual and quan guidelines, researcher reflexivity, participant/consumer reflexivity)

Guidelines that promote intersectionality in all counseling psychology (e.g., multidimensons of demographic identity)

goals outcomes for future3
Goals/Outcomes for Future

Assessment issues with transgender people

  • Clinical interviewing (e.g., create semi-structured interview questions, address problems with forms, therapist training, reflexivity, awareness)
  • DSM - do not confound trans with mental health and gender with sexual disorders
  • Testing (e.g., renorming assessments for trans folks, develop measures for research with focus on resilience, writing position papers on test administration/interpretation)
goals outcomes for future4
Goals/Outcomes for Future

Working with Div 17/APA Power-Holders on Transgender Concerns

You are invited!! - joint meeting of Div 17, 44, 35, 51 (power-holders) at APA in Boston

Creating a home for this working group on trans issues

Student hour at APA - how to make a difference when you don’t have the power

Media attention APA-wide in Monitor

Notation that gender identity is in the ethical code - so guidelines are there for accountability

next steps opportunities for involvement
Next Steps & Opportunities for Involvement
  • Google group
  • Working in 5 sub-groups
  • Creating a “home” for working group in SLGBTA/Div 17
  • Meeting again at APA Boston - joint meeting
  • Securing program time at APA Boston
contact information for getting involved
Contact Information for Getting Involved
  • lore m. dickey
  • Anneliese Singh
  • Pearl S. Chang