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Trial Run Tuesdays

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Trial Run Tuesdays. @ MIT Sloan We see the future first! Powered by the MIT Innovation Club & Sloan Technology Services

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trial run tuesdays

Trial Run Tuesdays


MIT Sloan

We see the future first!

Powered by the MIT Innovation Club


Sloan Technology Services

Draft Proposal * Al Essa, Niraj Kumar, Joost Bonsen *,, * v.030828

proposed themes
Proposed Themes
  • Every week we showcase the latest technologies from MIT & beyond!
  • Each Trial Run is on a Tuesday lunchtime
  • Located mostly in e51 or e52 lobbies
  • With support from Sloan Tech Services, AV, and key Sloan offices
  • Drawing in key researchers from MIT labs
candidate trial themes
Candidate Trial-Themes…
  • Digital e52
  • eTablets
  • The Googlizer
  • PDA Day
  • Wearable Computers & Displays
  • SloanSpace 3.0
  • CycleScore
  • TechStrategy DVD

and more…

  • Show off several HP/Compaq eTablets in e51 or e52 Lobby
  • Need: As many tablets as possible; at least one or two videobeamers to show off sketch ability to viewers
  • Partners: Ellis-Behnke, iCampus, HP
hp compaq etablet
HP/Compaq eTablet


Tech Assessment Software

Survey via eTablets

digital e52
Digital e52
  • Digital videobeamer displays pointed at blankwalls in e52 lobby
  • Need: 4-5 projector displays

Today’s Events



TinyTech Club

Speaker: Charlie Harris

the googlizer
The Googlizer
  • Live Google projection display in public setting
  • Possibly Driven by Voice Search

  • Need: Some connection with Google Labs
system dynamics groupware
System Dynamics Groupware
  • Showing System Dynamics modeling & the implications of tangible interfaces
  • Need: Media lab setup, projection & PC equipment
  • Partners: Professors Ishii & Hines (not confirmed)
shared infospaces generally
Shared Infospaces Generally

Intille, Larson, et al

MoMA Table

Patten, Ishii, Hines et al

Maguire, et al

pda day
  • Show off many variations of PDAs including brand-new releases, obscure products available only in Japan or Korea, and Media Lab & Oxygen variations
  • Partners: Professors Pentland & Rudolph, key lab grad students
palm ipaq variants
Palm & iPaq Variants…

wireless ipaq applications
Wireless iPAQ Applications…

sony clie w camera
Sony clie w/ Camera


Project Oxygen

Robertson, et al

wearable computers displays
Wearable Computers & Displays
  • Showcase wearable computers developed in the Borglab at the MIT Media lab
  • Need: Demo rigs + projection display to show eyeglass-mounted video
  • Partners: Professor Pentland, key grad students
mit media lab wearables
MIT Media Lab Wearables


Spitzer, et al

sloanspace 3 0
SloanSpace 3.0
  • Advance peek at next generation SloanSpace features
  • Need: Compelling demonstrator, videobeamer to show off features, at least 2-3 PCs to allow people to try it out
  • Demo Innovative Racing Game on Xbox as engaging & inspiring experience
  • Collaboration with Sports Innovation Ctr
  • Partners: Student leaders Harris et al, Professor Ariely


tech strategy dvd
Tech Strategy DVD
  • Show off Professor Henderson’s Technology Strategy DVD done with support from the Cambridge-MIT Institute
  • Need: PCs & crisp videobeamer
other trial run ideas
Other Trial-Run Ideas
  • Actuality 3D Displays
  • ColorKinetics LED Lighting
  • Holosonic Acoustic Spotlight
  • Insolia Comfortable High Heels for Women
  • Segways
more trial run ideas
More Trial-Run Ideas
  • Metamedia
  • TEAL -- Belcher in Physics
  • Voice Recognition Systems
  • First Year Challenge SloanStudio, Workbench, Tech Modules, Toolsuite
  • Finance Toolkit -- Lo’s Problem-Based Learning – challenge to tackle unsolved problems
  • Blogs – GroupBlogs, ResearchBlogs, ClubBlogs
  • User Innovation – kites w/ Saul Griffith
even more ideas
Even More Ideas
  • BP Projects Academy
  • Roofnet?
  • RFID, vending payment?