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By Jerry Brenoskie. Talent 21-Social studies. Man started to live in many places and migrated to all countries. After Glacier Age. . Migrated and spread mankind throughout the world. . They made the first tools. . T hey learned to make fire. Early Man.

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By jerry brenoskie

By Jerry Brenoskie

Talent 21-Social studies

Early man

. countries.Migrated and spread mankind throughout the world.

. They made the first tools.

.They learned to make fire.

Early Man

Early farmers

. countries.They used the plow to farm which changed the ground and soil .

.They were the first to domesticate animals and plants.

.Farming would bring animals for food which could bring a new species to a environment and impact that environments way of life.

Early Farmers


. countries.They were the first to have irrigation.

.They had highly developed cities so they made city-states.

.They started monarchy and polytheism



. countries.They also had polytheism and would mummify the dead for the afterlife.

.They made boats to cross the mediterranean sea to trade

.Egypt started the worlds first nation-state.



. countries.Their democracy laid down the foundation for future democracies

. Had many myths for how things were done

. Had the biggest trade


Talent 21 social studies

.conquered a lot of land and made many changes countries.

.made aqueducts bringing water from many places

.had a lot of people to feed so they took many animals



People have changed the environment in many was since the start of man. If we help the environment then we will not be like are ancestor who were not careful with the earth and did what they wanted.