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Vocabulary. ASTEC. Tacit (a)—implied, implicit (antonym: explicit) Taciturn (a)—habitually untalkative Choleric (a)—easily aroused to anger, irascible Precipitate (v)—to fall sharply, headlong, violently Deign (v)—to do something considered below one’s self.

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  • Tacit (a)—implied, implicit (antonym: explicit)

  • Taciturn (a)—habitually untalkative

  • Choleric (a)—easily aroused to anger, irascible

  • Precipitate (v)—to fall sharply, headlong, violently

  • Deign (v)—to do something considered below one’s self

Subserve (v)—to be helpful or useful

  • Expiate (v)—to make amends for

  • Dissertate (v)—to write or speak at length

    9. Prolepsis/-tic (n/a)—to answer beforehand

    10. Contemn (v)—to disrespect, look down on



  • (in)auspicious—(not) favorable, propitious

  • (un)propitious— (not) auspicious, favorable

  • Peruse—to examine in detail, closely

  • Vet(v)–to examine closely, search out carefully

  • Whet(v)—to sharpen, stimulate, excite

  • Juxtapose(v)—side by side

  • Perspicuous (a)—to make clear, easy to understand

  • Agog (a)full of excitement or interest, excited, eager

  • Redact (v)—to revise, edit

  • Etiolate (v) –to make weak, pale, sick

  • Trans- (prefix)—over, beyond, through

  • Super- (prefix)—above, over, superior in size, quality, number


Not talking very much oct 18 th

  • Brevity (n)—brief, concise in speech or writing

  • Concise(a)—using few words in speech or writing

  • Laconic (a)—using few words

  • Pithy (a)—brief and full of meaning and substance

  • Quiescent (a)—quiet; still; inactive

  • Reticent (a)—n/talking much; taciturn

  • Succinct (a)—clearly and briefly stated; concise

  • Taciturn(a)—silent; n/talking much

  • Terse (a)using only words needed to make the point; very concise

Not talking very much! (Oct. 18th)

Speaking too much oct 25 th

  • Circumlocution(n)-speaking in circles, roundabout

  • Diffuse (a)—spread out, wordy, n/concise (“d. argument”)

  • Desultory (a)—random

  • Garrulous (a)=loquacious (a)—very talkative

  • Prattle (v)—to speak ceaselessly

  • Rhetorical (a)—a) insincere, disingenuous; b) used to persuade

  • Verbose (a)—using too many words

  • Voluble (a)—talkative

Speaking too much! Oct. 25th

Been said before nov 1

  • Banal (a) dull b/c overused

  • Hackneyed (a) dull b/c overused

  • Trite (a) dull b/c overused

  • Cliché (n) an expression stale b/c of overuse

  • Vapid (a) boring b/c unoriginal; stale

  • Insipid (a) boring b/c it lacks flavor or taste or is unexciting

  • Lackluster (a)boring b/c it lacks energy or is unimpressive

  • Mundane (a) commonplace; ordinary so boring

  • Prosaic (a) dull; commonplace, w/o variety, interest

  • Platitude (n) an obvious remark said as if it was original

  • Derivative (a) unoriginal; taken from something already existing

Been Said Before! (Nov. 1)

Making things better lessening the pain tension conflict nov 8

  • Ameliorate (v) to make better; lessen pain, difficulty, tension

  • Allay (v) to lessen fear; to relieve pain

  • Assuage (v) to lessen pain, conflict

  • Mitigate (v) to lessen the pain or severity

  • Mollify (v)to pacify, soothe

  • Placate (v) to make calm; to soothe

  • Quell (v) to pacify, subdue, quiet down

  • Conciliate (v) to win a person over

Making Things Better (lessening the pain, tension, conflict) Nov. 8

Friendly nov 15 th

  • Affable—friendly, amiable, cordial tension

  • Amiable—friendly, affable

  • Amicable—friendly, peaceable

  • Congenial—friendly, affable, cordial

  • Cordial—friendly, amiable, affable

  • Convivial—social, lively

  • Jocular—joking and liking to be around people

Friendly (Nov. 15th)

Cantankerous words nov 29

  • Bellicose tension (a)—eager to fight, quarrel

  • Captious (a)—critical quarreling (eg: a c. pedant)

  • Disputatious (a)—likely to dispute, argue

  • Polemical (a)—inclined to argue

  • Pugnacious (a)—quick/eager to fight/argue

  • Contentious (a)—argumentative

  • Litigious (a, litij us)—tending quarrel

  • Tendentious (a)—expressing opinion in an argumentative way (also spelled tendencious)

Cantankerous words (Nov. 29)

Giving words dec 6 th

  • *Altruistic (a) tension —unselfish concern for others.

  • Largess (n)—generous giving

  • *Lavish (a)—generous giving

  • Munificent (a)—very generous

  • *Philanthropic (a)—helping others by giving gifts

  • *Prodigal (a)—wasteful

Giving Words (Dec. 6th)