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ECO 2010 Cassie and Samantha PowerPoint Presentation
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ECO 2010 Cassie and Samantha

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ECO 2010 Cassie and Samantha
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ECO 2010 Cassie and Samantha

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  1. ECO 2010 Cassie and Samantha

  2. Fox park pond was our first “adventure”. And we caught a bunch of stuff. There were small organisms. And we had trays to put them in. It was really boring. So we pretended to do stuff. But really we just fooled around and took pictures. This is a pond. Fox Park Pond! The pH is 5. And the temperature was 80°F.

  3. Rattlesnake • Day #1 • The rattlesnake hike was steep. The view was amazing. It was hot out. And I almost died and so did Sam. There were blueberries on the top. And it was sooooooooo hot! Thank godness-- we got to go swimming afterr! • pH=4 • Temp=80°f This is a view from rattlesnake.

  4. This is at a beach on the Baker river. We went there after the hike and it was soo refreshing. There is a rock to jump off and the water is slow so it’s fun and easy to swimm in. DADE MOME At the beach…

  5. Day #2 This picture was taken at Rainbow Falls. We were all really bored. We didn’t go in the water because there wasn’t really any. At the time it hadn’t rained in a while. We had to do pH and temperature and then finally we went back. The temp at Rainbow fallssss was 64°f. And the pH was 5. Samantha, Cassie, Connor, Nick, Kyle at Rainbow Falls.

  6. Day #2 Cont’d Today we went to rainbow falls. It was very buggy and boring at times. Although the walk was very interesting. At the falls, there wasn’t much water because it hasn’t rained in a long time. Some ppl went in others didn’t. When we were done in there we went to Livermore Falls. A lot of ppl swam and it was really nice. Some of the abiotic things at rainbow falls were rocks, air, and water. Some of the biotic things were trees, bugs, and a SQUIRREL. At the Livermore falls the temp was 79°f. And the pH was 5.

  7. Day#3 Today we went to the moats. It is a pond like place. We went swimming and got really wet. It was really gross in some parts but sandy in others. There was frogs and toads and also crayfish. It was pretty fun… G decided to go back a different, longer way. So it took really long and four of us who went into the dorms were late for lunch. The cow said moogan fox! What is a river??? A river is a large stream of water that moves…in a direction. Why are they important??? Rivers have been important for civilization throughout history. Helping cities grow and produce. What rivers did we visit??? The Baker and the Pemi. Name some organisms… • Plankton • Frog • Crayfish • Fish • Toad • Snake • People

  8. PaintedTurtles • Painted turtles live in North America • They live for around 40 years in the wild • They eat fish, insects, plants, fruit, carrion, and anything else they find • They have no vocal cords but they can make hissing sounds