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☼ Eco-2010 ☼. By: Denise and Char-Char[:. Denise and Char-char (funny accent) Rattlesnake Mountain. (: RATTLESNAKE MOUNTAIN pH- mud puddle closer to the entrance of the summit-4 Mud puddle closer to the edge- 4.5 Temperature-mud puddle closer to the summit-80

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eco 2010

By: Denise and Char-Char[:

denise and char char funny accent rattlesnake mountain

Denise and Char-char (funny accent)Rattlesnake Mountain


pH- mud puddle closer to the entrance of the summit-4

Mud puddle closer to the edge- 4.5

Temperature-mud puddle closer to the summit-80

Mud puddle closer to the edge-. 80 degrees F.

Abiotic and biotic.


Sugar maple, beach, white pine, yellow birch, hemlock, stripe maple

more rattlesnake mountain

More….Rattlesnake Mountain

♥Rattlesnake Mountain is located in Rumney NH. On Monday, July 12, we ascended in this great expedition to the summit of this great mountain. While we were there, we noted many things about the ecology of this mountain habitat. On this adventure we saw lots of birds, trees, bugs, squirrels, rocks, and many various plants. As we reached the top, we found out that there was a forest fire which took out many of the trees that had been living there. Lastly, we found a mud puddle and took the temperature and pH.♥

baker river
Baker River

♥Monday, July 12, we went to Baker River located in Plymouth NH. As we were there we did a number of things including; take pH, temperature ect. The pH was about 4.5 and the temperature was 78 degrees.

walter newton
Walter Newton

On Tuesday, July 13, we went to Walter Newton. This miraculous place is a waterfall and a wetland. 5 was the pH of the stream and 64 was the temperature. After we did that we went down to the pond, the pH was 5 and 78 was the temperature. At the pond we also saw many abiotic and biotic organisms. For abiotic there was, sand, water, rocks ect. And for biotic there was, fish, frogs, bugs, birds ect.

pemigewassett river
Pemigewassett River

Today we went to Pemigewassett River, unfortunately there was poison ivy. While we were there we took the seine net and tried catching fish, snapping turtles and other organisms living in the river. Then when we were swimming we found freshwater clams. Lastly, we were leaving and decided to cross the river, when we were walking the beach we saw a snake, this took us on a journey through the river and woods on the other side. Finally, we reached the main street and were able to head back up to the college.

  • Tuesday, July 13 we went to Livermore. While we were there we took the pH and temperature of the water. The pH was 5 and the temperature was 79. Also there was a little pool of water and the temperature was 76 degrees.
red spotted newt
Red spotted newt.

Red spotted newt.

This very small amphibian lives in shallow waters, ponds, and swamps. There are 3 stages to their 20 year life, aquatic larvae, terrestrial efts (the young), and aquatic adult. This extremely small amphibian can lay as many as 200 to 400 eggs.

  • The main difference between a man-made pond and a beaver pond is that a man-made pond is dug up and a beaver pond is where a beaver dams up a stream.
  • The ponds that we visited are, Fox park (man made), Walter Newton, and The Moats.
  • A stream is a body of water in the bed or bank of a river.
  • Streams are important because many animals use them for their homes as well as a water source for animals and people.
  • We went to Glove Hollow Brook.
  • bladderworts, dragonfly nymphs, and red spotted newt.
  • A river is a body of water that is similar to a brook or a stream but is larger.
  • Rivers are important for the same reasons why a stream is important.
  • These rivers are important for many civilizations because many animals live there.
  • We visited Pemigewassett and the Baker River.
  • Crayfish, fish, bugs ect.
☼ Wetland ☼
  • A wetland is a place for some animal.
  • They are important because some animal needs to live there.
  • Pollution can affect a wetland because they could poison the animals living there.
main street
Main street

Today, we went to Main Street in Plymouth. Our objective was to find ecology on Main Street. We found an apple tree.