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Smart Meter Texas (Draft) Help Desk PowerPoint Presentation
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Smart Meter Texas (Draft) Help Desk

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Smart Meter Texas (Draft) Help Desk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smart Meter Texas (Draft) Help Desk

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  1. Smart Meter Texas (Draft)Help Desk • SMT Help Desk The Help Desk receives, fulfills and closes end user requests for service, incidents, resolution of problems, concerns, questions, and to request services related to hosting, access, and end use of the services. If the Help Desk cannot directly resolve the incident or fulfill the request it is passed to the appropriate support group for resolution or fulfillment. IBM Help Desk Function is based on a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) concept. As such, the first point of contact for contracting TDSP’s personnel or users of the SMT Portal to IBM is via the Help Desk. IBM PIM (Process Interface Manual) Revision 1.0 final Revision date 07 Jan 2010.

  2. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk Priority 1 Issues Iss-003 Knowing the best person to contact for different types of issues and the expected response time Technical Operations Questions TDSP specific information Escalation process Iss-004 There is no email addresses for the SMT help desk. (With email you can add information and have a documentation trail. Iss-006 Knowing who to contact for technical help when a REP is designing a product and needs more in-depth information about SMT

  3. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk Recommended Resolutions Iss-003 See Slide 4 and 5 and associated handout Iss-004 The original scope of work for IBM did not include an email portion. There is a possibility that its technically feasible to add, but certainly not cost justifiable at this time. All tickets can be tracked from the moment they are issuedand a final disposition email is sent to the calling party Iss-006 There are resources from the TDSP’s, IBM, and Contractors that will be utilized as resources to in-depth questions on how SMT works. IBM and TDSP’s can establish a SME Call List made available to all parties that clearly defines area of expertise and contact information.

  4. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk-Recommended Resolution

  5. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk Recommended Resolutions Escalation Process There is presently established escalation process guidelines created as part of the IBM PIM Document. Example Section 4.6.2 Escalation Upon Incident Record Closure When a user is not satisfied with the resolution provided or does not agree to the closing of the incident, the Help Desk is to escalate the issue to the appropriate resolver group, IBM service delivery manager and/or IBM account team.

  6. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk • TSK-068 Develop a Straw man Process for reporting issues to AMIT and SMT. Day to day operating issues Functional Issues Performance and accuracy statistics

  7. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk Recommended Resolutions Day to day IBM is certainly best suited to develop the day to day strawman process based upon their intimate level of expertise within SMT. Strawman will be published upon completion on Feb 28. Functional Issues and Performance and Accuracy Statistics One potential idea here would be to establish a SMT Help Desk Oversight Team. This team would consist of a TDSP, REP and IBM member and would meet on a monthly basis to look at historical issues. Their role will include review of functional issues and performance and accuracy statistics.

  8. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk • HELP DESK Support must be the INITIAL POINT of contact for all Consumer, REP, TDSP, and eventually 3rd party issues. • WHY? Integrity of call and ticket flow Proper pre-screening and classification of issue Proper coding of ticket closure for future data utilization

  9. Smart Meter TexasHelp Desk