6w s significant person of history biography report
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6w’s Significant Person of History Biography Report.

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6w s significant person of history biography report
6w’s Significant Person of History Biography Report

  • Each student will be expected to choose a significant explorer, ruler or president in history. They will be required to read a chapter book on their person and complete a biographical report. In addition to the book they read, they are required to research online.

Name of person for your biography


Picture of your person

By: Your Name


May 2012

Birth certificate
Birth Certificate

Create a sample birth certificate for your person (date of birth/time, full name, height/weight, parents’ names, location of birth, hand/footprint.


1 paragraph of 5 sentences

Include: birthplace, date of birth, parents, siblings

Picture (your person in childhood or with family)

Schooling and education
Schooling and Education

  • Write a sentence describing each picture

  • Write a sentence describing each picture

Use at least two pictures to represent your person’s educational history.

Interesting facts
Interesting Facts

  • Include three facts about your person

  • Include pictures

6w s significant person of history biography report

Additional Information

Include any

additional info

or pictures you

want to share!

6w s significant person of history biography report

Where they are today!

  • If your person is still alive, explain what they are doing presently. What have they been involved in? this can be in paragraph form. You may include pictures

  • If your person is dead, create an obituary explaining when and how they died.(explain how he/she died, date of death, where, family still alive, age, when/where funeral


List the book you read and any other source you used to get info.

Include websites where you got info.

Grading rubric don t include in power point
Grading Rubric (Don’t include in power point!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cover – 10 pts.

Childhood/family background – 10 pts.

Schooling/ education(4 pics and sentences) - 10 pts.

Major Life accomplishments(timeline with six events) – 10 pts.

Interesting facts/trivia (3 facts) – 10 pts.

Life today(current pic and details or Obituary) – 10 pts.

Bibliography – 20 pts.

Following directions – 10 pts.

Oral presentation – 10 pts.

Total = 100 points