101880 taking bi publisher to the next level at wells fargo n.
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101880 – Taking BI Publisher to the Next Level at Wells Fargo PowerPoint Presentation
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101880 – Taking BI Publisher to the Next Level at Wells Fargo

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101880 – Taking BI Publisher to the Next Level at Wells Fargo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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101880 – Taking BI Publisher to the Next Level at Wells Fargo. Tips and Techniques for Speed, Sophistication and Manageability. Introductions. Jamie Shepherd Technology Manager Located in Minneapolis 29 years IT, 3 years PeopleSoft Managing Payroll, Core HR, International Sam Pred

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101880 – Taking BI Publisher to the Next Level at Wells Fargo

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Presentation Transcript
101880 taking bi publisher to the next level at wells fargo

101880 – Taking BI Publisher to the Next Level at Wells Fargo

Tips and Techniques for Speed, Sophistication and Manageability


Jamie Shepherd

Technology Manager

Located in Minneapolis

29 years IT, 3 years PeopleSoft

Managing Payroll, Core HR, International

Sam Pred

Applications System Engineer

Located in Minneapolis

Not as old as Jamie, but years of PeopleSoft Technical Experience

Currently supporting Benefits and 9.2 upgrade

why are you here
Why Are You Here?
  • Get information around how Wells has uses BI publisher for team member communications
  • Get tips and techniques used for creating sophisticated publications
wells fargo
Wells Fargo
  • Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) Wells Fargo & Company is a diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance through more than 9,000 stores and more than 12,000 ATMs and the Internet (wellsfargo.com) across North America and internationally serving over 70 million customers.
  • 282,000+ team members in more than 35 countries across our 80+ businesses
  • Current US population consists of
      • 265,000 full-time employees
      • 16,000 part-time employees
      • 260,000 benefits-eligible employees
wells fargo facts
Wells Fargo Facts
  • 4th in assets and #1 in market value of stock among U.S. peers
  • #1 Mortgage servicer
  • #1 Small Business Lender
  • #2 provider of private student loans
  • Top 20 Biggest Public Companies in the World
  • Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World
peoplesoft at wells fargo
PeopleSoft at Wells Fargo
  • Operate on a DB2 platform
  • Initially installed PeopleSoft version 2.0 in 1993 (HR/Payroll/Benefits)
  • Multiple upgrades to 4.5, 6.0, 7.5, and 8.3 throughout the years
  • Installed home grown version of Manager Self-Service (Staff Management) in 2003
  • 3rd party Time & Attendance System (Time Tracker)
  • Installed Benefits Administration in 2002
  • Installed Automated Terminations Processing in 2006
  • Upgraded to PS version 8.9 in 2007

Future Plans

  • Upgrade to version 9.2 projected go live May 2014
wells ps modules
Wells PS Modules
  • Core HR
  • Payroll
  • Ben Admin
  • Talent Acquisition (moving to vendor solution in 2014)
  • Employee Self Service
  • Staff Management (Custom add-on)
  • HR Helpdesk
  • Several non-HCM implementations
    • Projects, CRM, GL, more
our opportunity
Our Opportunity
  • As part of Annual Benefits Enrollment, historically distributed printed personalized enrollment guides to all eligible team members
  • Worked with an external vendor to produce guide, causing issues:
    • Personal data in guide was stale
    • Cost was prohibitive
    • No electronic versions available
    • No tracking of use, etc.
    • All paper guides not very green
our desire
Our Desire
  • Bring the process in-house by leveraging our 5+ years of experience with the software:
    • Discontinue use of outside vendor
    • Distribute electronically
    • Use fresh data
    • Enable use tracking
    • Cut costs dramatically
    • Be environmentally sensitive
  • Legal Requirements
  • Real-time or batch?
  • Service center considerations
  • Legal Requirements
    • Created a log to capture when a TM accessed the guide
    • Created and stored effective-dated versions of the XSL templates
    • Merged effective-dated PS row data with the appropriate template
  • Real-Time or Batch?
    • Identified that real-time was not an option with load testing (found solution just before implementation)
    • Created online page for team members
    • Included run control to allow us to move to real-time by flipping a switch
  • Service Center Considerations
    • Customized screen for HRSC
      • Print effective-dated documents on demand
      • See historical data as needed for research
  • Produced 260,000 32-page pdf’s over a long weekend and stored them on a server
  • Enabled the real-time option without system impact after the initial rush
  • Tracked usage by team members
  • Produced very significant financial savings
  • Eliminated millions of pages of printed media

2012 Annual Benefits Enrollment

LAJUANA VANDEHEY, this is your personalized enrollment guide

since then
Since then…
  • Eliminated the last of our W2 forms requirements
  • Re-engineered benefits confirmation statements
technical considerations
Technical Considerations
  • Sam Pred, Wells Fargo PeopleSoft developer, Benefits team.
technical considerations1
Technical considerations

Document Strategy

  • Main Document.
    • Graphics
    • Static Text
  • Variable Text Document
    • Conditional Text
    • Stored in SubTemplates
technical considerations2
Technical considerations

Importing Sub Templates

technical considerations3
Technical considerations

Importing Sub Templates

technical considerations4
Technical considerations

Defining Sub Templates

technical considerations5
Technical considerations

Template Syntax

<?template:OTL_E?>You may decrease….<?end template?>

<?template:OTL_W?>You may enroll….<?end template?>

technical considerations6
Technical considerations

Let the Data Decide

technical considerations7
Technical considerations

Importing Sub Templates

  • Test Import: <?import:c:\temp\BEN_PG_VARTEXT.RTF?>
  • Import becomes: <?import:psxmlp://BEN_PG_VARTEXT_XSL?>
technical considerations9
Technical considerations

From Rowset to XML

  • RowsetDataSource Deprecated.
  • Delivered AppPackage

Local PSXP_XMLGEN:RowSetDS &oRowSetDS = create PSXP_XMLGEN:RowSetDS();

local string &xml = &oRowSetDS.getXMLData(&rs, "");

  • Geting Fancy.

class ReportDefnNW extends PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER:ReportDefn

method SetRuntimeDataRowset

/+ &Data as Rowset +/

/+ Extends/implements PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER:ReportDefn.SetRuntimeDataRowset +/

rem check report type, if rowset, then call super;

Local %metadata:XMLPubRptMgr:XMLPubRptMgr &meta = %This.GetMetaData();

Local string &type = &meta.Ds_type;

Evaluate &type

When = "XML"

technical c onsiderations
Technical Considerations

Reproduce Viewed Document

technical c onsiderations1
Technical Considerations

Reproduce Viewed Document

View Log

XML Doc Storage

technical c onsiderations2
Technical Considerations

Did the XML Change?

/*compare new xml to previously stored, only save if different*/

Local XMLDOC_NW:XmlDoc &xmlnew = create XMLDOC_NW:XmlDoc();

Local XMLDOC_NW:XmlDoc &xmlold = create XMLDOC_NW:XmlDoc();

If &xmlnew.ParseXmlFromURL(&oRpt.GetXMLDataFile()) Then

&oldAttachName = %This.GetStoredXMLRef(%Datetime, &effdt);

If All(&oldAttachName) Then

If &xmlold.ParseXMLFromAttachment(&url, &oldAttachName) Then

If &xmlnew.CompareTo(&xmlold) Then

/*returns true if the same*/

&insert = False;





technical c onsiderations3
Technical Considerations

XMLDoc Descendent

class XmlDoc extends XmlDoc

method XmlDoc();

method CompareTo(&xmldoc As XmlDoc) Returns boolean;

method CompareNodes(&node1 As XmlNode, &node2 As XmlNode) Returns boolean;


method CompareTo

/+ &xmldoc as XmlDoc +/

/+ Returns Boolean +/

Return %This.CompareNodes(%This.DocumentElement, &xmldoc.DocumentElement);


  • Jamie.Shepherd@wellsfargo.com
    • (612) 316-1373
  • Samuel.D.Pred@wellsfargo.com
    • (612) 667-3726

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