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Automating Benefits Reprocessing at Wells Fargo PowerPoint Presentation
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Automating Benefits Reprocessing at Wells Fargo

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Automating Benefits Reprocessing at Wells Fargo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automating Benefits Reprocessing at Wells Fargo. Session ID: 101900. Agenda. Introduction About Wells Fargo Why we are here Why the need for automation Requirements and Functionality Technology Questions. Introduction. Jen Jennrich Business Systems Consultant

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
  • About Wells Fargo
  • Why we are here
  • Why the need for automation
  • Requirements and Functionality
  • Technology
  • Questions

Jen Jennrich

Business Systems Consultant

Located in Minneapolis

13 years PeopleSoft Experience in Benefits

Currently working as an Analyst Lead on the Upgrade to 9.2

Sreeni Kurri

Applications System Engineer

Located in Dallas

15 years of PeopleSoft Technical Experience

Currently working as a Developer on the Upgrade to 9.2

wells fargo population
Wells Fargo Population
  • Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) Wells Fargo & Company is a diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance through more than 9,000 stores and more than 12,000 ATMs and the Internet ( across North America and internationally serving over 70 million customers.
  • We employ over 282,000 team members in more than 35 countries across our 80+ businesses
  • Current US population consists of
      • 265,000 full-time employees
      • 16,000 part-time employees
      • 1800 flexible employees
peoplesoft installations
PeopleSoft Installations
  • Operate on a DB2 platform
  • Went live with PeopleSoft version 2.0 in 1993 (HR/Payroll/Benefits)
  • Multiple upgrades to 4.5, 6.0, 7.5, and 8.3 throughout the years
  • Implemented home grown Manager Self-Service (Staff Management) in 2003
  • 3rd party Time & Attendance System (Time Tracker)
  • Installed Benefits Administration in 2002
  • Implemented Automated Terminations Processing in 2006
  • Upgraded to PS version 8.9 in 2007

Future Plans

  • Upgrade to version 9.2 projected go live May 2014
why the need for automation
Why the need for automation?
  • On average around 100,000 events were reprocessed manually per year prior to Automating the Ben Admin Reprocessing
  • Manual reprocessing and re-applying of elections was laborious and time consuming
  • Extra effort was needed from Ben-Admin on certain critical days before the Payroll in order to get the deductions correct
  • Reprocessing of elections did not always occur on a timely basis
why we are here
Why We are Here

We have learned many things since implementing Ben Admin. Today we would like to share the benefits of;

  • Benefit of investing in automation
  • Implementing similar changes
evolution of automated reprocessing
Evolution of Automated Reprocessing

What we will cover;

  • Ben-Admin and Reprocessing
  • Tracking Record
  • Automated OE Reprocessing
  • “Copy” Button
  • Automated Reprocessing
ben admin reprocessing
Ben-Admin & Reprocessing
  • When Ben Admin was implemented March 2nd, 2002, we did not have a good way to reapply elections when an event was reprocessed manually
  • Reapplication was done by comparing two side by side On Demand screens
  • Comparison allowed keying errors and there was no audit trail for research or escalations
tracking tool
Tracking Tool
  • To reduce errors and to create an audit, there was a desire to design a page to track elections and meet our audit needs
  • In 2004, created a custom tracking record, ‘tracking tool’ to accomplish this
custom tracking record
Custom Tracking Record
  • Record created to capture every election made
  • Record contains all the information needed to reapply elections
  • Enabled the Ben Admin Team to easily reapply all the team member’s elections when reprocessing an event
  • Eliminated the comparison need between two screens
  • Reduced the risk for keying errors
  • Assisted in the research of escalations that came into our HR Service Center which handles all benefit questions


  • Employee ID
  • Time Stamp
  • Sched ID
  • Event ID
  • Plan Type
  • Dep/Benef
  • Option Code
  • Deduction Begin Dt
  • Annual Pledge
  • Flat Amount
  • Beneficiary %
  • Contingent
  • Proof Received
  • Operator ID
  • Comment
  • Location
automated oe reprocessing
Automated OE Reprocessing
  • Implemented in 2005 as an additional step at the end of BAEMA (Ben Admin Event Maintenance) job stream
  • Started small
  • Only reprocessed flagged OE events that did not have elections made
  • All other flagged events were written to the BAS report for the Ben Admin team to work manually
the copy button
The “Copy” Button
  • Created a “Copy” button to automatically copy benefit elections from the enrollment tracking tool
  • “Copy” button was made available within On Demand to be used by the Ben Admin Team to shorten the processing time of their manual work
automated reprocessing
Automated Reprocessing
  • Felt we had the opportunity to deliver more
  • Monitored the BAS reports to determine what events were being written to the report on a daily basis
  • Enhanced our current process and developed a process to automate data entry when an event was reprocessed
  • Allowed us to reprocess events where enrollments had already been made
  • Flagged events could be flagged due to job changes or Qualified Events
how was this accomplished
How was this accomplished?
  • Created a single threaded application engine solution that processed only one event at a time
  • Used Component Interface (to copy elections) and Synchronous Application Messaging (to trigger Ben Admin)
  • Created a list of very specific criteria of what events can be reprocessed using the automated process
how was this accomplished1
How was this accomplished?
  • All events that do not fit criteria are skipped and written to the BAS008 report
  • If there was a discrepancy when the benefits are being reapplied, an email would be generated to the Ben Admin Team to handle manually
event reprocessing logic
Event Reprocessing Logic

For every event flagged with an address change, job change, out of sequence or disconnect flag we applied the following rules;

  • If event was Closed, reprocess
  • If event was Disconnected, remove address and job change flags
  • If event was Voided, remove out of sequence flag
  • If event was Prep-None, don't initiate the out of sequence on the other events
  • If event was EM and is Open, write to BAS report
status changes
Status Changes
  • If Notified (NT), reapply elections using the ‘copy button’
  • Set process indicator back to NT instead of Entered (ET)
  • If OE, set status to NT if in Open Enrollment open timeframe, otherwise set to ET
  • For all other events, bas process status was set to ET
  • Applied to our new hire, rehire, newly eligible and acquisition populations also
parallel processing
Parallel Processing
  • With the enhancements to allow the app engine to process more events, long processing times occurred with single employee processing. In 2011, Application Messaging and Asynchronous Processing was leveraged to process multiple employees at a time
technology parallel processing
Technology – Parallel Processing

Single Threading

(Using App Engine)

Parallel Processing

(Using Asynchronous Messaging)

Select an employee

Select employees

Publish Asynchronous Messages

Process the employee


More employees to process?

Subscribe the message to process

the employees events



technology asynchronous message
Technology – Asynchronous Message

Reprocessing functionality is contained in a message.

The application engine calls this message for every emplid that needs reprocessing.

technology tips
Technology - Tips
  • To avoid the deadlock, used second asynchronous message to finalize the event
  • Make sure the remote call log file flag is set to 0
      • RCCBL Redirect=0
  • Set the remote call run controls with the correct operator id
technology tips1
Technology - Tips
  • Used employee id as the run control id for the remote call run control tables (PS_BAS_ENR_RUNCTL, PS_BAS_ENR_EMPL, PS_BAS_ENR_PARTIC)
  • Modify PSPBASCH to use the run control id when it is provided.
  • END-IF
technology messaging domain
Technology – Messaging Domain
  • Add dedicated Messaging server resources for new queues
    • Publication Broker dispatcher
      • ; Settings for ACQPB Publication Broker dispatcher
      • Recycle Count=10000
      • Allowed Consec Service Failures=0
      • Dispatch List Multiplier=10
      • Scan Interval=15
      • Dispatcher Queue Max Queue Size=1000
      • Memory Queue Refresh rate=1000
      • Restart Period=120
technology messaging domain1
Technology – Messaging Domain
  • Subscription Contract Dispatcher
    • ; Settings for ACQSC subscription contract dispatcher
    • Recycle Count=10000
    • Allowed Consec Service Failures=0
    • Dispatch List Multiplier=10
    • Scan Interval=15
    • Dispatcher Queue Max Queue Size=1000
    • Memory Queue Refresh rate=1000
    • Restart Period=120
  • In the first 16 months (July 2009 – October 2010) after implementing automated reprocessing, automated the clean up of over 86,000 records, leaving the Ben Admin Team around 32,000 records to manually clean up on the BAS008 report
  • In addition, only 1,552 emails were generated as true ‘errors’ for the Ben Admin Team to review and reapply elections manually

Reprocess OE events with no elections

Wachovia Merger

Tracking Tool



“Copy” Button

Implemented Ben Admin

    • (612) 667-0793
    • (651) 442-7925

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