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ProSAM & Campus Management Kick-Off PowerPoint Presentation
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ProSAM & Campus Management Kick-Off

ProSAM & Campus Management Kick-Off

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ProSAM & Campus Management Kick-Off

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  1. ProSAM & Campus Management Kick-Off October 25, 2001

  2. Welcome Introductions Project history Company information Sigma SAP Project overview Project name Benefits Organizational structure ProSAM Campus Management (CM) Background Status Demonstration Closing Agenda Visit us on the web at

  3. Project History • Review of administrative structure began in summer 1997. • In order to be a “great American public university,” UM must have world-class processes. • SAP selected as ERP vendor in October 1998. Visit us on the web at

  4. Phase I Implementation Visit us on the web at

  5. Phase II: Student System • Financial Aid • Sigma ProSAM • Student Administration • SAP Campus Management • Features • Student life from “cradle to grave” • Core of university mission • Integration is essential Visit us on the web at

  6. ProSAM At UM Visit us on the web at

  7. Sigma Representatives • Raymond Timmons – President/CEO • Robert Bevers – Vice President • Cliff Clevenger – Director of Application Development • Ann Badertscher – Lead Architect of GUI Development Visit us on the web at

  8. Sigma’s Focus • Devoted to post secondary educational institutions • Financial aid and student accounts receivable – regulation driven • Customers supported in effective application of new technology • Department of Education initiatives • UM initiatives • Web use for students • Real time interface with legacy and CM modules Visit us on the web at

  9. Sigma Product Overview • Scalable to broad range of institutions • Small special purpose • UT Health Sciences • Middle size prestigious • The University of California at Berkeley • The University of Mississippi • Johns Hopkins University • Large institutions • Michigan State University • Ohio State University • Arizona State University Visit us on the web at

  10. CM at Work Visit us on the web at

  11. Having Fun with CM Visit us on the web at

  12. Greetings from CM Developers Visit us on the web at

  13. Forging Innovative and Responsive Service through Technology Visit us on the web at

  14. Anticipated Benefits • Better student service through streamlined processes • A technology base for the future • More web-based student services • Online fee payment • Degree audit • Increased access to information at all levels • Enhanced policy enforcement • Integration with other modules Visit us on the web at

  15. See full team listings. Visit us on the web at

  16. Project Work Space • Paul B. Johnson Commons in area formerly occupied by Purchasing Visit us on the web at

  17. Financial Aid at Ole Miss • 85% of students receiving aid • >$65 million in aid disbursed last year • Logged 31,000 student contacts • Award and disburse aid daily, year-round Visit us on the web at

  18. ProSAM Project Highlights • “First” to implement client-server ProSAM • Piloting product enhancements • Using XML for data exchange • Providing diagnostics for awards • Improve service, reduce cost • Maximize use of web for communication • Transition from “snail mail” to e-mail Visit us on the web at

  19. ProSAM Implementation Schedule • Feb. 2002: Begin processing for 2002-03 • Apr. 2002: Automated awarding • May 2002: Web display • July 2002: Disburse aid • March 2003: Interface with CM Visit us on the web at

  20. CM Project Background • UM as North American pilot • CM pilot site website • See • System groundwork by BASIS team • Interaction among UM, other universities, and CM developers • Requirements definition • Workshops/training • Testing Visit us on the web at

  21. Support From SAP Developers Ich hätte auch was beizusteuern: Fast-Teammitglied (weil ein Freund von mir) und IT-Experte, fest entschlossen, auf dem schnellsten Weg Support in Übersee zu leisten.Gruß,Ulrike Visit us on the web at

  22. Knowledge Transfer Visit us on the web at

  23. CM Status • Project ownership • Core teams • Academic structure • Student administration • Student accounting • Resource team • Release of IS-PS-CA 4.64 in 2Q 2002 Visit us on the web at

  24. CM Implementation Timeline • See for high-level implementation plan • Phased approach with most functionality rolling out between 1Q 2002 and 2Q 2003 • Impact of the CM development schedule • Transition from legacy mainframe to 100% SAP Visit us on the web at

  25. Realities • Process changes. • Tremendous opportunity to improve our “customer service.” • Off-the-shelf vs. home-grown software. • Challenges of being a pilot project. • Be patient. • Team effort is crucial. Visit us on the web at

  26. A Work in Progress Visit us on the web at

  27. A quick look now; Opportunities for more in-depth viewing later Demo logistics Hardware Software What you will see CM Demonstration Visit us on the web at

  28. Registration Identifies the relationship between a student who has selected classes and the University.  Booking The process the student performs to select classes.  Region Currently defined as the US state codes, for example MS. Organizational Unit Academic schools and colleges and departments.  Program of Study Equivalent to a degree program. For example, the B.A. degree would be a program of study. So would the B.S., the B.B.A, the M.A, etc. New Terms Visit us on the web at

  29. Module Equivalent to one of our courses. For example, English 101 would be a module.  Module Group Used for grouping modules and other module groups. For example, the modules required for completing a major in Mathematics could be grouped into a module group called ‘mathematics major’. Event Type Event type is a component of a module. For example, a given course may have a lecture component and a lab component.  Is Referred To Used to identify cross-listed courses.  Presupposes Used to identify pre-requisite courses. New Terms Continued Visit us on the web at

  30. See online demonstration. Visit us on the web at

  31. Closing • Next steps • Watch project website for news • Remember the goal: • Students FIRST! • Reception • Martindale Lobby Visit us on the web at