management of the relationship with existing and potential customers n.
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Presales and CRM PowerPoint Presentation
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Presales and CRM

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Presales and CRM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Management of the relationship with existing and potential customers. Presales and CRM. Benefits. Integration of presales information with all corporate information in a single location Allows you to keep track of potential customers

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Presales and CRM

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Presentation Transcript
  • Integration of presales information with all corporate information in a single location
  • Allows you to keep track of potential customers
  • Allows you to integrate your web site into your presales processes
  • Allows you to track the behaviour of potential and existing customers
  • Integration with your web site to allow for online user registration. You can use restrict special contents to registered users only.
  • Tracking of all customer interaction with your company using:
    • Presales interactions (requires the Act! or Outlook interface modules)
    • Financial interactions (requires Invoicing module)
    • Email (requires the CRM-Mail module)
    • Telephone (requires the CRM-PBX or CRM-ISDN modules)
    • Cusomer Support (requires Support Management module)
  • Customer state-engine allowing to classify customers
  • Email campaigns based on customer interaction analysis
  • Integration with the operational management of the company
best practices
Best Practices

... Supported by this module

  • Integration of presales information in the operational processes
  • Sales-force management related best practices
permission management
Permission Management
  • Access to customer information is completely denied to unprivileged users.
  • „Ownership“ of a customer is managed using a „key account“ profile.
  • The Key Account can assign sales reps and other sales professionals to a customer to allow them to see the interaction history
  • Every project contains a „Presales“ folder in the projects filestorage that is only accessible to
customization parameters
Customization & Parameters
  • Customizable Parameters
    • Customer Type
    • Customer Status
  • Invoices can be generated from operational data such as the hours spend on a project or from the Translation Workflow module. Other types of integration require customization.
professional services
Professional Services

... offered for this module

  • Customization of Customer Types and Stati.
  • Configuration of the customer CRM status engine
  • Initial importation of exising customers and customer contacts