tawny thomas an introducion n.
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Tawny Thomas; An Introducion PowerPoint Presentation
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Tawny Thomas; An Introducion

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Tawny Thomas; An Introducion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tawny Thomas; An Introducion. What you need to know about the Woman behind the computer. Tawny Thomas at first glance.

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Tawny Thomas; An Introducion

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tawny thomas an introducion

Tawny Thomas; An Introducion

What you need to know about the Woman behind the computer.

tawny thomas at first glance
Tawny Thomas at first glance.
  • One might wonder about someone that they have only met through a few casual exchanges by email. Wonder no further in the case of Tawny Thomas as this presentation introduces you to the enigmabehind the email.
  • Tawny Thomas was born on Friday, May 13th of 1988 to a lovely mother and father, and an elder sister.
  • Named after one of the hot mamas of the 80’s (Tawny Kitaen) and born on an unlucky day, Tawny has always enjoyed good luck and good looks. No sarcasm here.
  • As a very precocious child, Tawny expressed interest in the natural world at an early age; drinking grassy kiddie pool water from her father’s shoe, digging holes to bury her sippy cups in, and constantly testing gravity’s claims were just the first signs of a future love of learning and science.
  • Elementary school was a pleasant experience for miss Thomas, where she learned a great many things such as mathematics (and subsequently how to dislike mathematics) English and Art.
  • Finding that her creative mind was dying for an outlet, art became a major part of Tawny’s life as she moved into Middle school.
an everlasting love literature and art
An Everlasting LoveLiterature and Art
  • Tawny found that reading and art were the perfect flights of fancy for an over-active imaginations to have available, and as a result Tawny became a regular denizen of the library and school art studio.
  • Though all books are appreciated, from technical manuals to the classics, Tawny found that she preferred fantasy fiction above all else. In 7th grade alone, Miss Thomas held the record for most books checked out from the library. And yes, she did read each one.
  • As previously mentioned, Tawny also found that she had a deep love for drawing. Art class was a wonderful start to the day, and Tawny would draw like a fiend for several hours a day.
  • To this day, reading and drawing still serve as her greatest outlets for stress and bring great joy. She would like to think that her art has somewhat improved since the 7th grade, and her avid readership has changed little.
a humble offering of art
A humble offering of Art
  • For your perusal, Miss Thomas has included some of her current works for your enjoyment, disdain, or other feelings not otherwise listed.
onward and upward
Onward and Upward
  • As it currently stands, Miss Thomas is pursuing her education in order to receive a Teaching Degree while working part time as a baker.
  • Going forward, art, reading and Teaching will remain her passions.
  • Miss Thomas also enjoys tea and cake.