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Carroll Thomas: An Author Study

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Carroll Thomas: An Author Study. Joy Cooper RDG 588 Fall 2002. Stories by Carroll Thomas:. Blue Creek Farm Matty’s War Ring Out Wild Bells Riding by Starlight. Carroll Shmurak Professor of Education at Central Connecticut State University Former high school biology/chemistry teacher.

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carroll thomas an author study

Carroll Thomas:An Author Study

Joy Cooper

RDG 588

Fall 2002

stories by carroll thomas

Stories byCarroll Thomas:

Blue Creek Farm

Matty’s War

Ring Out Wild Bells

Riding by Starlight

about the authors
Carroll Shmurak

Professor of Education at Central Connecticut State University

Former high school biology/chemistry teacher



Social Studies and English teacher at both middle and high school level

Civil War expert

About the Authors:

Carroll Thomas Home Page

matty trescott
Matty Trescott

As the main character in Carroll Thomas’ first three novels, Matty Trescott is a teenage girl who is forced to deal with the reality of the American Civil War. A strong-willed, independent thinker, Matty breaks the stereotype of the “typical girl” in the mid 19th Century. Her courage, strength, and dedication inspire the reader to continue turning the pages of Carroll Thomas’ novels.

Follow Matty as she adventures to Kansas with her family prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, enlists as part of the Union Army, and attends medical school in Boston once the Civil War ends.

blue creek farm
Blue Creek Farm

“When Kansas Territory was opened up to settlement, we heard that there were lots of opportunities here.”

Join Matty and her family as they venture from Simsbury, CT to Kansas Territory in the late 1850’s. Opportunities were plentiful, yet uncertainty looms as life for the Trescott’s begins on the Frontier.

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matty s war
Matty’s War

“You’re what? But Matty – you’re a girl!”

How can a girl make a difference? Fed up with watching from the sidelines, Matty Trescott makes a bold decision. Watch Matty as she transforms herself and experiences Army life first hand in Matty’s War.

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ring out wild bells
Ring Out Wild Bells

“I should go to medical school too. There’s a place in Boston just for women who want to be doctors.”

The end of the Civil War marks a new challenge for Matty Trescott. Breaking free from the gender stereotypes of the 1860’s, Matty pursues her dream of becoming a doctor. As Matty begins her new life in Boston, mystery and happiness rest in the wings.

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riding by starlight
Riding by Starlight

Hot off the presses!

Riding by Starlight is the latest novel to be written by Carroll Thomas. This story features Matty Trescott’s brother, Henry, as he journeys west as a scout for the Army and a rider on the Pony Express. Can Henry earn enough money to help save his family’s Kansas farm?

enjoy the adventures of matty trescott

Enjoy the adventures of Matty Trescott!

Coming soon…

A fifth novel by Carroll Thomas!