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Speech Communications

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Speech Communications. Information Please: Chalk Talk Speech. Word Bank. attention factors novelty proximity reinforce. Brain Teasers. How does teaching relate to informative speaking? What are the requirements of a speech to inform? How can you make your ideas clear?

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speech communications

Speech Communications

Information Please: Chalk Talk Speech

word bank
Word Bank
  • attention factors
  • novelty
  • proximity
  • reinforce
brain teasers
Brain Teasers
  • How does teaching relate to informative speaking?
  • What are the requirements of a speech to inform?
  • How can you make your ideas clear?
  • What are attention factors?
speech to inform
Speech to inform:
  • Make instructions clear and interesting
  • You achieve clarity in five ways
    • Organize in step-by-step procedure
    • Reinforce ideas through repetition
    • Compare the unknown to the known
    • Be accurate
    • Be specific
  • You can maintain audience interest by using a combination of the following attention factors:
    • Novelty
    • Proximity
    • The Vital
    • Activity
    • Humor
  • 2-4 minute Chalk Talk
    • Inform listeners about something
    • Must draw a sketch, diagram, graph or map on the board in order to clarify your ideas
    • Use the unit notes to make your informative speech clear and interesting
    • Use at least one source and two attention factors
how to prepare
How to Prepare
  • Analyze your audience
  • Choose a topic of interest to them and you
  • Make sure topic is narrow enough for a 2 to 4 minute speech
  • Gather accurate, specific material from at least one source
  • Clearly organize speech according to the speech formula (capture, motivate, assert, preview, point-support, action)
  • Use a clear step-by-step organizational pattern
  • Reinforce with repetition
  • Compare the known to the unknown
  • Use at least two specific attention factors
  • Outline on activity sheet (identify speech formula steps and two attention factors in margin)
  • Rehearse with your visual aid
how to present
How to Present
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Use gestures
  • Use eye contact
    • Draw as you talk
    • Look frequently at the audience by turning your body to them.
    • Avoid looking at audience over your shoulder
    • Make drawing large, simple, and in good proportion
    • Label the important parts clearly
    • If you refer to your drawing later, step aside and use pointer to point out the parts
  • Do not apologize for your drawing