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EXCEED Support. Teacher. Facilitated by: Angela Solis. Agenda. Brief Dashboard Icon Review Search Feature Review Add Students to my Watch List ARD pages- Case Management Time to Practice on Training Site Log into Live Site, Add students to Watch List and exploration time (Q & A).

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Exceed support

EXCEED Support


Facilitated by:Angela Solis


  • Brief Dashboard Icon Review

  • Search Feature Review

  • Add Students to my Watch List

  • ARD pages- Case Management

  • Time to Practice on Training Site

  • Log into Live Site, Add students to Watch List and exploration time (Q & A)

Reviewing student data
Reviewing Student Data





Icons symbols
Icons & Symbols

Meeting Manager


Options Menu


Lock Event



Getting started
Getting Started…

Choose a student.

Select Events.

Student profile
Student Profile

  • The Student Profile screen allows you to view and access information about the student you have selected

  • Click on the All Events tab.

  • Current and upcoming events & ended and locked events display.

Creating a watch list
Creating a Watch List

Educator Search for a Student

  • Click the Search dropdown button

  • Enter name (last, first – at least 2 letters)

  • Click Search

Add a student to your watch list cont d
Add a Student to Your Watch List (Cont’d)

Open Student Options Menu

  • Click Add to My Watch List

  • To see the students on your watch list, click My Watch List

  • Hover over a student name

  • Click the Student Option button (blue gear)

For department chairs add a student to someone else s watch list
For Department Chairs: Add a Student to Someone Else’s Watch List

  • Hover over a student name

  • Click the Watch List in the gray navigation panel

  • Click Add Staff

  • Click the Edit icon (pencil)

  • Enter a reason for the assignment

  • Enter an expiration date

  • Click Save

Case manager must fill out
Case Manager must fill out…

  • Present Level of Performance (PLAAFP)

  • Transition/Intensive Instruction

  • IEP Goals/Objectives

  • Accommodations/Supports

  • Assessments (State and District)

  • Schedule of services

  • Prior Written Notice as determined by campus practices

  • AU Supplement---if applicable

  • ESY Paperwork---if applicable

Initial ard iep meeting
Initial ARD/IEP Meeting

  • Click on the Meeting Manager icon next to the ARD/IEP Meeting event to begin the ARD.

  • The ARD has many sections. The first section addresses eligibility – we will make this student eligible with a Specific Learning Disability in order to move forward and view other sections.

  • Click on ARD – Eligibility in the Event Section on the left.

* Note: Only 4 documents are required until EXCEED knows if the student is eligible.


  • Select PLAAFP event.

  • Complete all required fields on each mandatory form.

  • Click Save.

  • Click the Transition/Intensive Instruction in the Event Overview Section.

Plaafp not an area of concern
PLAAFP –Not an area of concern

If student has concerns but not to the extent of needed specially designed instruction:

Use (-) to comply boxes

Plaafp for data unavailable
PLAAFP- for data unavailable

No standards established for STAAR M

So how will we fill this out
So how will we fill this out…

When area is related to or impacted by disability

This box is optional and we will not put anything here

We will

talk about student strengths

But this section will be blank

This is your PLAAFP

Include data sources in this box


  • Select English Language Arts as the Domain.

  • Select the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • Select General Reading as an Area of Concern.

Notice that Vocabulary Development displays in the Selected Goals panel.

  • Select the goal ‘Vocabulary Development’.

  • Click Add Selected Goals.

Goals cont d
Goals (Cont’d)

  • Click the Levels & Area of Need tab

  • Enter information in the Skill Area and Present Level Details.

  • Click the Measurement & Monitoring tab.

Goals cont d1
Goals (Cont’d)

  • Click the Measurement and Monitoring tab

  • Update the start date (if needed)

  • For this example, select ‘Data Collection’ as the measure.

  • Select smile icon to assign yourself to the goal.

  • For this example, enter a Baseline score ____________

  • Select Active to activate Progress Monitoring.

  • Click Frequency and select Weekly as the frequently you will Monitor the student’s progress.

  • Click Friday as the day you will do the progress monitoring

  • Click the Progress Reporting tab.

Goals cont d2
Goals (Cont’d)

  • Select Progress Summary.

  • Click the Frequency dropdown and select With normal progress reports.

  • Select Unit Tests as the Evaluation Criteria.

  • Click the Goal Details tab.

Goals cont d3
Goals (Cont’d)

  • Click the checkbox beside Special Ed Teacher.

  • Click Objectives tab.

Goals cont d4
Goals (Cont’d)

  • Using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills bank, there are predetermined objectives to choose from.

  • Choose an appropriate objective. For training use Complete analogies….

  • Enter criteria for the objective.

  • Choose a Baseline and Target of measure for the objective.

Sample annual goal
Sample Annual Goal


Exceed support

EXCEED Support

Wiki page supporting Documents:

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For Technical Support:



Email : Request_Encore@roundrockisd.org

Instructional support contacts
Instructional SupportContacts

Angela Solis

Lead Instructional Diagnostician


Office at: Elsa England (A216)

Melinda Williams

Instructional Coach for Special Education


Office at: Round Rock HS (Old Library)

Becky Kephart

Instructional Coach for Special Education


Office at: Round Rock HS (Old Library)

Elementary Wiki Page:


Secondary Wiki Page: