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Commercial CUSTOMER RECYCLING COURSE. CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE. THANK YOU for choosing Recycle4U as your recycling service provider! We are Houston’s premier commercial recycling pick-up service and our mission is to help Houston recycle!

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  2. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE THANK YOU for choosing Recycle4U as your recycling service provider! We are Houston’s premier commercial recycling pick-up service and our mission is to help Houston recycle! Recycle4U makes recycling easy, fun and effective!

  3. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE LESS CONTAMINATION…THE BETTER Contamination is a huge problem for the recycling industry. When non-accepted items, multiple types of recyclables and recyclables that contain food/liquid are combined, the materials loose their value and end in landfills or they destroy large batches of recycling in the processing phase. Recycle4U is here to help you identify and eliminate contamination of recyclable materials! Remember - Rinse + Wash = Clean When In Doubt…Leave it Out!

  4. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE COMMON TRASH ITEMS Soft Paper (napkins, tissues, paper towels, plates & cups) Food Waste & Liquid Dirty Pizza & Bakery Boxes Plastic # 6 Styrofoam To-Go Containers Candy & Chip Wrappers Frozen Food Cardboard Containers Paper Beverage Cartons Medical, Hazardous & Construction Waste Labels, Tape & Stickers

  5. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE ACCEPTED PAPER & CARDBOARD *Shredded paper & hole punch pieces must be bagged separately Office Paper (white & color) Magazines Flattened Cardboard Newspapers Pizza/Bakery Boxes (no food waste) Mail Paper Envelopes Brochures File Folders Phone Books Greeting Cards (no glitter, fabric, ribbon) Moving Boxes Moving Boxes Flattened Cardboard Office Paper

  6. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE PROHIBITED PAPER & CARDBOARD Soft Paper(napkins, tissues, paper towels, plates & cups)Carbon, Wax & Label Paper Frozen Food Cardboard Containers Binders/Binding Casings Plastic Wrap & Envelopes (Tyvek, UPS, FedEx) Gift Wrap & Tissue Paper Paper Beverage Cartons Candy & Chip Wrappers Compostable Containers Photos & Books Paper Cartons & Frozen Food Containers Gift Wrap & Tissue Paper Plastic Mailing Envelopes & Label Sheets Binders & Casings Soft Paper

  7. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE ACCEPTED PLASTICS * Soft plastic must be sorted & bagged in separate bin Hard Plastic #’s 1-5 & 7 Soft Plastic #’s 2, 4, 5 & 7 Bottles Bags Cups Bubble Wrap Jugs & Tubs Mailing Envelopes (Tyvek, UPS, FedEx) Lids & Caps (must remove) Air Pillow Packaging(cut/air removed) Jars Packaging Plastic Envelopes Plastic #’s 1-5 & 7 Plastic Bag Bubble Wrap Plastic Tubs

  8. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE PROHIBITED PLASTICS *Plastic products without a number or symbol are prohibited Plastic # 6 Plastic Cutlery Styrofoam Containers Candy & Chip Wrappers Binders/Binding Casings Straws Rubber Bands & Binder Clips Gloves & Syringes Straws Plastic # 6 & Styrofoam # 6 Plastic Cutlery Binders/Casings

  9. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE ACCEPTED ALUMINUM & BI-METAL Beverage Cans Tins & Lids (separated) Food Cans Bottle Caps Foil Wrap/Trays (no food waste) Non-hazardous Aerosol Cans (empty) Food Cans Tins/Lids Non-hazardous Aerosol Can Beverage Cans

  10. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE PROHIBITED ALUMINUM & BI-METAL Foil Wrappers Sharp Objects Foiled Lined Chip/Coffee Bags Hazardous Waste Wire Binding Wire Shelving Wire Binding Foil Wrappers Foil Lined Bags

  11. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE ACCEPTED GLASS Glass Colors Glass Items Clear Glass Bottles Blue Glass Jars Red Green Brown Glass Jars Glass Bottles

  12. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE PROHIBITED GLASS Broken Glass Drink Ware Mirrors Table Glass Ceramics Crystal Light Bulbs Vases Mirror Broken Glass Light Bulbs Drink Ware Vases

  13. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE ACCEPTED MISCELLANEOUS RECYCLABLES Wine Corks Ink Jet Cartridges Alkaline Batteries Printer Toner Cartridges Cellular Phones Cellular Phone Accessories Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges Alkaline Batteries Wine Corks Cellular Phones

  14. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE TOP 5 RECYCLING REQUESTS • Rinse ALL Items Containing Liquids • Wash ALL Items Containing Food • Crush Large Plastic Jugs • Flatten ALL Cardboard (All Sides) • Separate Soft and Hard Plastics

  15. COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed the Recycle4U recycling course! Please print the Certificate of Completion on the following slide and add your name, company & date. You are now empowered with the knowledge to recycle properly. We hope you enjoyed learning & will pass along the information to your friends, family and co-workers!

  16. Recycling Course Completion Certificate Presented by: Is hereby granted to: Name: _______________________________ Company: ____________________________ On successful completion of the COMMERCIAL RECYCLING COURSE Awarded on: _______________, ____, 2014

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