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A Time Away… But Not Apart !

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A Time Away… But Not Apart ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Time Away… But Not Apart ! . “ Malmo Festival ”. “ Malmo festival facts ”. Festiva l Dates … August 16-23 With 1,4 million visits every year this is the largest festival in a city environment in Scandinavia. 

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malmo festival facts
“Malmo festival facts”
  • Festival Dates … August 16-23
  • With 1,4 million visits every year this is the largest festival in a city environment in Scandinavia. 
  • People who are seeking, struggling & barely surviving will be flooding our city streets and we want to be there for them
  • It is as simple as this, “See a need and meet it, find a hurt & heal it”
  • For more details ..


making critical connections
“Making Critical Connections”
  • The specific summer focus that we will consider is, “Making Critical Connections”
  • It is clear that there are vital links in the Word of God that must be examined & embraced. Literally, you can not have one without the other.
  • This is a lesson that matters and living it to the max … is our task!
making critical connections1
“Making Critical Connections”
  • Purpose fuels passion
  • Perspective fashions priorities
  • Preparation determines participation
  • Progressdemands position
perspective fashions priorities
Perspective fashions priorities

How Would You Define It?

perspective fashions priorities1
Perspective fashions priorities
  • a sensible way of judging how good, bad, important, etc. something is in comparison with other things
  • a way of thinking about something
perspective fashions priorities3
Perspective fashions priorities
  • Conversion (Paul on the Damascus Road)
  • Crisis(Isaiah when King Uzziah died)
  • Correction(Peter … several moments)
perspective fashions priorities4
Perspective fashions priorities

What Does It Do For Us?

(Based on the examples given)

perspective fashions priorities5
Perspective fashions priorities
  • Finds value
  • Focuses vision
  • Fosters victory
perspective fashions priorities6
Perspective fashions priorities

What Are The Desired Results?

perspective fashions priorities7
Perspective fashions priorities
  • Orders our path
  • Ordains our steps (life development)
  • Opens our potential
perspective fashions priorities8
Perspective fashions priorities
  • Our perspective profoundly impacts our priorities
  • When we find that our perspective is wrong we know that our priorities will weaken
  • REMEMBER … the things that we examine closely we must embrace confidently