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Sisyphus & School Reform PowerPoint Presentation
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Sisyphus & School Reform

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Sisyphus & School Reform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sisyphus & School Reform. Relational trust. Collaboration. Best practices. data-driven decision-making. Close achievement gaps. Differentiated instruction. Evidence-based practices. Turnarounds. Professional development. Welcome to the Cage. A System Built for Another Era.

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Sisyphus & School Reform

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    Presentation Transcript

    1. Sisyphus & School Reform

    2. Relational trust Collaboration Best practices data-driven decision-making Close achievement gaps Differentiated instruction Evidence-based practices Turnarounds Professional development

    3. Welcome to the Cage

    4. A System Built for Another Era

    5. Leadership Has Two Halves Cage-Busting Instructional

    6. What Ed Leadership Experts Write About Note: Combined mentions of these terms in Educational Leadership and Phi Delta Kappanfrom January 2009 to September 2012. Searches were performed using an in-text search.

    7. Not Only Is the Cage Ignored… • Leading books on education leadership that never mention “union contract” or “collective bargaining.” • What’s Worth Fighting For in the Principalship, Michael Fullan • School Leadership That Works, Robert Marzano, Timothy Waters, and Brian McNulty • Rethinking Leadership, ThomasSergiovanni • The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook, Kent Peterson and Terrence Deal • Change Leader, Michael Fullan • Leaders of Learning, Richard Dufour and Robert Marzano. • What Great Principals Do Differently, Todd Whitaker • Strengthening the Heartbeat, Thomas Sergiovanni • Shaping School Culture, Terrence Deal and Kent Peterson • Leading with Soul, Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal • Reframing the Path to School Leadership, Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal Searches in this section were performed in May 2012 using the in-text search feature on

    8. …But Cage-Busting Is Often Belittled • “The worst thing to do is to write off apparently poor or mediocre teachers as dead wood, and seek easy administrative solutions in transfers or retirements.” – Fullan and Hargreaves, What’s Worth Fighting for in Your School • “Running a tight ship” is a “distortion of the goal of educating children.” – Drake and Roe, The Principalship • “Combin[ing] reform with major changes in the structure of the organization . . . is almost always a mistake.” – Ben Levin, How to Change 5000 Schools

    9. Whaddya Got? Talent Tools Time Money

    10. Rethinking Time

    11. The Cage Bar Continuum

    12. Contract Provisions Are More Ambiguous Than Many Think

    13. Contract Provisions Are More Ambiguous Than Many Think Frederick M. Hess and Coby Loup, The Leadership Limbo: Teacher Labor Agreements in America’s Fifty Largest School Districts (Washington, DC: The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 2008).

    14. Combating the “Culture of Can’t”

    15. Problem Solving Starts With…the Problem

    16. “Reforms” Hit a Leadership Wall… Yet the Wall is Rarely Examined • Training& socialization • Incentives & accountability • Culture, norms & practices

    17. Advice for Cage-Busters • Remember your Sun-Tzu • Cage-busting is not cage-fighting • Cage-busting is a complement, not a substitute • John Henry is not a role model • You don’t have to be a martyr

    18. #cagebusting Book available: • • E-Book available: •