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Welcome to Morris Farms Homeowners Association Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Morris Farms Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

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Welcome to Morris Farms Homeowners Association Annual Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Morris Farms Homeowners Association Annual Meeting. March 07 , 2011. Morris Farms Recognition of 2010 Volunteers. 2011 Nominating Committee: Clair Ross – Chairman Lynne Heintz Patricia Hinson Eva Medcalf Yard of the Month Committee:

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Presentation Transcript
Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Welcome to Morris Farms Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

March 07, 2011

morris farms recognition of 2010 volunteers
Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11Morris FarmsRecognition of 2010 Volunteers

2011 Nominating Committee:

Clair Ross – Chairman Lynne Heintz

Patricia Hinson Eva Medcalf

Yard of the Month Committee:

1st quarter – Yovonne Kenny & KassieBennet

4th quarter – Clair Ross & Evelyn Gandy

Architectural Control Committee:

Debi Powell & Edwin Koehler – Cochairman

Welcome Wagon Committee:

Chloe F. Scott & Andrea Montgomery

Jeanette Pugsley – Chairman

Communication Committee:

Bobbie Slaughter – Chairman & Debi Powell

Arody Victoria – Newsletter Layout Design

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Grounds Committee:

Jackie Waterfall & Latarsha Lewis

Board of Directors

Adjudicatory Panel:

Panel consists of 6 members that for privacy issues will remain anonymous – their participation has been detrimental to the correction of violations in 2010. The board’s and CAM’s work could not be done without their assistance. Board of Directors are NOT on this committee.

Involved Residents:

We also want to thank the residents who show their support by attending our Annual Meetings year after year and contact us throughout the year bringing violations to our attention. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you.

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11Format

In order to keep tonight’s meeting on track, the board of directors will follow the agenda and will be using Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary procedures as their guideline. Tonight’s meeting will be presided over by the directors, who have the responsibility to enforce the rules and designate who is to speak at any given time.

This is a business meeting in which the board is to submit reports to the residents and it is not an open forum. However, the board has allotted time at the end of the meeting for residents to ask questions. No outbursts from the audience will be allowed. We are all adults and conduct ourselves as such. If interruptions begin, we will remove said individuals from the meeting and if voting has not taken place, said person will forfeit their right to vote.

The reports should not be lengthy and without interruptions, the meeting will process smoothly and you will have time for an open forum before adjournment at 9:00 pm.

Thank you

agenda morris farms annual meeting march 7 2011 7 30pm 9 00pm
Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11
  • Call to Order @ 7:30 p.m.
  • Welcome Homeowners and Residents
  • Introduce Board Members/CAM/Officers
  • Format for Annual Meeting
  • 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • President’s Message/Mission Statement/Goals
  • 2010 Board Accomplishments
  • 2010 Treasurer Report/2011 Budget
  • CAM presentation
  • Neighborhood Watch Report

AgendaMorris Farms Annual MeetingMarch 7, 2011 – 7:30pm-9:00pm

agenda morris farms annual meeting march 30 2009
Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11AgendaMorris Farms Annual MeetingMarch 30, 2009
  • Election
    • Duties of the Board Members
    • Nominee Qualifications
      • Nominations:
      • Nominating Committee Nominees
      • Nominations from the Floor
      • Questions for Candidates
        • Voting

Floor Open: Comment/Concerns/Suggestions

Election Results

Adjournment @ 9:00 p.m.

*There will be 4 door prize drawings sporadically throughout the meeting


To unite a diversified neighborhood of individuals and create a community of volunteers willing to commit their energies to insure that the welfare of the people in the Morris Farms Homeowners Association are provided the best accommodations of communication and services that should enhance the value of our community through thought, word and deed.


To Take Pride in Our Neighborhood.

To establish communication mediums and information systems that will keep our community informed.

To attain, sustain, and maintain an exterior appearance that promotes pride.

To insure a quality of life that provides quiet enjoyment for visiting friends and neighbors.

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

board accomplishments

Continued contract with CAM who continued to collect past dues – delinquent balance at end of 2010 - $15,997.59 vs. March 2008 - delinquent dues total of $75,552.96.

  • Ended year with revenue over expenses of $40,604.45 -- of which $28,302.00 is interest bearing.
  • Approved CAM to begin foreclosure proceedings on any residence whose account had been past due for longer than one year which meant we had not received any type of payment or no monthly payment arrangement had been made. The residents were given at least two week notice to set up payment arrangements and given a warning that the attorney and court costs of $1,390.00 would be attached to their account balance. Three residence were foreclosed on last year.
  • Kept Annual Dues the same and have not increased them in five years.
  • Provided 2011 Budget and Save the Date announcement to be included with 2011 Annual Dues invoice mailing.

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Board Accomplishments
board accomplishments cont

Reviewed financial records monthly

  • Hired CPA James Young to conduct a “Review” of our financial records as a yearly audit is required by our Bylaws.
  • Received bids from insurance companies for cost comparison and will change insurances in May.
  • Worked with CAM to enforce The

Morris FarmsHomeowners Handbook.,

  • Created a Board of Director’s Guideline that addressed director’s absences, authorization for debit card usage, and proper etiquette for voting by email which is any vote must be unanimous if conducted by email and if not the subject can be placed on the next monthly board meeting’s agenda and be passed with a majority vote.
  • Sponsored Neighborhood “Dump your
  • Junk” day ~, .
  • Continued with common area upkeep &
  • improvements which included:
  • Removal and replanting new tree because of damaged crepe myrtle from car accident

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Board Accomplishments (cont.)
board accomplishments cont1

Recut 40 tree beds to have symmetrical shape and provide uniformity and professional landscaping

  • Had sink hole in old playground area filled in
  • Had pebbles removed from red clay areas along Morris Pond Drive to improve growth of grass
  • Had French Drain installed in old parking lot area to remove standing water and runoff onto sidewalk and street and stop eroding dirt.
  • Spray border of property to kill overgrowth
  • Trim back branches along curve of Morris Pond Drive
  • Replenish black mulch in flower beds in front of brick entrance walls
  • Replenished newly cut tree beds with additional red brick chips
  • Limbed up all 39 pin oak trees
  • Removed three tree stumps
  • Removed and replanted knock out roses from Leb. Rd. entrance to our Lawyers Rd. entrance

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Board Accomplishments (cont.)
board accomplishments cont2

Entrance lighting maintained-light bulbs and hired out electrical service for repairs caused by lightening, broken equipment and vandalism

  • Contracted out bi-weekly litter clean up
  • in common areas-entrances/medians
  • Monitored and repaired irrigation system
  • Christmas wreaths placed on entrance walls
  • Maintained strong communication with
  • residents via website, email, voice mail,
  • newsletter, & informational signage
  • Translated important legal documents to
  • Spanish
  • Adjudicatory Panel continued to reside over hearings to enforce Morris Farms rules and regulations – some residents are now being fined daily until they come into compliance, while other residents have willingly complied with cleanup requests

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Board Accomplishments (cont.)
board accomplishments cont3

Provided funding for Neighborhood Watch

  • Program for meeting and signage.
  • Provide a list of vacant residence to CMPD to monitor
  • Worked with police as they successfully removed a vagrant from a vacant residence
  • Assisted a out of state homeowner by securing their vacant residence by screwing windows and doors shut and boarding up a broken window to eliminate trespassers from entering residence.
  • Clean graffiti off signs posted throughout neighborhood.
  • Served on committees-Landscaping, Yard
  • of the Month, Welcome, Communication,
  • Grounds, (Website, Newsletter)
  • Prepared newsletter articles and resident A.J. Victoria offered his professional assistance in the design layout for free.
  • Organized annual meeting reports, hiring of security officers, and purchasing door prizes.
  • And for the first time in Morris Farm’s Annual Meeting history we have provided a report of all expenses and a separate report explaining the expenses that made up any overages on the P & L Report.
Board Accomplishments (cont.)
board member duties

Attending monthly board meetings (2-3 hours)

Assisting with projects

Checking emails daily-respond accordingly

Serving on committees as necessary

Reviewing monthly financial reports

Writing articles for newsletter and website

Monitoring and updating website

Maintaining entrance lighting-changing light bulbs

Picking up materials as required – signs/banners/printing

Must be transparent in their dealings

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Board Member Duties
elected board members must

Be current on all assessments

Be in compliance and willing to enforce all governing documents

Be objective not subjective (self-serving)

Be non-discriminatory

Be fair, reasonable, legal, consistent, enforceable,

Be aware of conflicts of interest

Be a volunteer

Be flexible

Be willing to listen

Be committed

Morris Farms Annual Meeting 3-7-11

Elected Board Members Must…..