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Gary Guion

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Gary Guion

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  1. Gary Guion , Flatiron Commercial LLC

  2. 1. Flatiron Commercial LLC (a company Gary Guion own and control) donated work to Mission Arlington in Arlington, TX. We donated our construction services to take and finish our the bottom floor of an old building and made room for over 750 kids to be able to hear the word of God. This was a small $15,000 project that we fully donated to the mission as God has blessed us so we feel the need to give back. 2. We support Cattle Barons as an underwriter for their big annual event. We donate over $10,000 to help find a cure for cancer and we attend the event annually. 3. We donate season tickets to professional basketball games to local schools doing fundraisers to help them raise money for future school needs.

  3. 4. My wife sits on the board of Dallas Pregnancy and Resource Center. We give to all causes they support and continue to stay involved. 5. We donate to the North Texas Food Bank - this allows families who are going without food to have food given to them. 6. We are sending 15 underprivledged kids to camp this summer at a cost of $4,750 which allows them to attend a summer camp they otherwise would not be able to attend. 7. We provide jobs in the community through our small business GGFH Holdings Inc and we are currently continuing to add staff and support the local economy.

  4. 8. We donate to underserved churches. We gave $10,000 last year to a church in Dallas just starting up and were able to do so because of the blessings we receive. 9. We are members at Park Cities Baptist Church and give annually to that institution and our 9 month old boy will attend there in the Fall. 10. Gary Guion donate $15,000 per year to my Alma Mater - The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business to help further the programs. I also sit on the advisory board of real estate and assist in the deans leadership program. 11. In the past we have been intimately involved in Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix House, Crystal Charity, TACA, DMA and many other Dallas organizations.

  5. 12. Lastly, we give $2,500 a year to our high school alma mater - Fort Worth Country Day School. We continue to support that institution as they set the framework for who I am today. We are also continually looking for more opportunities to give and we believe money is bestowed on us to be able to help others. Gary Guion constantly look to mentor young students, we always attempt to hire a summer intern to give back to students who need a summer

  6. Thanks Gary Guion