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\"Camp Walt Whitman, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is the best coed sleepaway camp available in New England. Boys and girls from 2nd grade to teens have the time of their lives every summer. Visit site:\n\nCamp Walt Whitman\n1000 Cape Moonshine Rd\nPiermont, NH 03779\n603-764-5521\\"

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Amid the days and nights

of swimming lessons,

woodland hikes,

campfires and giggles

after lights-out …

… kids at summer camp

also absorb a lot of lessons

about life that will last

long after the last song

echoes over the lake.

Along with lifelong friends and

treasured memories, kids learn

the value of independence …

… embracing diversity and

taking that all-important step

outside their comfort zone.

There’s a lot to learn

along with all that lively

lakeside fun.

Kids learn how to

be independent at

camp and it’s a

great feeling.

Without mom and

dad hovering full of

good intentions and

advice, kids have the

chance to make

some decisions …

… on their own as

well as how to cope

if these decisions

don’t turn out as

well as expected.

All through life, kids

have to deal with the

ups and downs that

come from the

challenges of school,

work and relationships.

And it helps to have

developed the

resilience to field

whatever curve balls

life pitches at you.

Camp is a safe and

nurturing place to try

out some little

freedoms like choosing

which elective activity

to take …

… whether to go on the overnight camping

trip or if you’re ready to try out for a solo in

the camp talent show.

The new friends and

fun kids have at camp is

even more than that.

They are learning to make

their own community -

family of friends separate

from their “real” family.

One that will be used to

develop social networks

with confidence throughout

the school years and into

the workplace.

Learning how to build lasting friendships teaches:

Respect for others

Encourages acceptance

Helps kids refine their own identity

In camp, kids truly learn the

importance of team work,

appreciating how each member

contributes to the group in his or

her own way.

From organized activities on

the ropes courses to tent

camping trips, rock climbing

and campfire skits camp is full

of group activities in which

each member of the group …

… has his or her own function

and all are there to cheer each

other on and celebrate success or

commiserate on failure together.

Camp is also full of leadership

opportunities. But a leader needs

a group of followers that are able

to work cohesively together.



Camp is full of chances to

try new skills and to face

new experiences.

Camp gives kids the

opportunity to do

this in a safe and

supportive atmosphere.

While also honing the ability

to step outside their comfort

zone and take (hopefully)

wise chances in the real world.

From trying to muster the

courage to dive into the deep

end of the pool to confronting

wildlife for the first time …

… kids at camp take lots of

leaps both large and small,

preparing them for new

challenges on their future

travels through life.

Everyone who has experienced

camp knows what happens on

the last day.

Campers, reluctant to leave,

climb into cars with mom and

dad for the long drive home.

You will have promised to stay in

touch with all your camp friends,

but those great intentions will

fade as school activities take over

time and attention.

However, the amazing truth is

that when next summer rolls

around and you see everybody

again, it’ll be just like you

never left!

We never really say goodbye to

the people and places we love;

they’re tucked away forever in

a special part of our hearts.

Old friends are the best! Which

is why former campers flock to

reunions to reconnect once

again with the people who share

these special memories.

If you're considering sending your child to

an overnight summer camp, be sure to visit

our site to learn about Camp Walt Whitman.

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,

Camp Walt Whitman offers a safe, nurturing

environment in a beautiful mountain setting.

Our camp is a coed sleepaway camp, with separate

areas for boys and girls. The kids have a blast, and

make friendships that can last a lifetime.

Camp Walt Whitman

1000 Cape Moonshine Rd

Piermont, NH 03779