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Reformation Ideas Spread

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Reformation Ideas Spread. Chapter 1 Section 4. Histeria Video- The Tudor Tale. Kickin It Old School . Early Reformers from WITHIN the Church.

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reformation ideas spread

Reformation Ideas Spread

Chapter 1 Section 4

histeria video the tudor tale
Histeria Video- The Tudor Tale

kickin it old school
Kickin It Old School

Early Reformers from WITHIN the Church

  • Girolamo Savonarola was one of the first people to try and change the church from within.
  • Just like Luther he spoke out against the abuses of the church

Preached during the 1400’s

Wycliffe was 1300’s

Luther was 1517

Told the church to melt down their gold and silver ornaments to buy bread for the hungry.

Created the bonfires of the vanities

  • Founded in 1539, dedicated to renewing the church’s emphasis on spirituality and service was known as the Jesuits

Founded by St. Ignatius Loyola

Ran the Jesuits like a military organizations

Jesuits concentrated on education and established missions, schools and universities

Helped the Catholic Church regain ground against Protestantism

Sounds super corny but the best weapon anyone can have is knowledge and an education

order order
  • Pope Paul III convened the Council of Trent in 1545 to examine the criticisms made by Protestants and Catholic practices.

Reforms were passed to address the abuses of the clergy

Training of priests were regulated

Financial Abuses were curbed

The sale of indulgences were abolished

Above All !!!!!!!!!!

The Council of Trent rejected the Protestants’ emphasis on self-discipline and individual faith

reforming catholics
Reforming Catholics
  • Charles Borromeo
    • Ordered during the Council of Trent for the building of a new school for the education of priests

Francis of Sales

Converted almost the entire district of Savoy from Calvinism back to Catholicism


During the Middle Ages women lived in secluded

convents and it was acceptable for nuns to help the

poor orphaned or sick.

Certain female members of the Catholic Church began to change lives, promoting the education of woman

In 1535 Italian Nun Angela Merici began the Company of Saint Ursula, an order of women dedicated to teaching girls.

Jane of Chantal cofounded the Visitation of Holy Mary order, which trained women to be teachers.

widespread persecution
Widespread Persecution
  • Intolerance

Catholics killed Protestants and Protestants killed Catholics.

Between 1450 and 1750, tens of thousands of people, mostly women, died as victims of witch hunts.

In some places, Jews were forced to live in ghettos (separate quarters of the city).

In other places, they were expelled from Christian lands and their books and synagogues were burned.

Luther calls for Jews to be expelled from Christian lands

the inquisition
The Inquisition
  • Spanish Monarchs had set up the Spanish Inquisition to impose Uniformity in 1478.

To fight the Reformation the church created the Roman Inquisition in 1542 that tried people who were accused of being Protestants or practicing witchcraft, or of breaking church law.

inquisition part duex
Inquisition Part Duex

Accounts of torture and executions damaged the church’s image

Seen as an abuse of the church's power