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IT Service Excellence Committee (ITSEC) Feb. 23rd Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Service Excellence Committee (ITSEC) Feb. 23rd Meeting

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IT Service Excellence Committee (ITSEC) Feb. 23rd Meeting
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IT Service Excellence Committee (ITSEC) Feb. 23rd Meeting

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  1. IT Service Excellence Committee(ITSEC)Feb. 23rd Meeting Feb. 23, 2011

  2. Feb 23rd Agenda

  3. Take-aways from last meeting

  4. Organizational news • Kevin Martin’s new role • CCIO & CCOO Update • Implications for work of this committee 4

  5. COMiT Governance Board • Observations: • COMiT was Originally Designed a built for ITD in support of Enterprise Processes with an eye toward extending to other Secretariats • Currently 3 Secretariats are actively working with ITD to potentially implement COMiT • Housing and Economic Development • Executive Office of Education • Public Safety • Opportunity: • To ensure all adopters of COMiT have the ability to participate in setting the direction of the application a steering committee has been proposed • This group would prioritize the current (46) requests and add/modify others as appropriate • Proposed Plan: • Once funding is secured for additional development of COMiT the Steering Committee will be established and representatives from the 3 listed Secretariats would be identified • Other Secretariats will be added to the Steering Committee as part of their implementation planning/rollout 5

  6. Report for EHS ITGB

  7. ISB Update • Summarized work of ITSEC • Highlighted our collective focus and passion about Customer Excellence • Key Terms & Definitions, Highlighted our IM Model; showed a sample of our KPI Reporting • Reviewed our Roadmap; Wiki Presence • IM Categorization • LOB/SLO Reporting • Customer Services Training Program • End to end service model • COMiT Chargeback • FY12 cost will be covered in ITD overhead • ~400k, $72K hosting, $280k Staff, $50k Software • FY13 Memo Billing of Secretariats • FY14 start actual billing based on metrics that were collected in FY12 and FY13. • Overall ISB Feedback positive 7

  8. Responding to Manu T.’s request: Current Environment

  9. Commonwealth-wide Incident Volumes by Priority

  10. Customer Service Training • Developing Customer Service Training class (“Making a lasting impression”) for interested ITSEC Leaders to elect for their Helpdesk teams • Joint meeting held with ITSEC leaders and DOR- 2/4 • Based on existing DOR class offering; Target: April timeframe ( 4 classes) • Comptroller’s Office, EOE, EEA, LWD, ITD (approx. 80 total) • EHS Utilizing internal Customer Service Training program (approx. 50 Total) • Define content which will be helpful to ITSEC’s agenda • Provided slides to Chuck Murphy ( See appendix) • Follow-up meeting scheduled for 3/16 • DOR looking for decision on proposed dates (see next slide) 11

  11. Boston and Chelsea Possible Training dates & Locations for Customer Service Training class** ** Recommended dates in red

  12. Commonwealth-wide Incident Volumes by Category

  13. Incident Classification Model • Work Done to date • Rec’d and collated existing Incident Classification lists from members (some of this data is dated) • Mapped those lists into our draft classification model • Key questions: • Is our model complete – are everyone’s needs covered ? • Are there aspects of any Sec’s classifications that are fundamentally different • I.e. HED for example embeds Agency Id in multiple classifications • Also noted that many of the classifications have evolved over time and reveal inconsistencies and redundancies • Is it possible (without asking folks to do any additional work ) to produce a common report based on our proposed model ?

  14. ITSEC - Draft Incident Categorization Model Mass.Gov IT Services Applications Network & Data Svcs Backup & Recovery Network NNMIS Assistive Technology DataBase Hosting Messaging (Exchange, etc) Storage Virtual Gateway Telecom MMARS CIW GRANT MGT Mass.Gov Messaging MassGIS HRCMS Hosting Nutrition Waste Clean-up., Etc. Virtualized Hosting Co-Location Disaster Recovery Linux/Unix Hosting Desktop/LAN Services Mainframe Windows Hosting Group Policies in AD; Mailbx & AD user accounts PC,Laptop, Mobile device support; AV equipment LAN & desktop srvs & VPN Integration Svcs Content Mgt Svcs /Intranet- Internet File & Print Services SAI Services Commbridge Video s/u, mobile loaners, wireless Secure File Email Delivery Centralized Account Mgt Print & Mail Svcs Security Services Support Services Central/Chelsea Mail Risk Assessment Cert Mgmt Production Scheduling Print Svs/ View Direct UAID Firewall Protection Incident/Change Mgt VPN Vulnerability Assmt PMO & Procurement Password Reset Other (Loss Cards, Equipment, etc)

  15. Mapping of Sec’s Classification Schemes

  16. Mapping of Sec’s Classification Schemes

  17. Mapping of Sec’s Classification Schemes

  18. Mapping of Sec’s Classification Schemes

  19. Next Meeting - Topics • Sharing of Survey Results • Finalize our End to End model • Other ? • Scheduled meeting is next Thursday


  21. Making a LASTING Impression Professional Customer Service Training Instructor: Chuck Murphy - ETD

  22. Course Goal The goal of this course is to help participants of EEA, EOE, LWD, OSC & ITD interact with their IT customers, both internal and external, with the objective of delivering exceptional customer service.

  23. Key Considerations from an Agency and ITD perspective • Agency Ownership -Helpdesk et al: • Respectful & responsive • Understand issue & impact • Exhaust local resources as appropriate • Rapidly restore/escalate • Quickly Communicate to ITD enterprise issues • Communicate to end users • Identify recurring problem areas • ITD Ownership- CommonHelp: • Respectful & responsive • Understand business issue/impact/prioritize • Rapidly restore service or escalate issue • Communicate, Communicate, • Communicate ! • Co-ordinate across internal ITD groups • Maintain accurate ticket info • Continual improvement so as to maintain a reputation of being “problem solvers”

  24. Our Customers • EEA • External end users of our permitting sites, doing reporting activity, etc • Internal users with EEA applications, networking, etc. issues • Environmental Police-critical need for related information • OSC • Primarily internal MMARS users across Commonwealth • Suppliers using our Vendor Payment Web site; tracking, 1099s, etc. • EOLWD • Career Counseling Centers (External Providers of) • Internal Dept’s: DOI, DWD, etc

  25. Our Customers (con’t) • ITD • Provides technology solutions and services to support over 125 Commonwealth agencies and public authorities. • The CommonHelp Service Desk phone staffed 24 hours a day 365 days/yr • A Duty Manager is on-call after business hours and holidays to facilitate Enterprise Critical Outages and handle customer escalations. • EOE

  26. Sponsor: Commonwealth IT Service Excellence Committee • Charter: • Ensure Business is being served by IT, and that customers understand and are satisfied by the IT Service experience • Focus on delivery of outstanding IT Service and support to our customers • Set Goals and measurable objectives • 3 Year Roadmap focus: • Year 1: Incident Management, SLO Reporting and Pilot Enterprise Service Delivery Tool; Establish Culture of Service Excellence • Year 2: Change Mgt; Enterprise SD Tool for Secretariats • Year 3: Single Metrics Reporting Framework

  27. Committee Membership • Expectations of Service Excellence Committee members: • Responsible for championing Commonwealth Service Excellence initiatives across secretariat • Authority and capacity to drive agreed upon committee policies and procedures throughout each Secretariat • Fully participate in committee meetings on a consistent basis and provide timely, required reporting • Wiki Link • _________________________________________________________________________ • Donna Perchase, EHSJacquie Doherty, EEANicholas Obodo, DOITom Blair, DOEDennis McEvoy, ANFBooker Crawford, John Charlton and Tom Arcand, MassDOTGerald Comeau, LWD • Timothy Mitchell- EPSKevin Martin (Chair), Ron Thompson, Emmet Millett and Tom Esposito, ITD

  28. EHS Change Calendar- Maintenance windows

  29. EHS Change Calendar- Major Change activity

  30. EEA – page 1 of Classifications

  31. LWD – page 1 of Classifications

  32. ANF – page 1 of 3500 Classifications