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Pinhole Camera

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Pinhole Camera - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pinhole Camera.

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pinhole camera

Pinhole Camera

A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture – effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box. The human eye in bright light acts similarly, as do cameras using small apertures.

joseph ni pce
Joseph Niépce

Born on 7 March 1765 in Chalon-sur-Saone, France, Niépce was a French inventor, known as the inventor of photography and a pioneer in the field. The history of photography dates back to the first-ever fixed picture taken by Joseph Niépce on a hot summer day in 1826. It took 8 long hours for Niépce to produce a fixed photograph. He referred to these as Heliographs

louis daguerre
Louis Daguerre

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (18 November 1787 – 10 July 1851) was a French artist and physicist, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He became known as one of the fathers of photography. Though he is most famous for his contributions to photography, he was also an accomplished painter and a developer of the diorama theatre.

william henry fox talbot richard leach
William Henry Fox-Talbot Richard Leach

English discoverer in photography, was the only child of William Davenport Talbot, of Lacock Abbey, Wilts, and of Lady Elizabeth Fox Strangways, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Ilchester. He was born on the 11th of February 1800, and was educated at Harrow and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he gained the Person prize in 1820, and graduated as twelfth wrangler in 1821. From 1822 to 1872 he frequently communicated papers to the Royal Society, many of them on mathematical subjects.

richard leach maddox
Richard Leach Maddox

Richard Leach Maddox (4 August 1816 – 11 May 1902) was an English photographer and physician who invented lightweight gelatin plates for photography 1871. Long before his discovery of the dry gelatin photographic emulsion, Maddox was prominent in what was called photomicrography - photographing minute organisms under the microscope. The eminent photomicrographer of the day, Lionel S. Beale, included as a frontispiece images made by Maddox in his manual ‘How to work with the microscope’

george eastman
George Eastman

George Eastman (July 12, 1854 – March 14, 1932) was an American innovator and entrepreneur who founded the Eastman Kodak Company and invented roll film, helping to bring photography to the mainstream. Roll film was also the basis for the invention of motion picture film in 1888 by the world’s first filmmakers Eadward Muybridge and Louis Le Prince, and a few years later by their followers Leon Bouly, Thomas Edison, the Lumiere Brothers and Georges Melies.