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2012 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Orientation

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2012 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Orientation. Leslie Lynn Associate Director, Career Counseling. Mission and Function. OCD has two primary functions: To prepare students for a successful career search and

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2012 fall on campus recruiting orientation

2012 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Orientation

Leslie Lynn

Associate Director, Career Counseling

mission and function
Mission and Function

OCD has two primary functions:

  • To prepare students for a successful career search and
  • To develop and manage corporate relationships with recruiters who hire at Ross School of Business
ocd is comprised of two teams
OCD is Comprised of Two Teams
  • To prepare students for a successful career search
  • Career Education
    • 4 staff counselors
    • Approx. 45 MBA peer counselors
  • To develop and manage corporate relationships with recruiters who hire at Ross School of Business
  • Recruiting
    • 4 Recruiting Relations Managers
      • Manage company relationships by industry
decision to recruit
Decision to Recruit
  • Are you looking to stay in the same company or are you looking to change companies?
  • Consider staying home if possible – give your current employer first right of rejection
  • Your company already knows you
    • Corporate Culture/Politics
    • Future Outlook
    • Geography
    • Co-workers
special considerations for pt mbas
Special Considerations for PT-MBAs
  • Many part-time students find that on-campus recruiting is not a good fit
    • Some recruiters are seeking candidates with the typical day student profile (3-5 years experience)
    • Types of/Compensation for positions offered
    • Location of positions
    • Time required to attend events
on campus or off campus
On-Campus or Off-Campus?

Typical On-Campus Functions

Typical Off-Campus Functions


Mgmt Consulting

Internal Strategy


Invest. Banking

Other Fin. Services

Eng. Mgmt.

Corporate Finance

Ops/Supply Chain





General Mgmt.

Bus. Dev.


recruiting on campus
Recruiting On Campus
  • 500 Day MBAs graduate along with ~150 Part-Time Evening MBAs and ~85 Weekend MBAs
  • All groups recruit in the same process for full-time on-campus recruiting – no distinction from the school’s perspective
eligibility for on campus recruiting
Eligibility for On-Campus Recruiting
  • You should be graduating in the following terms: Dec 2012, April 2013, August 2013
  • You must not have fulfilled graduation requirements prior to the start of Fall A
  • You do not need to be enrolled in classes during Fall A or B (but… check with Academic Services)
  • You can only go through the on-campus process once
  • Even if you graduate in December 2012, you will have access to resources through Summer 2013
recruiting for an internship
Recruiting for an Internship
  • Part-time MBAs are not eligible for official on-campus intern recruiting
  • You can still obtain an internship through the work-around method and we can support you
  • Attend PT MBA internship workshop – typically held in September
  • Some functions where internships are more essential: Financial Services, CPG/Brand Mgmt.
please remember
Please Remember


  • Employers like to hire people they know and trust; therefore, relationships with potential employers are critical to obtaining a job
  • True for both on- and off-campus jobs





On-Campus Recruiting

Company Goal: Meet students, promote opportunities within company, and select students for jobsStudent Myth: On-Campus recruiting is a smorgasbord of opportunities and an easy way to get a jobReality: On-Campus recruiting is a very competitive process. Focused candidates are much more successful than those who try to recruit for multiple functions. Networking among several functions is very challenging from a time management standpoint.

on campus recruiting logistics
On-Campus Recruiting Logistics
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Office Hours
  • “Meet the Companies” career fairs
  • Club Events
  • All take place on weekdays, some during the day
on campus
  • You will register for recruiting and publish your default resume in iMpact by June 29
  • After June 29, Recruiters will access resumes via an electronic database populated with your Default resumes
  • Company information will be posted in ~July
    • On-campus positions
    • On-campus events
  • PT-MBA – specific career events with clubs – July and August
  • On-campus events begin in September
  • On-campus interviews begin in October
off campus search
Off-Campus Search
  • We recommend a concurrent off-campus search for many PT-MBAs because of seniority and function
  • There are no time restrictions with this option although the “transferability” of the MBA is best within one year of graduation
    • Have an idea of YOUR timeline
  • Off-campus Search = Networking, Networking, Networking!
  • OCD provides support via networking education, one-on-one counseling and small groups
spring and summer planning
Spring and Summer Planning
  • Developing key skills
    • Self-Assessment should already be done
    • Develop iMpact Resume
    • Networking, Networking, Networking
    • Practice, Practice, Practice Interviewing
    • Learn about Bidding (mandatory for On-Campus only)
  • Attendance at the PT-MBA workshop series is highly recommended
spring and summer planning1
Spring and Summer Planning
  • An Example Summer Plan
    • March: Re-visit Self-Assessment (goal: pick 1 primary function, 1 or 2 back-ups)
    • May: Research companies (goal: create ranked list of 15 companies to approach)
    • May/June: Resume (task: get it reviewed by OCD)
    • July: Interview (task: go through OCD mock interviews)
    • July: Planning for September to November
    • Now to September: Case practice for those interested in consulting
tasks for on campus recruiting
Tasks for On-Campus Recruiting
  • Winter/Early Spring
    • Attend Orientation Session
    • Conduct Self-Assessment to determine Industry/Functional Focus
    • Join clubs that encompass your career interest areas
  • Spring
    • Attend Career Education Day sessions for resume, interviewing, networking
    • Start attending PTMBA-specific club meetings
  • Summer
    • Register on-line for recruiting (Deadline – June 29)
    • Publish your Default resume (Deadline – June 29)
    • Prepare for interviews (fit and technical/case)
    • Start networking
    • Attend PTMBA Recruiting Events
    • Start company spreadsheet with on-campus dates (~July)
  • Fall
    • Continue networking (on your own and at Ross events)
    • Interview
next steps
Next Steps
  • You should be working on your iMpact resume
    • iMpact version REQUIRED for on-campus recruiting
    • Your Default iMpact resume will be included in an online resume database for recruiters
      • You will also submit these resumes for jobs
  • On-line registration
    • Deadline is June 29
  • You must publish your iMpact resume by June 29
  • Read all e-mails from OCD
things to note
Things to Note
  • On Campus Recruiting Takes a LOT of time and effort
  • Networking is really important
    • You MUST start networking prior to the on-campus activities
  • On-Campus Recruiting is not a great fit for many PTMBAs
  • You MUST be focused
  • You MUST also have a Plan B
    • And maybe also a Plan C
tips from prior classes
Tips from Prior Classes
  • The most successful students dedicate themselves to the process
    • Save vacation/PTO to use in the fall to ensure you are able to attend recruiting events for the companies in which you are interested.
  • The most successful students are focused on a functional area that is a good fit with their skills and interests
a note about recruiting etiquette
A note about recruiting etiquette…
  • Remember, you represent Ross/UM!
  • Tearing down a classmate in front of a recruiter leaves the recruiter with a bad impression of you.
  • We’re all in this together – if you see a classmate acting inappropriately, take him/her aside and let them know what you saw and what would be better.
self assessment
  • A clear focus impresses recruiters and helps direct your career search
  • Clear focus comes from:
    • being able to succinctly convey the position you desire in terms of your strengths, the skills you’d like to use and the environment you love to work in…
    • which is a match for the skills and environment that the recruiter has to offer
the career self assessment platform
The Career Self-Assessment Platform
  • A job is nothing more than using skills in a particular environment
  • Ideal match comes from finding a job that gives the highest combination of skills that you enjoy using and gives rewards that are prioritized highly by you
self assessment tools
Self-Assessment Tools
  • OCD offers, and recommends, Career Leader
careerleader access and interpretation
CareerLeader Access and Interpretation
  • To access CareerLeader:
    • e-mail rosscareercounseling@umich.edu
    • “I am a PT-MBA student and would like access to CareerLeader…”
  • For CareerLeader interpretation:
    • Schedule a Self-Assessment appointment via iMpact