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by luke swift n.
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Drinking: Problems and Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Drinking: Problems and Solutions

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Drinking: Problems and Solutions
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Drinking: Problems and Solutions

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  1. By: Luke Swift Drinking: Problems and Solutions

  2. Alcohol Related Facts • Each year approximately 1,700 kids between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcohol unintentional injuries. • A whopping 599,000 students are injured each year when alcohol is present. • About 696,000 students are assaulted by another student who has been drinking

  3. Continued • More than 97,000 students between the ages of 18-24 are victims of sexual abuse or date-rape each year. • Over 400,000 students have ad unsafe sex when intoxicated, and over 100,000 of them were to drunk to know if they gave consent to the person. • Over 25% of college students have reported to struggle in academics due to drinking to much. • Each year more than 1,500 students develop a health related problem due to drinking.

  4. Alcohol Effects • Alcohol can cause many health problems, both long term and short.

  5. Long Term Effects • Alcoholism • Heart disease • Liver disease • Cancer • Depression • Memory loss • Osteoporosis • Weakened heart muscles • High blood pressure • Malnutrition • Increased risk for stroke

  6. Short Term Effects • Violence • Unprotected sex • Can become emotionally unstable • Impaired judgment • Decreased reaction time • Senses dulled • Relationships can be hurt

  7. Effects On How You Perform • About 72 hours after you have been binge drinking, even though your BAC is 0.0, your strength, speed, power, judgment, and stamina is affected • Drinking can decrease performance by 10-20% • The carbohydrates in alcohol are converted to fatty acids not glucose. • Alcohol can severely dehydrate you.

  8. That Cant Happen to me. • Everyday you hear people say that exact same phrase. • People think that these things cannot happen to them and nothing bad will come of being a irresponsible drinker. • Is it going to take something bad to happen to you so that you might be a little smarter when drinking.

  9. How could this happen? • Simple actions that can lead to more problems • Binge drinking • Allowing yourself or a friend to walk home alone • Allowing your friend or yourself to go home with someone that you might not be too close with • Sharing drinks • Taking drinks from other people • Trying to “keep up” with someone else • Not watching your drink • Driving

  10. The Proof is There • Every weekend you hear of people getting assaulted, robbed, or rapped. • Each week we get emails that show us that these things happen. • These are just the reported ones, many more are out there that go unnoticed • What is it going to take for you to take action.

  11. Should I just stop drinking? • No. this would be unrealistic for me to ask. Also not to mention I am still going to drink to therefore I would be a hypocrite • I’m not trying to get you to stop drinking at all. • I am trying to inform you of the problems that binge drinking and being a irresponsible drinker can have on yourself and others. • You can have fun drinking without getting to drunk. • Stop drinking once you feel good, there is no point in trying to drink more when your already drunk or just feeling a little more loose. • Drinking more and more will just cause problems and the night is probably not going to be as fun.

  12. Is this our problem? • Yes and no. • NO • I feel like kids are thrown into college without proper knowledge of drinking therefore they do not know what is acceptable or not. • Many kids are not exposed or experiment with alcohol and this is the first time doing it. • I feel like if parents were to teach kids how to drink then as they got older they would be more experienced and know how to drink. • Also if drinking was not made such a big deal in our society I feel like kids would have less of an urge to rebel. • YES • Although we have not been exposed enough to drinking, I feel like we as 18 – 24 year olds can make smart decisions and not be so stupid when drinking. • All it takes is a little willpower and the ability to make your own decisions

  13. Brighter Future • Hopefully the government realizes that we as a nation have a problem with our drinking rules and regulations • Other countries that have a lower drinking age do not have problems. • Maybe in the future we will see a change and this change can bring us a better/ safer relationship with alcohol.