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“Making the Right Choices...for you”

Kovack Advisors, Inc. “Making the Right Choices...for you”. Featuring ...Capstone Asset Management, Cumberland Advisors, FDx Advisors, Groesbeck Investment Management, Healthcare Trust of America and ”What’s Your Advisory IQ?”. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Today we’re going to tell you. AM

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“Making the Right Choices...for you”

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  1. Kovack Advisors, Inc. “Making the Right Choices...for you” Featuring...Capstone Asset Management, Cumberland Advisors, FDx Advisors, Groesbeck Investment Management, Healthcare Trust of America and ”What’s Your Advisory IQ?”

  2. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Today we’re going to tell you... • AM • The KAI Investment Advisory Platform • Online Resources...”There’s no place like (KAI) Home” • Q&A • PM • New Technology • Capturing Lost Revenue Through Program Expansion • What’s Hot – What’s Not...Removing Emotion • The Relationship & Focusing on What You CAN Control • Fiduci-WHAT? • Resources • Advisory IQ Question #1: Assets in fee-based managed investment solutions comprise what percentage of the • overall retail intermediary market? • 9% • 17% • 31% Answer: B

  3. Kovack Advisors, Inc. The KAI Investment Advisory Platform The Right Solutions for You and Your Clients • CHOICE Advisor • Non-discretionary, Advisor-directed, fee-based brokerage account • CHOICE SMA • Access to disciplined, repeatable and time-tested institutional investment managers • CHOICE Fund • Professionally managed, multi-strategy mutual fund wrap investment program (Principled Portfolio Solutions – Ron Madey) • CHOICE UMA • Uses a combination of investment vehicles in one “core” account • CHOICE Annuity • Used with existing VA investments

  4. Standard Account NFS Pershing 20 Basis Point Cost to Advisor $19.50 Transaction Charge to Client $50,000 Household Minimum Optional Account NFS Pershing 40 Basis Point Cost to Advisor No Transaction Fee to Client $50,000 Per Account Minimum Kovack Advisors, Inc. CHOICE Advisor: Non-Discretionary / Advisor-Directed

  5. Kovack Advisors, Inc. CHOICE SMA: Professional Third-Party Investment Management • Access to industry-leading Investment Managers • Stocks (All Cap, Large, Mid, SMID, Small, Micro, International, Global) Bonds (taxable/exempt), Balanced, REIT, ETFs • Discretionary Trading Authority • 90 Basis Points Average Cost to Rep • $100,000 Average Account Minimum • Custom Client Presentations • Quarterly conference calls • One-on-one client meetings

  6. AllianceBernstein Capstone Asset Management Clover Capital Management Cumberland Advisors Davis Selected Advisors Forward Uniplan Advisors Gannet Welsh & Kotler Geneva Investment Management Groesbeck Investment Management Insight Capital Research & Management John Hancock Lotsoff Capital Mgmt. MacquarieAllegiance MFC Global Investment Mgmt. Navellier & Associates Newgate Capital Mgmt. Pinnacle Associates The Roosevelt Investment Group Sovereign Asset Mgmt. Transamerica Investment Mgmt. ValueWorks LLC Washington Crossing Advisors Kovack Advisors, Inc. CHOICE SMA: Current Manager / Discipline List Advisory IQ Question #2: True or False? From 1Q06 – 3Q08, the market share of SMA assets declined while increases were realized in Mutual Fund Advisory, Rep as Portfolio Manager an UMA segments. Answer: True – SMA market share fell 10%

  7. Kovack Advisors, Inc. CHOICE UMA: Unified Managed Account Definition: The unified managed account is an evolution of the separate account, which is similar in that it is a professionally managed account which is rebalanced often but only contains one type of investment instrument (such as mutual funds). If an investor wanted to have a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, he or she would need to open three separate accounts. The UMA removes the need to have more than one account and combines all of the assets into one account with a single registration. Source: Investopedia.com Separate Accounts ETF's Rep Directed Individual Equites Mutual Funds

  8. Kovack Advisors, Inc. CHOICE Fund: Professionally Managed Multi-Strategy Mutual Fund Wrap • 10 Mutual Fund Models (5 Taxable / 5 Tax Exempt) • $30,000 account minimum • $135,000 average account size • Financial & Intellectual/Human Capital • Advisory IQ Question #3: According to a recent MMI study, what segment of the managed investment solution • industry do investment managers expect the greatest opportunity for growth? • Mutual Fund Advisory • SMA • UMA • Answer: C

  9. Kovack Advisors, Inc. CHOICE Annuity: Used w/ Existing VA Investments • Advisor Directed • 40 Basis Point Cost to Advisor • Bill from Annuity or Brokerage Account • Not Paid on Payout Grid • $25,000 Minimum • Most Annuity Companies

  10. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Financial Plans: • Financial Profiles • Kettley’s • NaviPlan • Thomson One (Through NFS)* • Set your own fee schedules • Provide Kovack Advisors a copy for compliance • Paid on your payout level

  11. Kovack Advisors, Inc. What We Provide: • Billing- Monthly For New Accounts and Quarterly For All Accounts • Performance Reports- Quarterly • Account Reconciliation • Drift Monitoring • Technology- Website & Advisory Platform • Sales & Marketing Support • Advisory IQ Question #4: Recent research by MMI and Dover Financial Research found that what percentage of all • financial advisors have a portion of their book ($10 million or more) in fee-based advisory business? • 10% • 40% • 70% • Answer: 40%

  12. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Online Resources...”There’s no place like (KAI) Home” • www.kovackadvisors.com • Username: kai • Password: advisor • Program Overviews • Account Opening/Funding Instructions • Account Paperwork • E-Mail Archives • Marketing Library • Advisory IQ Question #5: What broad trend has occurred over the last few years in the managed solutions • industry? • A shift away from product-specific solutions toward holistic wealth management solutions. • A shift away from holistic wealth management solutions toward product-specific solutions. • Sponsor firms acquiring asset management firms. • Answer: A

  13. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Q&A... Here are some to break the ice • Are KAI forms available on LaserApp? • What’s the “average” fee? • Can I fund an account with securities or, in the case of mutual fund wrap, with mutual funds? • When am I paid? • How much should I discount my business? • Who’s responsible for firing a money manager? • Advisory IQ Question #6: What percentage of assets in the managed investment solutions industry are in UMA? • 3% • 21% • 49% • Answer: 3%

  14. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Mr. David R. Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors - Outlook for the Economy and Financial Markets, October 2009 • David R. Kotok is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors.  He co-founded the firm in 1973 and has guided its investment strategy from inception.  Mr. Kotok holds a B.S. degree in economics from The Wharton School as well as dual master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. • Mr. Kotok maintains an active global presence as the Director and Program Chairman of the Global Interdependence Center (GIC), a Philadelphia-based global trade and monetary policy think tank. Mr. Kotok is the global chair of the GIC 2009-2010 Capital Markets Series that will be held in successive meetings in Vietnam, China, Chile, Czech Republic, France, and Philadelphia.  He most recently chaired the GIC 2009 Food & Water Conference Series with meetings held in Philadelphia, Paris, Livingstone (Zambia), and Singapore.      • Mr. Kotok’s articles and financial market commentary have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and other publications. He is a frequent contributor to CNBC programs, including Morning Call, Power Lunch, Kudlow & Company, Squawk on the Street, Squawk Box Asia, and Worldwide Exchange. • Mr. Kotok is a member of the National Business Economics Issues Council (NBEIC), the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), the Philadelphia Council for Business Economics (PCBE), and the Philadelphia Financial Economists Group (PFEG).  He has also served as a Commissioner of the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), on the Treasury Transition Teams for New Jersey Governors Kean and Whitman, on the board of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and as Chairman of the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

  15. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Mr. Peter M. Demirali, Vice President and Portfolio Manager of Cumberland Advisors - Outlook for the Economy and Financial Markets, October 2009 • Mr. Demirali joined Cumberland Advisors in 2002 as portfolio manager for Cumberland Advisors Taxable Bond style. • Prior to that, Peter was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Smith Barney Asset Management from 1990 to 1999. In that position, he initiated a corporate bond component for taxable fixed income portfolios. From 1999 to 2002, he was a partner in Anval, Inc., a commercial real estate brokerage company where he successfully developed new territories and clients for his firm. He traded zero coupon bonds at Yamaichi International, a Japanese securities dealer from 1987 to 1989. Peter began his career at Chemical Bank from 1983 to 1987. At Chemical, he traded short and intermediate zero coupon bonds and Treasuries. • His comments and analysis have appeared in Bloomberg Business News, Barrons, and The Bond Buyer. He has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business News as well as Bloomberg Television. • Mr. Demirali holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgetown University. He is a member of the Philadelphia Council of Business. Peter resides in Mendham, New Jersey with his wife and son.

  16. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Mr. Alex MacGillivray - Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. • Focusing on the Eastern Division, Mr. MacGillivray is responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies, coordinating marketing and sales efforts and increasing the number of selling agreements with retail broker-dealers. • Mr. MacGillivray brings extensive experience to Realty Capital Securities. Most recently, Alex served as managing director and President of his own 1031 wealth management company. He previously held key executive positions with three nationally recognized real estate sponsors, and has served as general partner and principal in numerous private placement equity offerings, specializing in structured finance and sales-leaseback financing.      • Mr. MacGillivray received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Creighton University and holds FINRA Series 7, 63 and 26 licenses.

  17. Kovack Advisors, Inc. LUNCH! 12:00 – 1:00PM: Buffet Lunch and Networking – Grand Foyer

  18. Kovack Advisors, Inc. PM • New Technology • Capturing Lost Revenue through Product Expansion • What’s Hot – What’s Not...Removing Emotion • The Relationship & Focusing on What You CAN Control • Fiduci-WHAT? • Resources • Advisory IQ Question #7: Over the last five years, the average all-in costs (i.e. advice, clearing/custody, manager • fees) has held relatively steady at approximately: • 125 bps • 170 bps • 200 bps • Answer: B

  19. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Mr. Scott Frakes, Vice President and Mr. Scott Wynant, Senior Vice President of Capstone Asset Management Co. – Investing in Retirement The Game Has Changed...Or Has It? SCOTT FRAKESVice PresidentBA - Bowling Green University2001-present: Capstone Asset Management Company1996-2001:     A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. Series 7 Registered Representative SCOTT WYNANTSenior Vice PresidentBA University of Oregon 2008-Present: Capstone Asset Management Company 1997-2008: AG Financial Solutions 1982-1997: Shearson Lehman Brothers Smith Barney 1978-1982: Sutton Financial Corporation

  20. Kovack Advisors, Inc. BREAK – Sponsored by Capstone Asset Management 2:45 – 3:15PM: Afternoon Snack Break – Grand Foyer

  21. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Mr. Robert P. Dainesi, Executive Vice President of Groesbeck Investment Management – Dividend Investing and the Growth of Income Process • Mr. Dainesi is the Director of Research and a portfolio manager. He joined the firm in November 1993 and has 21 years of experience as an investment professional. His security analysis experience includes following several economic sectors and many industry groups. He has been a portfolio manager since 1991. He was a security analyst at Value Line and a portfolio manager with Sturdivant & Co. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Dainesi was a portfolio manager and security analyst with Asiel & Co. Mr. Dainesi earned a BA degree in Economics from Queens College and an MBA in Finance from Bernard M. Baruch College. He is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and the CFA Institute.

  22. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Mr. Ron Madey, CFA, Chief Investment Officer of Principled Portfolio Solutions – Foundations for Practice Growth and Client Success • Ronald Madey is responsible for providing research and investment solutions to FDx Advisors, the renamed SunGard Advisor Technologies business acquired by FolioDynamix in 2008. Before joining SunGard, Mr. Madey was vice president, National Director of Investments at Lincoln Financial Advisors/Sagemark Consulting. While there, he established a scalable, institutional quality investment process and designed sophisticated wealth management technologies utilizing Monte Carlo-based investment planning tools to serve the high net worth marketplace. Prior to joining Lincoln, Mr. Madey was National Director of Asset Consulting Services at Towers Perrin, where he was responsible for overseeing the firm’s asset consulting, asset allocation modeling and investment manager research units. Earlier, Mr. Madey held senior positions in portfolio management, research and proprietary trading with DuPont Capital Management, a subsidiary of E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, as well as at Bridgewater Associates and Credit Lyonnais Securities. • During his almost 25 years in investment management, consulting and financial services, Mr. Madey has applied risk-controlled investment strategies to areas ranging from fixed income portfolio management and multi-manager portfolio construction, to asset allocation and asset-liability management. He has spoken publicly on wealth management, investment strategy, risk management and liability driven investing at conferences for the American Bankers Association, the Money Management Institute, the CFA Institute, the Institutional Investor Institute and the Investment Management Institute. Mr. Madey is also a co-author of a Journal of Portfolio Management article on the "Advantages of Multi-period Portfolio Models." • Mr. Madey holds a bachelor of business administration, cum laude, in finance and real estate, and a MBA, with a focus on planning and strategy, from Kent State University. He has a CFA and is a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Philadelphia.

  23. Kovack Advisors, Inc. PM Cont... • Capturing Lost Revenue Through Program Expansion • What’s Hot – What’s Not...Removing Emotion • The Relationship & Focusing on What You CAN Control • Fiduci-WHAT? • Resources Advisory IQ Question #8: True or False? The trend toward bundling fees has increased in recent years. False – unbundling of fees is increasing

  24. Kovack Advisors, Inc. What’s Hot – What’s Not...Focusing on What You CAN Control

  25. Kovack Advisors, Inc. What’s Hot – What’s Not...Focusing on What You CAN Control Cont...

  26. Kovack Advisors, Inc. What’s Hot – What’s Not...Focusing on What You CAN Control Cont...

  27. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Fiduci-WHAT?

  28. Kovack Advisors, Inc. Resources • www.kovackadvisors.com • Marketing Material • HOT OFF THE PRESS Slimjim! • “INVEST FOR LIFE” Client Brochure • Tips, Tools, & Tactics, KAI News & Notices, Meet Your Manager • Manager Profiles, Comparisons, & Manager Returns Sheets • Custom Client Presentations • www.kacfinancialservices.com Advisory IQ Question #9: True or False? The market share of the managed investment solutions industry controlled by wirehouse firms increased from 2Q08 – 2Q09. False – Decreased from 68% to 60%.

  29. Chris Mills Executive Vice President Kovack Advisors, Inc. Phone: 954-670-0617 E-mail: Chris@kovsec.com Kovack Advisors, Inc. Ryan R. Wyllys Vice President Kovack Advisors, Inc. Phone: 954-670-8707 E-mail: Ryan@kovsec.com Regina Schumaker Executive Administrative Assistant Kovack Advisors, Inc. Phone: 954-670-0621 E-mail: Regina@kovsec.com We look forward to being a partner in the growth of your Advisory Practice! • Advisory IQ Question #10: Based on a recent Dover/MMI study, sponsor firms expect to convert what percentage • of their SMA assets to UMA? • None • 25% • 50% • Answer: 50%

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