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Human Geography . Cultural Landscapes . Cultural Landscapes. How have people shaped the landscape? Cultural landscapes – landscapes that have been changed by human societies Culture – behaviour , art, beliefs, and institutions of a particular community or population

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Human geography

Human Geography

Cultural Landscapes

Cultural landscapes
Cultural Landscapes

  • How have people shaped the landscape?

  • Cultural landscapes – landscapes that have been changed by human societies

  • Culture – behaviour, art, beliefs, and institutions of a particular community or population

  • Example – Cree of Interior plains did not view the land and its resources in same way as European fur traders/settlers

    •  When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
~ Cree Prophecy

  • Opposing attitudes result in crisis!

  • Function of settlements
    Function of Settlements

    • All settlements have functions or activities responsible for economic and social development.

    • Types of function - ?

    • Economic base usually determines the community that results

      • Eg. suburban residential community with most of its population working elsewhere will look different from single industry town.

  • What is the function of YOUR Settlement/community?

  • What is the function of Vancouver vs. Whistler?

  • Modern map of europe
    Modern Map of Europe

    What countries in Europe have continental climate/maritime climate?

    How might this effect early settlement in Canada?

    Map of modern asia political boarders missing russia
    Map of Modern Asia political boarders missing Russia

    What kind of economies did most places in asia rely on in the 19th century?

    How does this affect settlement?

    Settlement and population
    Settlement and Population

    • Beginning of 20th century only eastern Canada saw effects of large scale settlement

      • Restricted to St. Lawrence Lowlands. Why?

    • Cultural background generally determined settlement choices. eg. English and Chinese immigrants worked in cities to work in industry

    • European farming communities were attracted to the grass lands of the Prairies. Immigrants from Eastern Europe had similar extremes of climate – better able to survive

    S ettlement

    • Examples of Settlement

      • French and Metis settlers used seingourial system with long strips of land

      • English used ride system

      • Aboriginals viewed land with no artificial boundaries

    • Important factors for settlement

      • Physical landscape

      • Climate

      • Economic possibilities

    Above represents the Seingourial system used in France and New France (Quebec).


    • Geographical limitations determine population growth - Landforms and climate

      • What restricts Vancouver and Surrey’s growth?

    • Urbanization – process of becoming an area with large, concentrated population

    • Resource towns go through boom and bust – used to describe a healthy economy and/or one that is failing

      • Examples – Barkerville, Kitamat

    • 2/3 of Canada’s population concentrated in major cities

    Geography questions
    Geography Questions

    New Horizons

    Old Horizons

    Read page 29 – 32 Questions on p.32 # 1,3,4

    Read page 34 – 38 Questions on p.38 #2,3

    • Read pages 108 -114

    • Finish worksheet provided by Ms. Stewart

    • Read pages 115-121 Questions on page 122 #1, 10, 11