enterprise architecture as practice n.
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Enterprise Architecture As practice

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Enterprise Architecture As practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Architecture As practice. Business Frameworks (e.g. BMM, Six Markets, Porters 5 Forces, McKinsey 7S, etc )

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Enterprise Architecture As practice

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    1. Enterprise Architecture As practice Business Frameworks (e.g. BMM, Six Markets, Porters 5 Forces, McKinsey 7S, etc) Architecture Frameworks (e.g. PEAF, MODAF, TOGAF, TEAF, IAF, etc)- Programming Frameworks (e.g. .NET, J2EE, etc)- Project Management Frameworks (e.g. PRINCE2, MSP, etc)- Service Management Frameworks (e.g. ITIL, etc)Industry Operations Frameworks (e.g. eTOM, Pragmatic Marketing, etc)

    2. What is Enterprise?7MMan,Material,Machine,Money,Method,Management, Moral Values (Governance) • ENTERPRISE - The word Enterprise should be interpreted as a general noun – the name of something - to refer to any and all of these types of thing; public and private companies, government agencies, charities, universities etc. This is not an exhaustive list but illustrates the point. In addition the word Enterprise should also be interpreted to mean any name give to any of these types of Enterprises, e.g. a private company may be referred to as a Company, Business, Corporation, Conglomerate, Organisation, SME, Firm, Establishment, Group, Multinational, Venture. The word Enterprise to refers to them all.

    3. Architecture Vs Developer

    4. Make distinction more clear • Architect in software world is one who designs systems almost similar to Building Architect. • Difference between developer and architect is same as between civil engineer and Architect. • Both make building but architect designs it to specs after taking lots of factors into consideration and civil engineer see whether strength of cement mixture or width of steel rod enough to support building same way architect sees whether exposing it as webservices is advantageous to SAP or integrate with BAPI.

    5. Categorization • Strategy – Value Creation e.g. CMMI, PCMMI • Valuation and Decision making: Break Even Point, six sigma. • Organization change culture: e.g. RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Supportive, Consulted, Informed) • Leadership And management: e.g. Activity Based accounting, Root cause Analysis

    6. Frameworks(more than 153 in market) • AAF, AF-EAF, AGATE, AGILE, Altus EA Framework, AM, ARCHI, ARCON, AUSDAF, BCA, BEAM, BEAM, BMM, Bolman/Deal Four Frame Model , BPEAM, BSIMM, CEA, CEAF, CIAF, CLEAR, CMMI , CMU , COBIT, CORBA, CSC Catalyst, DAD, DNDAF, DoDAF, DRAGON1, DYA, E2AF, EA3 Cube Framework, EAAF, EAB, EABOK, EAM-PC, EEAF, EIF, EIF European Interoperability Framework, EPCAF, ESAAF, ESSAF, eTOM, EVM, EXAF, FCAPS, FDIC, FDIC Sogeti Framework, FEA, FEAF, FFLV+GODS, FMLS-ADF, Fragile to Agile, FSAM, FURP, GA, GAME, GEA, GEAF, GERAM, GOD, GOPP, HEAF, IADS, IAF, IBM SDS, ICODE, IDABC, IDEAS, IFEAD, IFW, IFW, Integration Framework, ISO 20000, ISO 25010, ISO 27000, ISO 42010, IT-CMF, ITIL, Krutchen 4+1 Model View, LEAN, LFA, LMO , MACCIS, McKinsey 7S, MEGAF, MIKE2.0 , MODAF, Model-driven architecture (MDA) , MoP, MoR, MoV, MSP, Mutual Learning approach, NAF, NCOIC, NCR Enterprise Architecture Framework , NIF, NIST-EAM, NORA, OBASHI, OEAF, OIO Framework, OOPP, OSGi, P3O, PEAF, PERA, Porters 5 Forces, PPOOA, Pragmatic Marketing, Praxeme , PRINCE2, PRISM, PROMIS Framework , Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture, RAS, RASDS, RM-ODP, RWSSA, S4V, SABSA, SAGA, SAM, SAPEAF, SASSY, ScIAM, SCOR, SDLC, SEI, SGCAF, SID, Six Markets, Snow man stack, SOA, SOMA, SPIRIT Platform Blueprint Issue 3.0, SPRING, SSM, STRUTS, Systems Dynamics, TAM, TEAF, Three Levels of Leadership, TOGAF, TRAK, UADF, UDS, VALUIT, VSM, xAF, ZF,

    7. Activity performed

    8. The Open Group Framework TOGAF