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Advertising in Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Advertising in Media

Advertising in Media

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Advertising in Media

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  1. Advertising in Media • You deserve a break today so get out and on your way to McDonalds? • Everyday we are bombarded with messages like this from different media outlets like the television, radio, internet, billboards and even on the wall in the bathroom. That’s why campbells soup is Mmmmmmm good.

  2. There are many different ways advertisements influence you to buy a product. • Some of the more popular ways to advertise products include: testimonial, celebrity, bandwagon, catch phrase/song, and words that really don’t say anything! • After reading about these advertising techniques you’ll do a tutorial where you’ll have to identify advertising techniques used in different advertisements-remember that some ads use more than one technique!NEXT

  3. Testimonial • A testimonial is when an expert at something endorses or says something is worth buying. Look at the picture down below people who see this advertising then think, hmm, he is a librarian so he must know a lot about encyclopedias, I’d better buy that kind. Click on the encyclopedia salesman to continue.

  4. Celebrity--be like Mike. • Many times advertising uses celebrities to sell their product. For instance, showing Michael Jordan in Nike shoes slam dunking a basketball gives people(especially kids) the idea that if I have those shoes I can be a awesome, super rich athlete. They neglect to mention that he practices 10 hours a day!!! How dumb do you think we are!

  5. Bandwagon • Bandwagon is a term used to describe how companies use advertising to persuade consumers, or people who buy things, to buy their product because everybody uses it. A good example of bandwagon is car advertising. A good example is the Ford Taurus. They use their status as “America’s Best Selling Car” to encourage families to buy the Taurus because everyone else is buying it.

  6. Catch Phrase/Song • A catch phrase or song is a way of planting your product in a consumers mind, and if the product is on their mind they’ll be able to remember to buy it next time they have the opportunity. Think of Austin Powers, ya baby! The product they want you to buy is the movie, whether you buy the VHS. tape or just go and see it they are getting you to spend money on their product. They do the same with songs, sing this one “All American Recreation all we sell is fun”, they are making you think of their product buy singing a tune that is hard to stop resinging over and over and over.

  7. Weasel words--listen closely to what they say… • "Helps control dandruff symptoms with regular use." The weasel words include"helps control," and possibly even"symptoms" and "regular use." The claim is not "stops dandruff." • "Magnavox gives you more." More what? • ”Wheaties--33% more nutrition.” An unfinished claim. • "Shouldn't your family be drinking Hawaiian Punch?” A rhetorical question, one that is supposed to make you want to buy the product.

  8. Name Calling • The advertiser compares its product or service to the competition in a way that is favorable to the advertiser.

  9. Emotional Appeal: • Uses emotion, usually pity or sympathy, to sell a product or service.

  10. Price Appeal:  • Consumers will be getting something extra for less money.

  11. Ford Taurus. Shouldn’t your family be using the lowest priced, best selling family car in America. This advertisement uses: • Bandwagon. • Testimonial. • Price appeal. • Celebrity. • Both A and C.

  12. State Farm Insurance often brags that they are the best because they have agents ready to help you in case of a car accident at all hours of the day, unlike some “cut rate” insurance companies who don’t care about their customers. This advertisement uses: • Emotional appeal. • Name calling. • Celebrity. • Price appeal.

  13. Colon Blow cereal has 34 times the daily dietary fiber of other breakfast foods. • This advertisement uses: • A. Price appeal. • B. Testimonial. • C. Weasel words. • D. Catch phrase. • E. All of the above.

  14. Shop at target and we’ll give 1 % of what you spend back to the school of your choice, because we care about education, and you should care too because in these hard times schools need all the help they can get. • This advertisement uses: • A. Weasel words. B. Emotional appeal. C. Testimonial. D. Bandwagon. E. Both A and B.

  15. Jesse Ventura, Minnesota’s ex-Governor campaigns for Independence candidates, saying that Democrats and Republicans don’t get anything done. • This advertisement uses: • A. Emotional appeal. • B. Testimonial. • C. Both B & D . • D. Weasel words. • E. Price appeal.

  16. Picture it: Brittany Spears singing “Pepsi makes me sing like a beautiful angel because I like Pepsi and Pepsi likes me” This advertisement uses: • Catch phrase. • Bandwagon. • Testimonial. • Emotional appeal.

  17. Harry Potter advertises the Firebolt broom “It is the only broom to use if you want to be a seeker”. • This advertisement uses: • A. Testimonial. • B. Price appeal. • C. Bandwagon. • D. Name calling. • E. Both A & D.

  18. Congratulations!You are now a discriminating consumer. Happy shopping.